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Aleksey Shipilev - String Enhancements in JDK 9
NightHacking interview at the Jfokus conference with Aleksey Shipilev on String Enhancements in JDK 9.
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David Blevins Presenting to JUG Darmstadt
David Blevins presenting to JUG Darmstadt on CDI Scopes, EJB & CDI under the covers, and Java EE 8.
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Rafael Winterhalter on Byte Buddy
Interview at the JavaLand conference with Rafael Winterhalter on his bytecode manipulation framework called Byte Buddy.
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Project Loom: Fibers and Continuations for the Java Virtual Machine with Ron Pressler
As concurrent programs grow in scale, so does the disparity between the domain unit of concurrency (session/transaction), and the software unit of concurrency -- the thread. A modern server may support a million concurrent connections but only a few thousand threads. As a result, developers are forced to abandon the thread as a model of domain concurrency and rely on finer-grained constructs. The resulting asynchronous programming style is difficult to write, debug and maintain. Project Loom is a new OpenJDK project aiming to provide an alternative, flexible and lightweight implementation of threads that would allow a good abstraction to meet modern requirements, and enable new and useful programming styles. That implementation will employ continuations, which have other interesting uses.
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Joe Armstrong - Erlang, Low Energy Communication, and Kids
Interview with Joe Armstrong (@joeerl) on Erlang, Low Energy Communication, and Kids at Jfokus.
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Java SE 8 and Java EE 7 with Adam Bien
Adam Bien describes the Java SE 8 features useful to Java EE development
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ZGC - Low Latency GC for OpenJDK with Stefan Karlsson and Per Liden
ZGC is a new garbage collector for OpenJDK, optimized for low latency and very large heaps. We've developed ZGC internally at Oracle so far, and we're now open-sourcing it so as to broaden the base of both contributors and users. This talk will give an introduction to ZGC, what it is, how it works, where we are and what we plan to do.
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Shenandoah GC: What We Know In 2018 with Aleksey Shipilev
Shenandoah is the ultra-low pause garbage collector for OpenJDK, developed by Red Hat. It adds concurrent compaction to the mix, making all heavy-weight phases in GC cycles concurrent. This talk is about brief status for Shenandoah in 2018 and what changed in past years, the performance successes it has, the challenges faced by the implementation, the ideas that are being tried.
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Tomasz Nurkiewicz on Asynchronous Processing
Interview with Tomasz Nurkiewicz on a variety of asynchronous processing topics including CompletableFuture, parallelStream(), actors, agents, software transactional memory, Groovy GPars, shared distributed memory, RPC leaky abstraction, and debugging and monitoring asynchronous code.
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Aleksey Shipilëv on Compact Strings
A presentation from Aleksey Shipilëv on his journey working through the compact string implementation in the JVM. Full Abstract: java.lang.String is pervasively and perversely used in most Java applications. Not surprisingly, we are looking into optimizing it both on small and large scale. In this talk, we will take a deeper look into two interesting String-related features coming in JDK 9: a) Compact Strings, that saves memory for Strings representable with single-byte chars, with little or none performance regressions, and in many cases, significant performance improvements; b) Indify String Concat, that uses the magic of invokedynamic to concatenate Strings, to free runtime implementors for optimizing string concatenation without pushing users to recompile their programs; We will talk about the rationale, pitfalls and caveats of implementing the intrusive core library/runtime changes.
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Brian Goetz on Generic Specialization
Presentation from Brian Goetz during the VM Tech Summit at Jfokus on the compiler/vm details of generic specialization. Full Abstract: Project Valhalla proposes to bring value types and specialized generics to Java. In this talk, Java Language Architect Brian Goetz offers some of the highlights of the progress and pitfalls of adding these features to the Java Language and VM.
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Siva Krishna on Making DevOps Work
Interview with Siva Krishna on making DevOps work at CloudWorld Developer Mumbai.
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Restful Services with the Play Framework, MySQL, and a Security Level with JWT by Mercedes Wyss
The Play Framework, based on a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly architecture, is a great framework for easier, faster, complex web development, including RESTful services, and is reactive. Based on Scala, you can choose between using Java or Scala for development. This session explores Play framework characteristics, how to create a RESTful service, connecting Play to a MySQL database, and adding a security level with JWT (JSON Web Token).
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Kodsnack interviewing James Mickens
Interview with James Mickens by the popular Swedish podcast group, Kodsnack.
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Yakov Fain on Commercial IoT
Java Champion Yakov Fain discusses building commercial apps with 3rd party IoT devices. An OTN interview with Tori Wieldt from the DevNexus conference.
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Edson Yanaga on Java EE and Microservices
Interview with Edson Yanaga, Java Champion on Java EE and Microservices in Technical Developers Conference (TDC) Florianapolis 2016
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NightHacking/vJUG session on Adopt OpenJDK
Combined NightHacking/vJUG session at JavaLand on Java/JVM internals and the Adopt OpenJDK project with Simon Maples, Mani Sarkar, and Daniel Bryant.
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jpro : JavaFX in the Browser with NO PLUGINS
This session presents how to develop with the new, award winning product, named jpro. jpro represents a new and disruptive technology, which enables java programs to run in standard web-browsers without any need of a plugin. jpro let’s java programmers write applications, based on ONE source, targeted for a variety of platforms, including desktops, mobile devices AND standard web browsers. Attendees will learn how to use java to interoperate with other web technologies for developing business applications running as Oracle Cloud Services. The presentation will mainly contain - Introduction to the jpro architecture - jpro with the Oracle Cloud Services - How to develop with jpro - Application Demos - A small Live Coding Demo Q&A jpro won the 2016 Duke's Choice award at JavaOne. About the Speaker Hans-Henry Sandbaek Hans-Henry Sandbaek is a technology focused computer scientist and entrepreneur based in Munich Germany. He is the main inventor and founder of jpro, which was launched and awarded at JavaONE 2016. Before jpro, he invented a new java based development platform, called SimpleFX, dedicated to declarative and reactive functional programming. Before moving his innovation focus to java based internet solutions he had a long track record as a visionary product architect for enterprise multimedia systems for the TV-industry, being the founder of several market leading products running at large Media Houses world wide. Florian Kirmaier Florian Kirmaier is the CTO of pro technologies AG and the owner of the research and development process of jpro. Florian is a massively dedicated young computer scientist from Munich Germany, who loves not only Java, but also other jvm-based languages such as Clojure, Groovy and Kotlin, with Scala being his absolute favorite. The success of jpro comes because of Florian’s exceptional research and implementation skills and his abilities regarding writing concise and efficient source code.
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Artificial Intelligence and Java
JCrete 2016, Day 4 Artificial Intelligence and Java Zoran Sevarac
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Changes to the JDK Release Model with Sharat Chander
The cloud has changed how modern applications are being developed, deployed and consumed. On the client side, ready-to-run mobile-first native applications and HTML5/JS web interfaces are increasingly prevalent. On the cloud side, “applications” are transitioning to container-based, modular microservices and even functions. Developers expect more frequent release cycles and flexible licensing. While Java continues to be one of the most popular development and application platforms in the world, the release model for Java is over a decade old. In this session learn how the new release how Oracle is proposing to increase the release cadence of Java SE to every six months to support the changing needs driven by the cloud for the future.
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10 Asciidoc Tips from Andres Almiray
Combined NightHacking and vJUG session covering 10 Asciidoc Tips (and a lot more) from Andres Almiray at JavaLand.
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MVC, DI with JavaFX with 3 Classes
In this session Adam hacks a little Java FX application and explains MVC, MVVM, IoC and DI patterns and delves into the mechanics, principles and features of the https://github.com/AdamBien/afterburner.fx 3-class library. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/silicon-valley-javafx-user-group
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Martin Thompson on Predictable Latency
Presentation by Martin Thompson on the quest for predictable latency, presented at the Jfokus VM Tech Summit. Full Abstract: Concurrent programming with locks is hard. Concurrent programming without using locks can be really hard. Concurrent programming with relaxed memory ordering and predictable latency semantics is said to be only for wizards. This talk focuses on a decade long quest to discover algorithms that provide very high throughput while keeping latency low and predictable. Additionally, they need to provide real-time telemetry on how a system is performing via non-blocking operations. We will cover some fundamental theory of concurrency and then compare various approaches to the same problem so that we can measure the impact on latency. We'll also show how some of these algorithm implementations get more interesting given the new features in Java 8.
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Cloud Native Java with Josh Long (@starbuxman)
“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” -W. Edwards Deming Work takes time to flow through an organization and ultimately be deployed to production where it captures value. It’s critical to reduce time-to-production. Software - for many organizations and industries - is a competitive advantage. Organizations break their larger software ambitions into smaller, independently deployable, feature -centric batches of work - microservices. In order to reduce the round-trip between stations of work, organizations collapse or consolidate as much of them as possible and automate the rest; developers and operations beget “devops,” cloud-based services and platforms automate operations work and break down the need for ITIL tickets and change management boards. But velocity, for velocity’s sake, is dangerous. Microservices invite architectural complexity that few are prepared to address. In this talk, we’ll look at how high performance organizations like Ticketmaster, Alibaba, and Netflix make short work of that complexity with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. In this workshop we'll look at how to build cloud-native Java systems that are elastic, agile, observable and robust.
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David Blevins on Java EE Connectors
Interview with David Blevins on Java EE Connectors at the JavaLand Conference in Brühl, Germany.
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Michael Hoffer on 3D Printing in Java
Interview at the JavaLand conference with Michael Hoffer on 3D Printing in Java.
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"Unsafe" Discussion at JCrete
Discussion of the current usage and future removal of sun.misc.Unsafe with Chris Engelbert (@noctarius2k), Marcus Lagergren (@lagergren), Martin Thompson (@mjpt777), and others.
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Chris Richardson on Microservices
Interview with Chris Richardson (@crichardson) on Microservices at the QCon NYC conference.
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Zach Shelby - IoT and Embedded on ARM
Interview with Zach Shelby (@zach_shelby) on IoT and Embedded on ARM at the Jfokus conference.
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Yoav Landman on Bintray, Docker, Chef, and Vagrant
Interview with Yoav Landman, CTO and co-founder of JFrog, at the DevNexus conference on their use of Docker, Chef, and Vagrant in the development of their Bintray application.
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Always Be Running: long running and fault tolerant java services with Mike Duigou
For high availability services rebooting or stating a new instance is not a viable failure handling strategy. There are specific techniques and approaches needed to build fault tolerant, long running Java applications. This session will cover the experiences and approach used for developing and deploying resilient, fault tolerant code. We will look at exception handling, threads and pools, locking, timeouts, deadlocks, recovery, memory, logging, saturation/runaways, resource hogs, manual repair of running systems, and yes, when a reboot is your best option. The presenter works on the on-vehicle software for the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider, an autonomous marine data collection platform that often spends months at sea and previously worked on the Java team at Oracle, on robotics, autonomous systems and peer-to-peer network services projects at Sun Microsystems.
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Why JNI is slow?
JCrete 2016, Day 3 Why JNI is slow? Cliff Click
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Pedro Carrijo and Bruno Souza
Interview with Pedro Carrijo, a 13 year old self taught Java developer from Brazil. Meet the future generation of Java developers.
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Venkat Subramaniam on Java 8 Lambdas
Interview with Venkat Subramaniam on a pattern for using lambdas instead of inheritance to solve a common programming problem.
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Lars Albertsson - Data pipelines
NightHacking interview at the Jfokus conference with Lars Albertsson on Data pipelines.
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iOS, app development & Sourcery - interview with Krzysztof Zabłocki
Interview with Krzysztof Zabłocki about iOS app development & Sourcery at the Øredev conference
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Akka, kickstarting into 2018 with Konrad Malawski
The last years have brought Akka the largest changes since the initial 2.x rewrite yet it remained fully compatible across the last years. With the new exciting modules like Akka Streams, Akka HTTP (including the most recent HTTP/2 work) and the new remoting reimplementation codenamed Artery, we've stepped into the era of Akka 2.5 already. Which again, remains backwards compatible as previous releases. What's in there, and what's next for Akka in general? And especially, what is in store for us in 2018? In this talk we'll take a brief look back at the newest stable modules of Akka itself, as well as new projects such as Alpakka that aims to integrate . Next, we'll continue with the 2.5 version and the stable high-availability CRDT support in Distributed Data, the 10x performance improvement in Artery Remoting as well as the new Multi-Datacenter features. Last but not least, we'll take a look Finally we'll have a sneak peek at what's coming in the next releases, which among other things include Akka Typed and more!
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Gil Tene on Hardware Transactional Memory
Interview with Gil Tene (@giltene) from Azul Systems on the benefits of using hardware transactional memory with modern Intel processors for highly concurrent workloads. #QCon
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Ed Burns on JSF 2.3 and Servlet 4.0
Chat with Ed Burns on the latest news and announcements surrounding the EE 8 release, JSF 2.3, Servlet 4.0, and HTTP 2.0
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Katharina Probst on the Netflix API
Interview with Katharina Probst on the Netflix API backed by microservices at the DevNexus conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Trisha Gee and Eva on Java 8 Patterns
First ever interview with a baby (and mom) on Java 8 migration patterns. Trisha Gee (@trisha_gee) recommends best practices for adopting lambdas and streams patterns while keeping an eye to performance. #QCon
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MethodHandles Everywhere! with Charlie Nutter
The MethodHandle API was added in Java 7, as a way to programmatically build up smart function pointers. Far more powerful than simple reflection, handles JIT and optimize like Java code, producing a fast, direct, type-safe callable. And the API has continued to evolve: in Java 9, you can now embed atomic semantics, array views, loops and "finally" logic, and much more. Come learn how flexible and useful MethodHandles can be!
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Neuroph Hacking Session at JCrete
Lab on the Neuroph Neural Network Framework for Java at the JCrete unconference.
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Bruno Souza and Edson Yanaga on DevOps and Java
Interview with Bruno Souza (@brjavaman) and Edson Yanaga (@yanaga) on DevOps and Java at the JavaOne LAD conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Dan Heidinga - Method Handles in J9
Dan Heidinga at the Jfokus VM Tech Summit on method handles in Java 9.
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Powerful Tools in the Oracle JDK at JCrete
Introduction to Java Mission Control, Java Flight Recorder, and jcmd with Marcus Hirt (@hirt).
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Satyendra Kumar on Oracle Cloud in Industry
Interview with Satyendra Kumar on Oracle Cloud in Industry at CloudWorld Developer Mumbai.
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Freddy Guime on Memory Leaks
Freddy Guime discusses the common causes and ways to find memory leaks in Java applications. (GC does not get you off the hook!). OTN Interview with Tori Wieldt from DevNexus
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Rabea Gransberger with Code Review Tips
Interview with Rabea Gransberger at the JavaLand conference on code review tips for developers and teams.
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José Paumard on Lambdas and Route 1
Interview with José Paumard Java 8 lambdas and streams, and his adventures in California.
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