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how to install bootstrap on visual stdio 2010 and run it
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wpf in C#  Text to speech voice Synthesis
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wpf in C# resources to style content
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how to hack  google website and write your name in website
this video show how you can edit the website or customize and website ........ this video is a basic language about editing the live website contain... pls like share and subscribe the video...........
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wpf in C# Grid Row & Column Definition
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HTML responsive text using font vw and vh for mobile & pc view
today i will teach u how to create responsive text .... we are just using vw :that mean view width vh that mean view height.. lets get start.. we will work on this text if i increase the size of page it will increase..... and so on thank u for watching........
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visual stdio 2015 wpf  lecture 2 gst calculate
user define salary sal=convert.ToInt32(textbox.text); formula of gst= sal*18/100 total =sal+gst; second program of wpf how to create a salary calculator and add gst in it 18% now take two textbox and one button and two label also double click on button to go to coding where we wont to write code create 3 variable ToInt32 is used for convert the string value we wont to create one more textbox to show total amount now run the program... that it pls like share and subscribe you can add more as you wont... thank
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how to block the website using notpad 100%working
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unexcepted error problem of windows defender solve 100%
copy and paste this in registry manager Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender change the value 1 to 0 thank for watching pls like share and subscribe
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visual stdio 2015 wpf  in C#  lecture 1 hello world
first program of wpf -wpf stands for( windows presentation foundation) its mean design and look of your software. -wpf is an advance language and easy to understand wait till window load the project now select the WPF Application in Visual C# remember that it generate .xaml file for (front end) Grid tag is the main layout of this application we use Grid in our every project now write your first program take a label from ToolBox Content="Label" mean its name change as hello world if you wont to increase font size go to properties make it 48pt now run it .... thank you pls like share and subscribe the channel.. for more video..
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SID ANIMATION sample flash animation
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lecture 1 basic Tags
official website of notpad++ below https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.5.4.html LIke Share & Subscribe BY SiD M+T
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how to download itunes song free
itunes paid song for free of cost
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Html tags reponsive image for pc & mobile
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