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SQL parser
Dynamic, interactive visualisation that parses a complex MS SQL query and displays it as a diagram.
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How to pick web development software in less than two minutes
What to consider when buying or downloading your first web development package (aka text editor). Video covers constraints you might have (and not realise you have), plus features you should probably be looking for in the ideal software.
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How publish your webpage in less than two minutes
Register a domain name, buy hosting, and upload your html files in less than two minutes. This is a UK-focused example that uses 123-reg.co.uk to register the domain and host the files - but the same principles should apply wherever you are.
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Why data visualization matters
We can't trust messages we hear from politicians and the media. Much of it is noise. The same data can be used to hold opposing opinions. By looking at the raw data - through a visualization - we can get straight to the facts.
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Visualizing gas flows through Europe
Schematic showing gas flows across Europe
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SQL tubemap
Parsing and representing Microsoft SQL query as diagram
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Tubemap: how it works
Tubemap is a new type of visualization. I have a project on kickstarter to make the tubemap code open source so anyone can use it or improve it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1860592540/tubemap - please support this project!
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Introducing tubemap: open source schematic
Tubemap is a webpage that draws a schematic diagram based on data you supply. Currently it's a prototype but I've just launched a project on kickstarter. If I raise £1000, I will test and bug fix my code, plus make two improvements. Then I'll make the code free on open source: https://github.com/emmasaunders/tubemap Please take a look and share details of my project! Maybe even give £1 and help humanity! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1860592540/tubemap
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FT schoolsmap
I designed and created this choropleth for the FT in 2008, based on data of top performing schools. After I left the FT, Rob Minto re-issued the graphic twice with 2009 and 2010 data, putting his name on it. However the design and development were entirely mine.
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How to make a webpage in less than a minute
To create the most basic website ever, you only need notepad or textedit. This video shows you how to make a webpage and view it in your browser in just 51 seconds.
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Data visualization | why it matters
This has been replaced by a later version: https://youtu.be/Y4JtgBYwdZo
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Data visualization | why it matters
This video has been replaced by a second version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtTH9Dl47ns
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