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Made In America:"I found my father and he is #@&‰!§...and... ☺"
Zora Matthews (Nia Long), whose mother Sarah (Whoopi Goldberg) conceived her with the aid of an anonymous sperm donor, discovers her father is a white man named Hal Jackson (Ted Danson). This comes as a major shock to Sarah, who had explicitly requested a black donor.
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GI's in Vietnam War -  "CYA (cover your ass) and get home!"
"This War is Not Our War!" Antiwar activity amongst American soldiers during the Vietnam War was common. The forms of resistance were a myriad of activities that ranged from drug usage to collective efforts at undermining the war effort. Most of these activities were for surviving a losing war, and once out of military service few chose to continue their activities. The pressure of subordination in the ranks was a building source of anxiety as the campaign progressed. One can imagine the terror that fragging must have brought to the officers, as well as their trouble in justifying an obviously bankrupt campaign. For the GIs, the brutality of their experience aroused their conscience and consciousness, and through their acts of rebellion -- passive or active -- the common cry became, 'This war is not our war!'
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Vietnam War Body Count Was Just Bullshit
In his book "In retrospect: the tragedy and lesson of Vietnam" Robert McNamara wrote : "The body count was a measurement of adversary's manpower losses; we undertook it because one of Westy's objectives was to reach a so-called crossover point, at which the Vietcong and North Vietnamese casualties would be greater than they could sustain. " This guy McNamara (a very narrow-minded technocrat), he tried to quantify everything. Obviously, there are things you cannot quantify; honor and beauty, for example. But things you can count, you can count. Loss of life is one, when you are fighting a war of attrition." The "war of attrition" and "body count" was a measurement with critical importance, but as the history showed mostly for the Americans, not for their enemies. But what about these body count numbers? Here is just one example - The Operation Speedy Express. US officials launched a "land rush" to pacify huge swaths of the Delta and bring the population under the control of the South Vietnamese government in Saigon. To this end, from December 1968 through May 1969, a large-scale operation was carried out by the Ninth Infantry Division, with support from nondivision assets ranging from helicopter gunships to B-52 bombers. The offensive, known as Operation Speedy Express, claimed an enemy body count of 10,899 at a cost of only 267 American lives. Although guerrillas were known to be well armed, the division captured only 748 weapons. And even some of these weapons were at least twice counted. In this video clip three Vietnam vets explained (in Detroit Feb 1971) why the whole Vietnam War body count (killed "enemy soldier") was just big bullshit.
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Petra -  the fear of losing a lover
Beautiful, touching scene from film "When Night Is Falling". - Rachael Crawford as Petra Soft - Pascale Bussières as Camille Baker - Don McKellar as Timothy Director of film: Patricia Rozema
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White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter in Austin, TX
Scott Henson was cuffed on Friday 10th of Feb 2012 by a swarm of policemen, because he was walking his Black 5-year-old grandchild down the street. The Austin resident spoke to NewsOne about how he was accosted by police for being in the company of his grandchild, Ty. Ty's mother is not Henson and his wife's biological child; the couple decided to raise her after her own father died. Still, the woman calls Henson and his wife "Mom" and "Dad," and naturally, her daughter refers to the couple as her grandparents. This is what Henson wrote on his blog 19th of Feb 2012: "What aspects of my original recitation were correct? Well, basically everything else. Despite Acevedo's inflammatory attack on my credibility, not much is actually in dispute. Someone called 911 when I left the Millennium Center with my granddaughter. I was stopped not once but twice. I did, in fact, allow the Constable to question Ty and she left understanding that I was Ty's grandpa. We were then stopped by several APD officers. I counted six cars initially, with three more arriving soon thereafter and a supervisor arriving later. Acevedo didn't dispute any of that. I was handcuffed. Ty was taken away from me, pulled into a police car and questioned. We were not immediately released. Some minutes later, after they finally called my wife and daughter, we were let go without an apology. And the child had numerous questions and opinions about the incidents that I tried to accurately recollect. So, on the basis of one factual error which I readily owned after seeing the conflicting video, I am a liar, says the chief. The strangest part is, Acevedo brought me into APD headquarters Thursday afternoon to meet with him and his staff, proposing that we do a media interview together and try and make all this a "teaching moment" for the public (his words). He was upset that the issue was being discussed without him getting to "frame" it. I'd turned down more than two-dozen requests for media interviews on this topic, from every local print and TV outlet to Anderson Cooper, but because the media frenzy had gotten so out of hand even without my participation, after mulling it over with the family, I agreed to do a joint interview with him (now decidedly not happening. "
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US Army deserter Andre Shepherd seeking political asylum in Germany
US soldier Andre Shepherd is seeking political asylum in Germany after deserting an American military base. If extradited to his home country, he could face life in prison or even the death penalty. On April 4, 2011, the German government announced that it had denied Shepherd's asylum application "For me, the personal favorite were the roller coasters," Shepherd reminisces about his life in the US. "I can't find any place in Germany that comes even close to that!" Four years ago Shepherd deserted the US Army, cutting off the way to his native Cleveland forever. His mother cried with pride when he volunteered for the army in 2004, but after a six-month tour of duty in Iraq, Andre walked off a US base in Germany and never returned. "Anything that anyone can possibly imagine in terms of war crimes committed in world history, the American forces have done this and are continuing to do this on a daily basis," Shepherd says. "The soldiers were being attacked, but they didn't know from where, so they just shot randomly in different directions." After hiding out for more than a year, Andre Shepherd surfaced. He married a German, secured the support of a number of human rights organizations and is now officially seeking asylum. Tucked away on the border of Germany and Austria, Lake Chimsee has long been popular with holiday makers. But now this idyllic spot may also go down in history as the home of the first US Iraq war veteran granted political asylum. However, to become the first is not going to be easy. Germany is one of the main staging grounds for the US military in Europe, with around 60,000 American troops stationed there. Each year some of those soldiers go AWOL and get picked up by the police. "The pressure is very high on Germany, and Andre often said in his speeches he was sorry for putting so much pressure on the German government," says Shepherd's wife, Jacqueline Edith. "He really loves this country so much." Andre will argue in court that the war in Iraq was a complete fraud, but lawyers say he has little chance of winning this legal war with the US. "It's particularly more difficult if it's a war such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it was not a popular war," says Douglas McNabb, an international extradition lawyer. "And if we started having droves of soldiers deciding on their own that they were no longer going to be a member of the US military apparatus, we'd have a problem. And so there are very harsh penalties, up to life, and including the possibility of death." The mainstream media in the so-called coalition countries is not in a hurry to give Andre a say either. "The major corporations, like the BBC, CNN, what happened is that if I say anything controversial that goes against the government line it would be completely censored," Shepherd says. Shepherd admits that he may be on a slippery slope, but he also says that he is ready for the battle of his life, maintaining that there was no justification for the war in Iraq.
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Black Woman And White Man Dancing
Black woman and white man dancing during a break of beauty contest in Belgium.
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Tony Soprano hates computers and chitchat social media world
"How 'bout the fact that I hate my son? I come home, he's sittin' on the computer in his underwear...wastin' his time in some chitchat room goin' back an' forth with some other f**kin' jerkoff... gigglin' like a little school girl. I wanna f**kin' smash his f**kin' face in." - Tony Soprano
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Interracial Love Affair In European Film
Black and White (Italian: Bianco e nero) is a 2008 Italian romance film directed by Cristina Comencini. The film deals with race and inter-racial relationships when the married Carlo (Fabio Volo) falls in love with Nadine, the wife of his own wife's work colleague.
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African Model Mari Malek - How Muslims Discriminate Black Sudanese
Common myth that Muslims like Arabs are less racist towards black Africans is far from the truth. Actually black Africans are facing nowadays to most vicious and brutal racism from Muslims than Europeans or Americans. Sudanese model Mari Malek tells her story.
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White Boy Brown - "What Do You Know about Black People"
The interesting premise of White Boy Brown : it's a reversal of a foster family situation that many are most familiar with. A black family is fostering a white boy. That situation alone provides enough plot fodder that you could make movies for years out of it – but very few have. Kudos to director/writer/producer Sean Sawyer for starting with a strong and interesting concept. Johnny: Judah Martin Diana : Nirine Brown
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Baby found with mouse in mouth at daycare
A mother in New Jersey was horrified when her daycare provider told her what her 8-month-old daughter put in her mouth. It was a mouse, and most likely a dead mouse. "Lately she's been vomiting. Everything she's eaten, she's throwing it back up," said Brittany Barba, mother.
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Made In Interracial Loving America
Love scene ... or nearly
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Why Football Solidarity Is Important?
It's important because all the other institutions are badly mauled by corporate dictatorship. Big business is eager to destroy all stable institutions to make people just passive consumers. Football (or as some are calling it "soccer") is one of the last things in the world (outside USA) giving great masses of people the feeling of solidarity, joy and carnival. No doubt corporate big money is eager to destroy it and make it just one stupid brand. How? With expensive tickets, closing terrances, all seated sterile stadiums, media hype, advertisiment, FIFA, UEFA...
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Modern Football Sucks - San Lorenzo Rocks!
This is what football fan culture should be: solidarity, singing, chanting, celerating. Local folks supporting their own club - not just following some big succesful club - a stupid brand. San Lorenzo fans, some of the greatest football fans on earth singing before the match kick of (San Lorenzo vs. Colon) at Estadio Pedro Bidegain.
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White Boy Brown : "As You Are "
Armed with only a very important letter, Curtis Brown, a black man, embarks on the most difficult journey of his life. A journey that will force him to confront his own demons of hatred and prejudice, while rediscovering a love for his adopted white brother Johnny. In White Boy Brown, you will enter a world where you are judged according to the color of your skin and not your character. Where guilt by association is standard, and where another man's race becomes your burden. This is Johnny's world.
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Kopio videosta Muslim Bros Faking It for Media Photos
It shows a Muslim Brotherhood "demonstration" in Egypt that was specifically staged to get the most dramatic poses, as the actors freeze their poses for the photographers. Injuries and even bloodstains are faked. Pallywood training in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood "protesters" pose for the cameras... and it's all caught on tape.
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Racing Club vs. CA Colón Argentina Primera 1st rd 2014 (3-0 goals)
1 : 0 Valentín Viola 38. / bicycle kick (pass Diego Villar) 2 : 0 Gabriel Hauche 45. / left-footed shot 3 : 0 Luciano Vietto 90. / left-footed shot (pass Gabriel Hauche) Saturday 8th of Feb 2014, At El Cilindro (Avellaneda / Argentina) Attendance: 35 000
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New Mozilla Firefox browser - Australis
Want to get a look at the future of Mozilla's Firefox web browser for PCs? The developers of the open source web browser have been working on a dramatic overhaul of the user interface, and you can now check it out by downloading a nightly build of Firefox for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Mozilla calls the new UI Australis, and if you've used Firefox on an Android phone or tablet recently, some of the elements should look familiar. Part of the goal is to provide a more unified experience across devices. But the desktop version of Firefox maintains support for a wide range of plugins and gains a number of new customization options that helps set it apart from Firefox Mobile... or Google Chrome, for that matter. On the one hand, Firefox has been looking more and more like Chrome over the last few years, with the disappearance of a dedicated menu bar and a move toward icons over text menus. But even with the new Australis UI, Firefox is much more customizable than Chrome. For instance, when you first run the browser you'll notice that most of the menu items you don't use very often are hiding behind a settings icon in the far right corner. But you can drag and drop any of those items onto the toolbar if you'd rather have them always available. Under the hood, Mozilla says Australis also has a more extensible interface model which will help when it's time to add new features while continuing to support browser add-ons and themes.
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White Boy Brown - Johnny's Background
The premise of White Boy Brown is an interesting one; it's a reversal of a foster family situation that many are most familiar with. A black family is fostering a white boy. That situation alone provides enough plot fodder that you could make movies for years out of it – but very few have. Kudos to director/writer/producer Sean Sawyer for starting with a strong and interesting concept. Betty Entzminger as Wilhemina Judah Martin as Johnny, the foster child Damiyr Shuford as Curtis
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