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Healthcare and Business Ethics
Healthcare Business Ethics, how do I act, what do I do, and how do I follow the letter and spirit of compliance, when it is difficult? Specific examples and guidelines.
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EHR/EMR: Overview of the Meaningful Use & Certification Criteria
The Final Rule: Critical elements of the meaningful use & certification criteria, as published July 2010.
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EMR/EHR - Making Your Investment Pay Off
The operational benefits, financial incentives, and potential pitfalls of migrating a medical practice to an electronic health record system.
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EMR/EHR: Medicare Incentives in the HITECH Act
Point by point overview for physician practices regarding the incentives, eligibility rules, and deadlines in the HITECH Act.
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HIPAA and HIPAA Risk Assessment
Focused highlights about the requirements of HIPAA, HIPAA Risk Assessments, Business Associate Agreements, and the Security Rule for Meaningful Use/EHR attestation.
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EMR/EHR Vendor Demonstration Checklist
Essential part of Due Diligence in Selecting & Implementing an EHR system. Use this check list to make the most of an EMR/EHR vendor demonstration.
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Understanding the IRO | Independent Review Organization
You need to select and understand the function of your IRO, as you respond to the Corporate Integrity Agreement.
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EMR/EHR:  An Overview of the Meaningful Use Criteria
An overview of the first draft of the meaningful use criteria that was published in June 2009 by the Meaningful Use Workgroup of the Health Information Technology Policy Committee.
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A Better Physician Billing Department
Immediately improve your bottom line. A Better Billing Department. Best practices in healthcare billing. Six principles that medical group practices can implement to improve their billing services.
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EMR/EHR: What Criteria to Use & How to Compare Vendors of EHR Systems
Details on how to select criteria to use and questions to ask while choosing between EHR system vendors, ensuring that your selection is most suitable for your organization.
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ACA Implications for Medical Practices:  Part I
Part 1 of this series on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) discusses some of the major provisions and the timelines applicable to those provisions.
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ACA Implications for Medical Practices:  Part II
Part 2 of this series on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) discusses some of the major provisions of the ACA as they affect individuals, businesses and payors.
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ACA Implications for Medical Practices:  Part III
Part 3 of this series on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) discusses specific ways the affordable care act affects medica practices.
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The Healthcare Hashtag Project
The goal of the "Healthcare Hashtag Project" is to make the use of Twitter more accessible for medical providers and the healthcare community as a whole. By lowering the learning curve of Twitter with a database of relevant hashtags to follow, we hope to help new and existing users alike to find the conversations that are of interest and importance.
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