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Scotland: Highlands to Outer Hebrides - Aug 29-Sep 9, 2017
Discover the beautiful land and ancient culture of Scotland, from the majestic Highlands to the wild islands of the Outer Hebrides. Reserve your spot today on this incredible journey at: http://crossculturaljourneys.com/scotland/ Or call us at (800) 353-2276.
Havana Jazz Fest 2019 tour with jazz master Roger Glenn
Experience the Havana Jazz Festival with jazz master Roger Glenn, January 16-21, 2019. The flute, sax and vibraphonist for the Taj Mahal Quartet, Roger is a third-generation jazz master who has performed and recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, Mongo Santamaria, and won a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album "La Onda Va Bien" with Cal Tjader. Roger will share his encyclopedic knowledge of Afro-Cuban music and American jazz as you take in the sights, sounds, textures and flavors of Cuba's capital city. A special day trip to Matanzas will highlight the origins of the Rumba and other Afro-Cuban musical styles in this historic port city. DISCOUNT: Book a group of 4 or more travelers and get $200 off per person. Just mention "Friend of Roger". VIEW ITINERARY & BOOK NOW AT: https://www.crossculturaljourneys.com/cuba-cuban-musical-odyssey/ Or call 800.353.2276. Bookings close on November 15, 2018.
Iranian Odyssey: From Shiraz to the Caspian Sea - April 19-May 3, 2017
Get to know the ancient and beautiful people, culture, and landscape of Iran. Join The Traveler bookstore and Cross Cultural Journeys of Bainbridge Island on an unforgettable journey to some of the marvels of Iran, from Shiraz to the Caspian Sea, April 19-May 3, 2017. Learn more at http://crossculturaljourneys.com/iran-iranian-odyssey-the-traveler/
Guatemala: The Mystical Maya (Nov 7-19, 2017)
Trip leader Nani Baran shares her story of how she fell in love with Guatemala and its people, the indigenous Mayans of San Pedro La Laguna, on beautiful Lake Atitlán. Join Nani on Cross Cultural Journeys' trip Guatemala: The Mystical Maya (November 7-19, 2017). View itinerary: http://www.crossculturaljourneys.com/guatemala/
Tour Cuba by Motorcycle - Oct 22-Nov 2, 2017
Join moto-journalist and Cuba expert Christopher P. Baker on a dream itinerary. Travel over 1200 miles on two wheels through the back roads of western and central Cuba October 22 - November 2, 2017.
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CUBA: Behind the Headlines - Feb 25 - Mar 4, 2018
Chip Barclay, former #2 U.S. diplomat in Cuba, shares some details of his upcoming people-to-people journey to the island with Cross Cultural Journeys. On this 8-day trip to Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos, you'll meet artists, entrepreneurs, scholars, diplomats and everyday Cubans, and gain a deep understanding of the political and economic forces at play in the country. To learn more about Chip's trip "CUBA: Behind the Headlines" (Feb 25 - March 4, 2018) visit http://crossculturaljourneys.com/cuba
The Musical Heart of Cuba - May 4-14 2017
Explore the living music, dance and art of Cuba with renowned percussionist and long-time Cuba expert, Carol Steele. Join Carol May 4-14, 2017 on this journey of a lifetime. View itinerary: http://www.crossculturaljourneys.com/cuba-the-musical-heart-of-cuba/
Roger Glenn records a solo for Bobby Carcasses's album Blues Con Montuno
Roger Glenn -- flute, sax and vibraphonist extraordinaire -- records a solo for Cuban musical legend Bobby Carcassés's award-winning 2017 album "Blues Con Montuno" during an impromptu visit to Bobby's studio. Roger was traveling in Cuba in November 2016 with legendary blues maestro Taj Mahal and Cross Cultural Journeys. Roger will be leading a trip titled Cuban Musical Odyssey (January 14-22), during which he will perform with Bobby at the Havana Jazz Festival. To join Roger on this incredible musical journey, visit: https://www.crossculturaljourneys.com/cuba-cuban-musical-odyssey/ or call 800.353.2276.
Testimonial: Billy & Rita - Cuba - Nov 2016
Traveler testimonial by Billy Pucket and Rita Pierce, who visited Cuba with Cross Cultural Journeys in November 2016.
Testimonial from Keven Lisa, who traveled to Cuba with Cross Cultural Journeys in November 2016.
Bobby Carcasses sings Summertime - 15 November 2016
Cuban musical legend Bobby Carcassés took a break while recording his latest album to sing and scat Summertime for American musicians Taj Mahal, Roger Glenn and friends during a November 2016 trip with Cross Cultural Journeys. In January 2018, Roger Glenn will perform with Bobby at the opening night gala for the Havana Jazz Festival. To view the itinerary or book your spot on the trip, visit https://www.crossculturaljourneys.com/cuba-cuban-musical-odyssey/ or call 800.353.2276. Our travel experts are standing by to answer your questions and help design an experience of a lifetime.
CUBA AFTER CASTRO? Diplomat Chip Barclay (Ret) Reflects on Fidel's Death
What will Fidel Castro's death mean for Cuba and its relationship with the U.S.? Retired diplomat Chip Barclay, who ran the U.S. Interests Section in Havana from 2009-12, before it was converted back into an embassy in 2015, reflects on the passing of Cuba's revolutionary leader and the world's longest-serving head of state, and shares some details of his upcoming journey to the island. To learn more about Chip's trip "CUBA: LIFE BEHIND THE HEADLINES" (March 26-31, 2017) visit http://www.crossculturaljourneys.com/cuba-life-behind-the-headlines/.