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Dragon Love Story:  (Episode1)
Enjoy!! ;3
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Animal Jam: All of the Wolf Moves! (you have probably seen all the wolf moves)
This video is basically for the new people out there in AJ
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Shrek can fart!
LOL I was bored!! xD
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Lps: Life as a Teenage Collie (Part1) Last day of school
There is a collie nambed Alice, she was adopted, her mother is nice, but her father is mean... it was the last day of school, and it was getting bad.. alice thought her last day of school would be great... but it won't be so good... what will happen?
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LPS Music Video~ My happy ending~Avril Lavigne
Sorry if it has 1 bad word the ''S'' word. I love this song so, hope you like it!
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My new Littlest Pet Shop + News!
I hope your happy and i hoped you liked the video! please comment, rate, and subscribe + like or dislike!
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My new LPS Mystery Bags from Walmart!
Yay! Comment, rate and subscribe!
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My new LPS from my dad! ^.^
they are the new ones but they aren't ugly well my opinon lol and thnx dad :D
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The video says it all! Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! AJ username for Birthday mailtime: Mellissa1507
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LPS: We Need The Old LPS Back!
We need the old LPS back! :(
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Lps: My teeth story
sorry if this is gross. it is gross. if you dont want to see the part where i show you my teeth then leave, if you do then sit back and get all grossed out! xD TIP: they are infected (EW!)
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LPS Popular characters in real life!
sorry if my fingers look dark its just because i was using the flash i'am sorta pale :/
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LPS Music Video Contest!
PLEASE READ!!!! Hello! this is about the contest! any song you want. if it is innaproppeate it wont be in the contest. it can be at least 10 seconds. i dont care if you put the lyrics in the corner or something. send it to me and i will check my inbox. i will send a message to you if you won or i will put 1st place and so on. this is just for fun! and also how many lps music vids you want to make!!
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Animal jam: Me playing Best Dressed!
Please don't comment down on how you think about me when i play the game, like please don't say i suck at the game or i'm bad at it, thank you :)
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LPS: Littlest Pet Shop Helena High Prom Randomness
This was a fun little video that me and my friend did. I hope you laughed in this video! + Enjoyed this video! :D Comment, Rate and as always.. SUBSCRIBE!!! ;D Thnx!
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Animal Jam: My Inventory!
I don't have a lot of clothing but i'm pretty dang rare that's for sure :3 Comment, Rate And Subscribe Tuberz/Jammers!
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LPS: Wide Awake (Katy Perry)
story: a little girls mom and dad are drunk and her step sister stops there parents before they get REALLY DRUNK!
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My phone + small room tour
Yeah guys that's basically it! Comment, rate and as always subscribe! Stay my awesome little rockstars!
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LPS (Music Video)- Smile {SHORT}
It's short i know T^T Song: Smile Artist: Avril Lavigne Comment rate and subscribe! :D
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90+ Subs Special! :D
OMG! THANKS SO MUCH GUYZ!!! UR THE BEST EVER!! I THOUGHT I'D NEVER GET 90+ SUBZ! :o THANX SO MUUUCH EVERYBODY! I COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT U GUYZ!! STAY EPIC MEH ROCKSTARS! ^O^ MEH DOGS LOVE CHU GUYZ SOO MUCH! (they told me to make a video like this one cuz they looked on meh channel and saw 90+ subz!) :3 my dog's names are Griz and Koda. The black one is Koda and the other dog is Griz! ^.^ I LOVE U GUYZ!!
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Some dogs i made from Doll Divine.
they so cute!!
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My new LPS!
Yay! Comment rate and subscribe! Become a Rockstar TODAY!
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Animal jam: Three sisters and one life Part 1
Sorry that i giggled a little bit in the video it's funny! and sorry for background noises :( enjoy! thanks to: puppylove465 and sienng03! you guys are THEE best!! please comment, rate and subscribe! :D
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Lps: Life as a Teenage Collie (Part2) Bad News And Good News
Now, Alice's mom is going to be gone for 5 weeks, there are some little changes too, some bad and good changes. What happens? Well you'll find out! Stay tuned for episode 3! :D comment, rate and subscribe plz!! ENJOY! :D
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My dog Griz being so Random in the Guest Room!
this is my dog griz being radom in the guest room! ;3
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Animal Jam: Game Time!
Just playing some random games and earning gems! Like, Favorite, And Subscribe! :]
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My Custom LPS!
Song:Hello By:Karmin p.s. sorry if it is short ;3
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How to make a good Lps video
this is how to make a good lps video! enjoy=) sorry for the bad camura
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My new LPS! (and a short video with it!)
it was about 9$! pretty cheap! i got her off of e-bay. Hope you like her. her name is Maddie. Grrrrrrr!! it still does not make sence! sorry so very sorry! :(:
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LPS:Money Problems
I was bored :)
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Animal Jam-Music Video (Hey there Delilah :]
My second AJMV! (animal jam music video) no bad comments or i'll remove them thx! ^-^
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LPS: Bloopers
some more bloopers! i don't know what i was saying lol!
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LPS: Date (Episode2)
this is a interesting date.
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LPS: Updates
So yeah!
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ancer plz!!
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My new LPS Again!
wow! i got some more lps! anyways enjoy!
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My Pets!
The kitty is Rascal and the Brown black white pomerainian is Griz and last but not least the black pom (which mean pomerainian for short) is Koda! :3
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Minecraft:My House Tour! + Some fun! :DD
Play the game Peeps!! :DD
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This is my dog Griz! :D
this is my dog griz and he is 1 years old!
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My prizes i got today
yay! here thay are ^_^
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here it is!
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LPS: Bloopers!
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i even answered your ? lol
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