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Poverty Safari Live: Ep 1 - Neoliberalism
A spoken word series exploring themes from Loki's book Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain's Underclass. Buy now: https://t.co/UKIzlB11A6
Tommy Sheridan Dead (lyrics below)
Buy the dystonia nightmare now: https://blacklanternmusic.bandcamp.com/album/g-i-m-p-government-issue-music-protest Verse 1 So now you're all good socialists oh? Well, where were you when the Scottish prols voted No And surprise, 20 years a mare tories At the referendum then you bought the wrong scare stories Back then I was right to think you feeble Now the Kingdom is united and they chip and pin people They told us that we would be Better Together Then they left the EU, but whatever Never say never Now you're nothing but depressing in your lethargy The economic boom became permanent austerity Frankie Boyle left and went to live in Germany Ashamed to be Scottish anyone wae money emigrates To a country where they're welcome and embraced You only get in Britain if you'll work for a shitty wage The streets are over run wae alcoholics smellin funky On the tele millionares'll tell ye how to spend yer money Russell Brand relapsed and had an overdose The media portrayed him as a manic and socialist mole The guy snapped coz they were tryin to discredit him The public then fell for it, 'kill yourself' they're tellin him It was depressin him, the fact that noone came to see the revolution too distracted by celebrities like him The workin man hands tied no south paw Work till ye die now retirement is outlawed Chorus In these times we could do with a true voice If I could go back to a day where we had a choice They let fear in their hearts in the cold air But these days folk have never been more scared They couldn't see through the mask of the oppressor, too distracted by the court jester More or less sir Now there's nothing on the other side of the sea And we finally forgot what it really means to be free As I stand by the coffin of a fallen hero Mixed feelings and I wish I had a chance to meet him I would tell him we'd forgive him to his face IF HE ONLY BIT THE BULLET AND ADMITTED HIS MISTAKES In these times we could do with a true voice If I could go back to a day where we had a choice It doesn't matter what I'd tell him in the end Coz it's too late now... TOMMY SHERIDAN IS DEAD Verse 2 Madeline McCann turns up at 18 And gets a whole new treatment on page 3 Disowns her own parents, signs a record deal and goes from being dead to selling sex, on TV The american economy implodes, China calls in the loans The world locks and loads Scotland coulda been the land of sonnets and odes They launch the first strike fae the Clyde, on it goes Universities are businesses to list to train the folk that manage all the broken systems that exist The age of information doesnt need to be controlled Coz the population don't look when they cross the road Right now we could really fuckin use you Tommy I wrote a song and sent it back in time to try and warn ye I hope the people from the past get to hear ma lyrics But for the present I'm really proud of being British http://misterlokiscotland.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/lokiscottishrap https://www.facebook.com/MistaLoki [email protected] Video Directed by Andrew MacKenzie Song Produced by Scatabrainz From the forthcoming album Government Issue Music Protest Aug 2014
Poverty Safari: Live - Ep 2 - Class and Intersectionality
The views expressed are not necessarily those of the performer. What is intersectionality? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dcj5tegl7I
Poverty Safari: About The Author (TRAILER)
Preview of a short documentary about Poverty Safari directed by Steven Reynolds. Order here: https://www.waterstones.com/book/poverty-safari/darren-mcgarvey/9781912147038 Music by Velvetic
Loki - This Looked Better On The Mannequin
Support Loki's work here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/loki-s-campaign-is-so-close-contribute-now/x/14760319#/
Loki - Gaslight
Written by Loki Produced by Mick MacNeil Directed by Andrew MacKenzie
Loki The Scottish Rapper x SEND4YERMUM$
Beat by Laigo Recording, mix and master by Astronomik Photography by Steven Reynolds
Loki - Loki's The Name
Buy the single now.....http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lokis-the-name-single/id473916227 www.misterlokiscotland.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loki/351408034656 https://twitter.com/#!/lokiscottishrap
Trigger Warning:  What is "Privilege"?
This video is part of Loki's multi-platform project 'Trigger Warning'.
Loki The Scottish Rapper:  The Demon Drink
For anyone struggling with their drinking. I'm not an expert...but I have experienced a fair bit. Hope the video helps in some way whether it's you or someone you know. I wish you well. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loki/351408034656?ref=hl http://misterlokiscotland.bandcamp.com/
Loki - State of the Union (acapella video)     G.I.M.P Promo # 1
An acapella preview of 'State of the Union', a song featured on Loki's forthcoming album, Government Issue Music Protest. 2014 Listen, Like, Share Dissect, Discuss, Debate http://www.mrloki.co.uk/ http://misterlokiscotland.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/lokiscottishrap https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loki/351408034656
Poverty Safari:  Some thoughts on Universal Basic Income
Get involved: https://www.facebook.com/Extrasecondevents/?__mref=message_bubble
Why does reality feel like it's breaking down?
What if we aren't evolved enough to truly understand the world we have created?
Poverty Safari: Will debating on social media ever produce anything but division?
What is Facebook creates as many problems as it solves?
Poverty Safari: About The Author - A short film by Steven Reynolds
Poverty Safari is out now. Music by Jim Sutherland, Franco, Soundthief and Velvetic.
Universal Credit has placed a vulnerable young woman at risk of sexual violence and suicide.
Welfare reforms are failing everyone, but the risk they pose to vulnerable women can be life-threatening.
Some thoughts on the proposed 'smacking ban'
Should government criminalise parents who hit their children?
What makes the Art School more valuable than YOUR school?
Sorry about the watermark. Rookie error. Sensitive topic, I know, but indicates the widening gulf between people's concerns in life. Nobody died thankfully, which is the most important thing. This is caused by structural inequality...and we're more far apart than ever. Thoughts with all those affected....and shout outs to Fire Fighters! http://lokithescottishrapper.com/
Does J.K Rowling contributing to my crowdfund compromise my integrity?
Support Loki here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/enjoy-loki-s-work-help-him-make-it-better/x/14760319#/
Let me tell you EXACTLY why I am so critical of the SNP
Support my work here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/loki-s-campaign-is-so-close-contribute-now/x/14760319
Poverty Safari:  Struggling with poor nutrition and emotional eating
I eat toxic food products to feel happy.
Loki: What does Ross Thomson MP actually believe in?
We no longer vote based on what candidates believe. We vote on their constitutional position. What will the impact be when it comes to social policy and how does Ross Thomson fit into all this?
ALL you need to know about Grenfell: Don't get drawn into diversion tactics
Take your lead from the community itself: they warned this would happen
Loki - Best Friends Ft. Becci Wallace (Produced By Sace)
A track taken from 'GIMP' Feat Becci Wallace Produced by Sace Mixed by Ryan Sheridan https://twitter.com/lokiscottishrap https://twitter.com/toidfish Artworks by Oliver Braid & Ross Dee Pre Order GIMP now from : blacklanternmusic.bandcamp.com/album/g-i-m-p-government-issue-music-protest
Loki: Progress for whom?  The future of Scotland's democracy
Loki was asked to share his experience of poverty but instead went a little further.
Loki - Shut Up and Drive (official video)
Directed by Andrew MacKenzie, Produced by Crink Starring Becci Wallace 1 day left to pre-order https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/loki-gimp-government-issue-music-protest
Trigger Warning:  Watch my gig nose-dive when I start talking about Trigger Warnings
Filmed by S.Barnfather What do you think? How do Trigger Warnings fit into the world of live performance?
Poverty Safari: Why I support a minimum price on alcohol
What's the worst that can happen?
Privilege and Prejudice:  Responding to Bella comments
Loki responds to initial comments on his recent piece about social justice in an age of male confusion.
Trigger Warning:  Straight White Male thinks out loud about Feminist Theory
Trying to understand different tenets of opposing arguments without being judgmental - is hard but also fun.
Darren McGarvey @ Edinburgh Book Festival, Aug, 2017
Loki in discussion with poet and playwright Michael Pedersen about his first book, Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain's Underclass. Order now: https://www.waterstones.com/book/poverty-safari/darren-mcgarvey/9781912147038 Thumbnail photo by Steven Reynolds
Trigger Warning:  Identity politics needs criticism to survive
It's possible to critique certain aspects of identity politics and social justice while acknowledging why they exist. Twitter: @lokiscottishrap
The Grenfell Tower Fire is ABSOLUTELY a political issue
Don't allow people to obscure the issue here. This is about poverty and political exclusion.
Loki:  Shut Up and Drive  (lyrics)  #indyref
Pre-order Loki's forthcoming album 'Government Issue Music Protest' now: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/loki-gimp-government-issue-music-protest
Some thoughts on minimum pricing of alcohol in Scotland
The Scottish Government is proposing a 50p minimum price per-unit of alcohol to try and tackle drink culture.
Loki : ''There is NO scene''
Clarifying comments made in the Toy Control demonstration. All love. See this for what it is...and what it isn''t. Peace.
Trigger Warning:  Taking responsibility for YOUR part in this divided society
It's always someone else isn't it? www.lokithescottishrapper.com @lokiscottishap
Loki:  Hold Their Feet To The Fire
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MistaLoki Twitter: https://twitter.com/lokiscottishrap Dear Feminists, please be patient with guys like me while we develop a less patronizing way to express our genuine solidarity with your struggles. I don;t mean to generalise, I am actually talking about my experience of women when I comment on the caring capacity. There is something different about the way the women I have met think about life, but that is only my experience. I just want to learn more about the subject and be an ally wherever I can if that's what you want. Tell me to bugger off too, I'll accept that. My intentions are genuine. I have experienced being on the receiving end of privilege all of my life so I can relate to feeling frustrated at others who mean well but only exacerbate problems by refusing to actively listen to those who viscerally understand the issue.
Loki: Let's Create A Second Chamber Of Parliament
#secondchamber IS NOT AN EXCLUSIVE YES MOVEMENT. The fact I am scrutinizing Yes organisations should illustrate this. I think we need a new idea people on both sides can get behind. All organisations should be bound by certain democratic principles if they are campaigning for democracy. Let us come together and agree on what these are in full view of the public. Let's allow the citizens of Scotland to inform and amend this process and go together forward into a more direct democracy that runs parallel to the parliament. #secondchamber. Share.
Loki - Gaslight (Trailer)
Coming soon.

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