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Those of you who have been following me know why im doing this tonight. I will also be calling upon my uncle mike to assist me. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE AND LIGHT. I LOVE U ALL. You will need St. Jude Candle Olive oil 1 or 3 coins Frankincense Petition A flower of any kind and flower petals. For spellwork, readings, consultations, and love/ relationship coaching please contact me at [email protected]
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This spell is very powerful to remove obstacles quickly. Very good to do with other spells to help clear the way for them to manifest. Very similar to road opener, but more powerful ingredients. For spellwork or readings contact me at: [email protected] Or "arabian conjure" on Facebook you can check out my testimonials there.
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Road Opener Lamp Spell/ remove blockages/ clear the path for spell work
This spell is a road opener. Great to clear your path and remove blockages preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Great to do in conjunction with any spell. For spellwork contact me at [email protected]
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Court Case Spell/ Victory in court/ Justice Spell
This Spell is to win a court case for family court; legal matters, or any other court related matter. For spellwork and readings e-mail me at [email protected]
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Domination and obsession spell/ own their heart love spell
This spell.is for u to control someone's heart..make their heart ache for you. This spell is best used for domination and obsession. Love Powder can simply be sugar, cinnamon and rose bud. That is perfect for a love powder. I will make a video on how to make it but if u don't have it, sugar cinnamon and rose is PERFECT. Dont sweat the small stuff. Use what u have! For spellwork or readings e-mail me at [email protected] Call me at: US 4753557999
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Shut up spell/ stop them from gossiping about you.
This spell is great to do if you're not trying to send harm and you just want to shut someone up. Stop them from talking bad or gossiping about you. Shut their mouth.
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curse her and rot her vagina / banishing, hexing spell
This spell is to banish and curse someone all while making their vagina rot coffin spell for spellwork, reading consultations, and love / relationship coaching please e-mail me at [email protected]
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Simple Return To Sender / Reversal Spell/ B*h Bring it so I can shove it up ur a$$
This spell is to return to sender all curses, hexes, negative energy, etc. Sent by your enemies. For spellwork, readings, consultations, and love coaching contact me at [email protected]
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Block Buster Spell / Remove Obstacles Fast
This spell is to remove any and all blocks in your life. Great to do before any other spell work. For spell work, readings, and consultations please contact me at: [email protected]
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The fundamentals of creating a powerful and successful spell
In this video I explain how I create very powerful and successful spells that work fast. If you have any questions email me at [email protected]
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Arabian Conjure Review part 2 condensed version. Converting it to my own channel.
For spell work, readings, consultations, or love coaching please contact me at: [email protected]l.com
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Domination Spell
Domination Spell Pt. 1This Spell Is very effective to dominate a person thoughts, esp someone who is very stubborn. I am uploading videos from my old collection as promised. Hope you all enjoy! For spellwork, readings, consultations, and love coaching please contact me at: [email protected]
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Skull Candle Love Spell
This spell can be used in many different love situations. Get into your target's head by using a skull candle. Very powerful For spellwork or readings email me at [email protected]
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Money or Prosperity Rice for Abundance great for Money and Prosperity Spells
This is my money and prosperity rice. Here I show you how to make money and prosperity rice for Abundance as well as give you some different ways that you can use it. FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!! For spellwork contact me or readings email me at [email protected]
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An Arabic witch's protection bottle!!!
Place this bottle anywhere in your home or on your altar for protection of you and your loved ones, pets, etc.
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Get a what you want spell/new home spell
This a great spell to manifest what you want at any given time. This particular spell i did for someone to get a new home but you can tweak it to fit your own need or intention. Enjoy! For spellwork or readings contact me at [email protected]
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Cleansing and protection candle
This is a cleansing and protection candle spell
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Banish that B**** / Separation or Break up spell
This spell is amazing to separate two people or to get rid of someone and banish them out of your life. For spellwork, readings, consultations, and love / relationship coaching please contact me at : [email protected] or [email protected]
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This is an excellent curse to cause havoc and destruction in your enemies lives. Make them suffer and pay for the wrong that they have done. Lies that they have told out of jealousy and envy. Yes b**** there is no escape this time... For you...There will be more where this comes from that you won't see coming. This is just a taste, the tip of the iceberg. This curse will be carried on for generations. You were warned. Now it's on and poppin. For readings, spellwork, and love coaching please contact me at: [email protected]
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Cigar or Cigarette Spell
For Spell Work, Readings, consultations, and love coaching please contact me at: [email protected]
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This spell is using a cow tongue to shut someone up. This particular one I am doing is to stop witnesses from testifying in a court or legal matter. This isn't for the faint of heart. If you are in need of spell work, readings, consultations or love and relationship coaching services please contact me at: [email protected]
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My at HOME Mini Botanica Sneak semi peak
Sorry y'all connnection sucked, too dark. YouTube once again not notifying people when i go on lives! Connection sucked. I said i would show y'all this is just some of the stuff i keep on hand for my client work. I will show u again in the day.
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Bring them crawling to your feet / Love and come to me spell
This is a type of love spell that will break a person down to be more calm and submissive. It is kind of a dominating spell that will bring someone to you. For spellwork or readings please contact me at [email protected] Call me at: 4753557999
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How to Bring your EX Back spell
This is a great spell to get your ex back. For spellwork, readings, consultations, and love coaching please contact me at : [email protected]
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Money Spell for prosperity and abundance
This spell is great to bring money and abundance. For spellwork or readings email me at [email protected]
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Uncrossing/ Hex Curse Remover with St. Michael
This spell is great for uncrossing and removing hexes, curses and negative energy. Also helps prevent future crossings. Depending on who is crossing you of course 😘
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Bring Back Your Ex Spell / Lover Return Spell / Attraction Spell
This is an excellent spell that anyone can do to bring their lover back to them. This love spell can also be used to bring a new love in general by using that intention. This is a VERY powerful spell that has a high success rate. For Spell Casting or readings E-mail me at [email protected] Also you can contact me on Facebook by searching Arabian conjure and you can view my testimonials.
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Love Spell / Lover Return work
This is an amazing spell to return a lover or to ignite more love and passion in an existing relationship. If u don't have all the ingredients DO NOT PANIC. Magick is an art not a science. It is all about what u have. ENJOY! For Readings or spellwork contact me at [email protected]
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GET YOUR EX BACK SPELL (Prayer & important information in the  in the description box)
This is a very simple spell that anyone can do with La Santa Muerte or Saint Holy Death. For spell work readings, consultations and love, relationship coaching please contact me at: [email protected] Prayer and finishing of the spell: My Dearest and Most Holy Saint Death, My Beloved Patron, Thanking you for all that you do, have done and go on doing for me, I ask you that, along with your love, you bring the love of (name of the desired person) to me as well. I ask you to please make (name of the desired person) feel and acknowledge that her/his life without me will never be happy. I ask you to please make (name of desired person) think about me, look for me, love me, desire me, and be faithful and loyal to me, at every minute, now and forever — just as at every minute I am loyal and faithful to you, My Dearest White Lady, oh Beloved Red Lady holder of my heart and soul. Please make it so that the thoughts and heart of (name of the desired person) are only mine, and so that (name of the desired person) sees beauty, seduction and charm in no one else but me. This I ask of you, my Most Holy Saint Death of my life, while surrendering my full devotion to you. So may it be, with your blessing. Please stay with me and keep me with you at all times. Before your prayer and petition, light up a red candle, three Sandalwood incense sticks and a cigarette,
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Spell to get what is owed to you. Repossession spell
For spellwork or readings email me at [email protected]
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Arabian Conjure Review (Condensed version) part 1
Hey y'all the condensed version of a review. Y'all already seen it. Just bringing it here to my channel and making it shorter. For spell work, readings, or consultations please contact me at [email protected]
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Awesome Prosperity spell with a middle eastern twist. GREAT FOR FULL AND WAXING MOON ESPECIALLY
This spell is amazing to draw in prosperity and abundance. Do during the full and waxing moon for best results but can also be done on Thurs. And Friday Monday days. In a pinch on any day.
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Love Binding Honey Jar Spell
This love binding honey jar spell is to bind a relationship together so you stay together. For spellwork or readings contact me at [email protected]
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Beauty Spell
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Lover Return And Come To Me Apple Spell
Lover return to me/ come to me spell for readings or spellwork contact me at [email protected]
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Apple prosperity and abundance spell
The spell is great to perform during the new moon all the way to the full moon. Great for attracting abundance and prosperity. For spell work email me at [email protected]
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Money, Prosperity, Abundance, Success Spell to increase income
This is an amazing spell that I have done for not only clients but myself. Very good to increase money, cash flow, prosperity, and bring success and abundance. For spellwork, readings, consultations, and love coaching services please contact me at [email protected] You can also find my reviews and testimonials on facebook
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