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Watercolour effect Photoshop Elements
Creating a Water colour effect using Photoshop Elements 11 but easy to follow in all version of Elements and Photoshop
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Adding rays of light in Photoshop Elements
Woodland Springtime. In this video we take a look at adding beams of light or sun rays using Adjustments layers. The colours and tones are also enhanced in the image using Adjustment Layer. This technique is totally adjustable and can be used in any version of Elements or Photoshop Web Site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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3D border in Photoshop Elements
Creating a 3D style border in Photoshop Elements
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Creating a copyright brush in Photoshop
In this video we revisit the the copyright brush and see just how easy it is to add a copyright symbol or even a signature to your images. We then take it a stage further saving as a tool preset making it even quicker to access and use.
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Toning With Apply Image in Photoshop
In this video we look at toning both the highlights and the shadow areas and using Apply Image to refine the adjustment layer mask. Some of the topics covered include:- - Adjustment Layers - Color Balance - Apply Image - Masking - Blending Modes - Color Lookup Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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mat border part 1 Photoshop Elements
Creating a 3D mat style border part 1 Photoshop Elements
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Using the Cookie Cutter to create a border in  Photoshop Elements
In this video we creating a border or frame using the Cookie cutter and filter Gallery. It's a great way to present your finished images and it can be used on variety of different subjects. Note - this video was recorded in Elements 11. In Elements 12 + the Cookie cutter can now be found in with the Crop tool, select the Crop tool and in Tool option choose the Cookie cutter. Please Like and Subscribe Web Site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Painterly sketch effect in Photoshop Elements
Creating a Painterly sketch effect in Photoshop Elements Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Watermark, signature Photoshop Elements
Adding a Watermark, Copyright or signature to a picture and saving it as a brush Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Black and White in Photoshop Elements
In this video we look at creating a Black and White image in Photoshop Elements. This technique allows for easier adjustment than the Enhance Convert to Black and White Styles and this method. It is completely adjustable. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Duffryn Paint effect
Sometime ago I did a video tutorial where I produced a painterly effect of an image of Tredegar House, and a recent visitor to my web site asked if I still had the video. As the original was produced in an older version of Element I thought it was time for a remake.
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Making a Copyright, Signature Brush Photoshop Elements
In this video we look at making a Copyright, Signature Brush Photoshop Elements. Once produced it can be used quickly and easily on other images and at different sizes.
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Photoshop creating re-usable frame & border
New version can be found here https://youtu.be/OskKGBmnRvU Creating a re-usable frame and border in Photoshop. It's really simple and great fun to use. You can create many different border effects, saving them as Custom Shapes that can be used over and over again. Please Like and Subscribe Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Glossy B/W in Photoshop
Creating a high gloss black and white image in Photoshop with a slight tone
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Creating a Triptych in Photoshop Elements
In this video we look at creating a Triptych in Photoshop Elements using some unusual tool to ensure we have 3 equal panels. Once the triptych panels are complete we then use Layer Style to create the background. Please Like and Subscribe Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Quick overview of Snapheal
Overview of using Snapheal to remove unwanted items from an image. This app is ideal if you have an older version of Photoshop or don't have any imaging software. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Cafe Espanyol - applying a painterly effect Photoshop
Step by step timing - see below Subscribe to receive more video tutorials http://www.youtube.com/user/davro06?s... Share this video https://youtu.be/jKNordqBg7c Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk Creating a painterly effect Photoshop Elements In this video we take a look at adding a painterly effect to an image using the Filter Gallery. Texture is also added as well as painting in lighting. This technique is easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop Step 1 00:22 Layers Step 2 00:36 Filter Gallery - top layer Step 3 01:16 Filter Gallery - middle layer Step 4 01:43 Blend mode Step 5 03:02 Adding Texture Step 6 04:38 Painting in light - Brightening parts of the image
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Art history brush  in Photoshop
Using the art history brush in Photoshop
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Falling snow fx Photoshop Elements
Adding a falling snow effect in Photoshop Elements
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Cropping to an exact size in Photoshop
Cropping to a given size for use in an album or photo frame and saving the setting as a Preset. This will make your workflow faster and easier in Photoshop
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Adding autumn colours Photoshop Elements
Enhancing and adding to the autumn colours using Adjustment layers in Elements 9, easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop.
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Hayes island effect in Photoshop Elements
A remake of the tutorial I did many years ago that went on to be known as the "Hayes Island effect". For a more detailed version of this technique, including adding texture and a border please visit my web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Creating a Cinemagraph in Photoshop CC
In this video, we'll see how to create a cinemagraph in Photoshop CC - freezing the video while leaving a portion with motion. We then look at how it can be saved as an animated Gif as well as video file The vide clip used is from https://videos.pexels.com/ Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Moody Black and White  portrait Photoshop Elements
Creating a Moody Black and White portrait in Photoshop Elements Some of the topics covered include:- - Adjustment Layers - Converting to B&W - Darkening and painting in light - Adding contrast - Adding light to the eyes - Grouping Layers Subscribe to this channel: https://goo.gl/W4aLhC Image from https://pixabay.com/ https://pixabay.com/en/people-peoples-homeless-male-844209/ Thanks for watching David Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk/
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Creating a glossy, dark image in Photoshop Elements
The blacksmiths – Elements colour and tones I have always enjoyed bring out the colours and tones in my images. In this video we take a look at how using layers together with blend modes and adjustments layer we can create an image with some great colours and tones. It is completely adjustable when saved in layers as a .psd file allow you fine tune or try different settings Share this video https://youtu.be/sGxfpxwwlTI Subscribe to receive more video tutorials http://www.youtube.com/user/davro06?sub_confirmation=1 Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Creating a Painted Triptych frame - Photoshop Elements
A blast from the past, a painted style frame which I first did many years ago as a written tutorial. In this video we bring it up to date using the brushes in Photoshop Elements. This method allows you to create flexible style frames. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Elements Mat Border part 2
Saving the Border adding text and a frame
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Creating 3D canvas in Photoshop
When I saw an image posted in our Flickr group using a 3D canvas effect I thought I had to have a go at creating this effect. In these 2 videos we first take a look at the method I came up with for creating the 3D Canvas effect. Then in the second video we look at adding the shadow and background effect, members area video. Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Creating a 3D Border in Photoshop Elements
In this video we look at how we can create a 3D style border/frame in Photoshop Elements. The method used is very flexible and easy to adjust. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Creating a 3D style Matt Border in Elements
In this video we are going to create a 3D style Matt Border Some of the topics covered include:- - Layers - Crop tool - Layer Styles - Editing Styles - Adding a Stroke Easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop Subscribe to this channel: https://goo.gl/W4aLhC Thanks for watching, David Website: http://davrophotofx.co.uk/
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Creating a realistic Sketch effect in Elements and Photoshop
In this video we take a look at creating a realistic pencil Sketch in Elements. This technique works in all versions of Photoshop Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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The blacksmith Black and White, Toned using Luminosity in Photoshop
My favourite way of creating a Black and White, toning or even adding depth to a color image has to be using a Luminosity mask with an adjustment layer. Some of the topics we will be covering include : - Selection - Channels - Adjustment layer - Blend modes - Masking Photoshop Elements version - https://youtu.be/AKPcJWkLUCY Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Landscape tips, Dehaze, Color cast and ND effect all versions of Photoshop
Removing Haze or Mist from landscape images using the Dehaze slider in latest versions of Photoshop or Lightroom works brilliantly, but what if you have an older version of Photoshop? In this video we will look at a very simple work around that will remove haze or mist from your images in all versions of Photoshop. We then go on to look at my favourite method to remove colour cast and apply a ND filter effect to darken down the sky Some of the topics covered include:- - Reducing Haze or Mist - Works in All versions of Photoshop - Removing Color Cast - ND filter effect to darkening the sky Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user+davro06 Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk/
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Adding Textures and Toning images in Photoshop Elements
You can transform an image simply by adding texture and toning. In this video we take a look at adding different textures and toning the image. By experimenting with the position of the layers we see how this can add to the overall image. Some of the topics covered include:- - Layers - Layer Tabs - Move tool - Transform tool - Blend Modes - Hue/Saturation Easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Photoshop Elements Snow Globe video1
Creating a Snow Globe in Photoshop Elements
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ND filter effect in Photoshop
Applying a ND filter
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Creating a matt style border with text in Photoshop
In this video we look at how we can create a border that can saved as a template. Images can quickly and easily changed using Smart Objects and the border can be adjusted for different image sizes. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Topaz Impression
In this video we look at applying an oil painting effect to an image using Topaz Impression. We start by applying one of the Topaz Impressions many presets before exploring how to use the controls to create our own style of painting. Topaz Impression http://www.topazlabs.com/542-1.html Using davro15 for 15% off Topaz Impression is a plugin for Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom as well as a stand alone programme Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Adding a Menu in ProShow
Creating a Menu for your Slide Shows in Proshow both ProShow Gold and Producer. There are many great templates supplied but you can also use your own images and audio. More Step By Step ProShow videos can be found at http://www.davrodigital.co.uk/
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Using the liquify tool in Photoshop
In this video we see how using the liquify tool we can enhance the eyes and smile. We then apply a soft focus effect and darken the edges with a vignette
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End of the pier Photoshop   Elements
In this video we take a look at creating something a little bit different using the Transform tool. The multi framed effect gives the impression of extending the image into the distance. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Trams painterly effect -  Photoshop Elements
Using Layers, a Filter and Adjustment Layers we look at transforming this image taken on mobile phone into a painterly effect. Some of the topics covered in this video include:- - Layers - Color Cast removal - Filter Graphics Novel - Adjustment Layers - Adding a Texture Layer - Saving as a psd file Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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The window Photoshop Elements 11-12
Sometimes you look at an image and know the effects that you would like to apply to it, this was one of those images. In this video we look at a new filter to Photoshop Elements 11 that applies a super painterly effect to the image. Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Creating a Christmas bauble  in Photoshop
Creating a Christmas bauble in Photoshop
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How to create guidance Arrows in Photoshop
I was asked, how do you create directional Arrows in Photoshop? In this video we look at how Arrows can be created using the Custom Shape tool. Website http://davrophotofx.co.uk
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Color cast removal in Photoshop
Color cast removal in Photoshop and enhancing the tones
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Page curl effect with Photoshop
Creating an effect as if you were turning the page of a magazine or book using Photoshop
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Creating a realistic pencil sketch effect in Photoshop Elements
In this video we look at creating a realistic pencil sketch effect with a twist at the end. Recorded in Photoshop Elements this technique is easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop. Some of the topics covered include:- - Layers - Adjustment Layers - Filter Gallery - Opacity - Blend modes - Layer Styles Thanks for watching, David Subscribe https://tinyurl.com/y7nn3e5x Website :- https://davrophotofx.co.uk/
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Glass Photo Sphere Photoshop Elements
Creating a Glass Photo Sphere using Photoshop Elements 11. A great way to display your images and works with all subjects. Easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop. Contact sheet can also be found in the Organiser for Windows users. Try opening Organiser and select the images you want to use using Ctrl + Click Then select File - Print or Ctrl P. Next Select Type of Print - Contact Sheet You should then use the layout as in the video. Hope this helps Web site http://davrophotofx.co.uk Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/418752061789979/
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Masking in ProShow Producer
Exploring Masking in ProShow Producer
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