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Cesare Siepi "Per questa bella mano" Mozart (KV 612)
The great basso Cesare Siepi sings the Mozart aria "Per questa bella mano..." live at a 1956 recital in Salzburg. Piano: Leo Taubmann From the Orfeo d'Or CD Lovely lyrics as well: Per questa bella mano.....By this fair hand, Per questi vaghi rai............ by these lovely eyes, Giuro, mio ben, che mai........I swear, my dearest, that never Non amero che te............ will I love anyone but you L'aure,le piante,i sassi,..The breezes the plants, the stones Che i miei sospir ben sanno,..which know my sights full well A te qual sia diranno................ will tell you how constant La mia costante fe................is my fidelity. Volgi lieti o fieri sguardi,........Turn your proud gaze happily on me Dimmi pur che m'odo o m'ami,...and say whether you hate or love me! Sempre accesc ai dolci dardi,...... Ever inflamed by your tender glances, Sempre tuo vo' che mi chiami,.... I want you to call me yours forever; Ne cangiar puo terra o cielo........ neither earth nor heaven can change Quel desio che vive in me........... that desire which dwells within me.
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Cesare Siepi sings Schumann "Ich grolle nicht..."
Cesare Siepi sings the Robert Schumann Lied: "Ich grolle Nicht..."
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Cesare Siepi sings Schumann, Live Salzburg 1956
Cesare Siepi...the grand basso cantante, sings the Schubert Lied "Du bist wie eine Blume", a live recording from 27th of July 1956 in Salzburg. This recording is part of a technically wonderfully re-mastered CD. Label ORFEO D'OR Festspieldocumente. I hope this will bring joy to all Siepi fans who might not be familiar with this side of this unsurpassed artist.
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Cesare Siepi sings Lully
Cesare Siepi sings Jean-Baptiste Lully..."il faut passer tot ou tard..." from ALCESTE
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Come Stroll With Me In Historic Bremen
On the old Market Square in front the St.Petri Cathedral in Bremen, Germany. The St. Petri Dom was started in 1035, so most of it's archtecture is in the Romanic style...and only the "late" additions in the Gothic Style
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Eternal Ocean
Please watch in High Quality. Just a reminder in these oh so uncertain times that there are constant, eternal and beautiful things on our earth which are not affected by the damage greed has done...a Video to calm our collective heart rates. No music...just the sounds of silence!
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Open Air Market in Historic Bremen...Germany
As the title says Suggestion...picture quality greatly improves if you watch the vid in the smallest format.
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Spring In Stanley Park, Vancouver
A beautiful spring day in Vancouver's Stanley Park!
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Olympic Spirit in Downtown Vancouver 2010
Olympic spirit in the streets of Vancouver 2010. People from around the world enjoying the Olympic spirit in the lovely spring like sunshine...while the magnolias and cherry trees are blooming.
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Chinatown Shopping
Please watch in HQ. Just at a little "window shopping" in Vancouver's Chinatown... Foods...medicinal items...and...??? If you know what some of the more exotic items and their uses are...leave a comment :-)
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Listening to the Evening Songs of the Birds...near Vancouver
Please watch in High Quality! Lovely evening concert of birds on a forested Island in the Fraser River near vancouver.... If you know which birds are singing...please tell me in your comments..:-) Thanks
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Winter Magic ... Frost and Sunshine
Magic in the morning sun...Looking through the quickly disappearing filigree which the frost painted onto the glass railing of my terrace...at the winter foliage and blue sky.
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Yo Te Recuerdo...
PLEASE watch in High Quality! A splendid Sunset August 21st 2008 at "my' Beach.
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A Beautiful Foggy Sunday In January
A wonderful January Sunday...after a month of snow, bitter cold, storms ,rain,...and longing to see the sun again... Today she came...and everybody came to the beach...and then...around three the fog rolled in...creating it's own magic...
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Amore che vieni...
The light and colours on this November 20th evening were unforgetable...intensifying with each passing minute Music: Fabrizio de Andre "Amore che vai...
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Historic Steam Train Arriving in White Rock ~ Royal Hudson ~
Our little town is celebrating its 50th Anniversary as a City...the main event is the arrival of the rebuilt historic steam train the "Royal Hudson" ( this is not a typical "Beeke" video :-)) Sorry for the really bad video quality!...I suggest watching it in the smallest format...gives you the sharpest image.
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Sexual Secret...of Flowers...
Some photos I took last weekend on a walk through the alleys of my little town... Close-ups of flowers...and some other creatures... with music by Archangelo Corelli...Concerto Grosso in C minor (allegro)
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Winter Olympics 2010...The Flame in White Rock.wmv
The Olympic Flame travels through White Rock, past my house on February 9th, at 7:15 A.M. This was the only morning with a bit of frost since before Christmas! It is now 3 days before the start of the games in Vancouver when the torch will have been on the Road for 106 days being carried by 12.000 Torchbearers threw Canada, traveling 45.000km.
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In The Beginning...a New Day...
Pleae watch in High Quality! YT made me "audio switch" therefore the music credit in the video now is incorrect. A moment of total Peace... Just one more video about the perfection and quiet splendor of nature
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Riverside Blues...Afternoon at the Fraser River
Just an a little visit to the Fraser River...Currently it looks very placid because it was low tide and the spring run off has not started.
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Feeding the Seagulls
...feeding the gulls :-), White Rock, BC
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Primavera~~Just A Little Piece of Spring
Spring...and new life :-) Please watch in HQ
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Autumn at Blackie Spit
Just a few clips from a walk threw the nature trail near Crescent Beach.
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Solitude,Silence and Beauty
This is a follow-up to my New Year's message...about finding beauty and treasures where we least expect it...if we live with eys and hearts wide open
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The Railroad Bridge
An old bridge on a deserted strech of the beach..
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Eagles soaring over look out near White Rock
Juvenile Bald Eagles playing in the thermals by a cliff overlooking the Pacific...near where i live.
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Blizzard as it happens NOW (Nov. 19, 2010).wmv
..this is NOT how it is supposed to look in White Rock...and Vancouver in November...actually It really should never lok this way!!!
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Take this Longing...Return to Vancouver
Flight over the Coastal Range of the Rockies...toward Vancouver. On the way glaciers, steep...unpopulated vallys...ariel views of the Vancouver area..including deep Fjord-like Pacific Ocean inlets.. North Vancouver...English Bay...SFU...and the Fraser River ...the low lands of the delta..with the geometric grid of the roads ..
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Lluvia Triste...Sad Raindrops...
PLease watch in High Quality ...just using some footage from the fall... I live in the region of the Pacific Temperate Rainforest...with most of the precipitation in fall and winter...hence all the moss...and sadness in the air during that season...( not only )
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New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim
Just for FUN...silly video ...sorry :-) As the title says...just another crazy annual White Rock event...the swim on January first at 12 noon in the very cold Pacific...no matter what the weather...
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Sunsets at the Pacific
Sunsets near Vancouver, with Images and music for dreaming and relaxing
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Nightfall At the frozen Pond...
Please watch in High Quality! ...as the title says...beautiful reflections in the evening light of the setting sun...A christalline winter day...
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A visit with cartoonage
If you have not, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/cartoonage A few moments from a lovely visit with Elie (cartoonage) this August. I did not end up with more...usable footage...so just this little video. ( Better quality of this video is on my LiveVideo channel) Here we are on the Museum Island...a quite enchanted place of wooded areas, ponds, little running waters...The forest hides sculptures and buildings which hold a splendid collection of modern and eastern art...But as you will see...I am not showing much of the art, just a bit of the atmosphere and glimpses of my charming host...
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