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Vietnam War Body Count Was Just Bullshit
In his book "In retrospect: the tragedy and lesson of Vietnam" Robert McNamara wrote : "The body count was a measurement of adversary's manpower losses; we undertook it because one of Westy's objectives was to reach a so-called crossover point, at which the Vietcong and North Vietnamese casualties would be greater than they could sustain. " This guy McNamara (a very narrow-minded technocrat), he tried to quantify everything. Obviously, there are things you cannot quantify; honor and beauty, for example. But things you can count, you can count. Loss of life is one, when you are fighting a war of attrition." The "war of attrition" and "body count" was a measurement with critical importance, but as the history showed mostly for the Americans, not for their enemies. But what about these body count numbers? Here is just one example - The Operation Speedy Express. US officials launched a "land rush" to pacify huge swaths of the Delta and bring the population under the control of the South Vietnamese government in Saigon. To this end, from December 1968 through May 1969, a large-scale operation was carried out by the Ninth Infantry Division, with support from nondivision assets ranging from helicopter gunships to B-52 bombers. The offensive, known as Operation Speedy Express, claimed an enemy body count of 10,899 at a cost of only 267 American lives. Although guerrillas were known to be well armed, the division captured only 748 weapons. And even some of these weapons were at least twice counted. In this video clip three Vietnam vets explained (in Detroit Feb 1971) why the whole Vietnam War body count (killed "enemy soldier") was just big bullshit.
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GI's in Vietnam War -  "CYA (cover your ass) and get home!"
"This War is Not Our War!" Antiwar activity amongst American soldiers during the Vietnam War was common. The forms of resistance were a myriad of activities that ranged from drug usage to collective efforts at undermining the war effort. Most of these activities were for surviving a losing war, and once out of military service few chose to continue their activities. The pressure of subordination in the ranks was a building source of anxiety as the campaign progressed. One can imagine the terror that fragging must have brought to the officers, as well as their trouble in justifying an obviously bankrupt campaign. For the GIs, the brutality of their experience aroused their conscience and consciousness, and through their acts of rebellion -- passive or active -- the common cry became, 'This war is not our war!'
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White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter in Austin, TX
Scott Henson was cuffed on Friday 10th of Feb 2012 by a swarm of policemen, because he was walking his Black 5-year-old grandchild down the street. The Austin resident spoke to NewsOne about how he was accosted by police for being in the company of his grandchild, Ty. Ty's mother is not Henson and his wife's biological child; the couple decided to raise her after her own father died. Still, the woman calls Henson and his wife "Mom" and "Dad," and naturally, her daughter refers to the couple as her grandparents. This is what Henson wrote on his blog 19th of Feb 2012: "What aspects of my original recitation were correct? Well, basically everything else. Despite Acevedo's inflammatory attack on my credibility, not much is actually in dispute. Someone called 911 when I left the Millennium Center with my granddaughter. I was stopped not once but twice. I did, in fact, allow the Constable to question Ty and she left understanding that I was Ty's grandpa. We were then stopped by several APD officers. I counted six cars initially, with three more arriving soon thereafter and a supervisor arriving later. Acevedo didn't dispute any of that. I was handcuffed. Ty was taken away from me, pulled into a police car and questioned. We were not immediately released. Some minutes later, after they finally called my wife and daughter, we were let go without an apology. And the child had numerous questions and opinions about the incidents that I tried to accurately recollect. So, on the basis of one factual error which I readily owned after seeing the conflicting video, I am a liar, says the chief. The strangest part is, Acevedo brought me into APD headquarters Thursday afternoon to meet with him and his staff, proposing that we do a media interview together and try and make all this a "teaching moment" for the public (his words). He was upset that the issue was being discussed without him getting to "frame" it. I'd turned down more than two-dozen requests for media interviews on this topic, from every local print and TV outlet to Anderson Cooper, but because the media frenzy had gotten so out of hand even without my participation, after mulling it over with the family, I agreed to do a joint interview with him (now decidedly not happening. "
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Baby found with mouse in mouth at daycare
A mother in New Jersey was horrified when her daycare provider told her what her 8-month-old daughter put in her mouth. It was a mouse, and most likely a dead mouse. "Lately she's been vomiting. Everything she's eaten, she's throwing it back up," said Brittany Barba, mother.
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