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How to use Xfinity hotspot with Chromecast
Update: Google home has updated app to not show your mac address. I suggest uninstalling and then googling an older version of Google home (before august 2017). Make sure your google play apps have auto update turned off. You can find that in play store settings. Tags: Xfinitys Xfinity hotspot wifi Unlimited Xfinity trials Wifi pass
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🌒Partial eclipse Katy,Texas 8/21/2017
The gates of hell didn't open & aliens did not reveal themself :/ This is what it looked like when it reached maximum effect at 1:15 p.m🌚
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R.I.P Mr. Kitty🐈😭
Mr. Kitty Born 9/11/2015-5/20/2017 He was hit by a car I should've never let him go outside unsupervised. 😢 I'm so sorry Mr Kitty, I love you
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Jay Rule giveaway winner unboxing!
I won the Tomtoc backpack giveaway by default when the original winner failed to claim his prize in time. I was the next runner up. The rules were pick a number 1-500. My number was 223 & the lucky number was 210. Shout out to Jay Rule & Akira for sending me this! If you want a chance to win awesome prizes like this be sure to subscribe to his channel & keep a look out for his next giveaway contest! Link to Jay Rule's channel: https://youtu.be/-mYWQ0naKhs Akira's channel: https://youtu.be/T_CJ3agyRrA
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George Bush
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Scaredy cat!
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