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The Phantom of the Opera (sung by Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo)
I absolutely adored the 25th Anniversary performance so I had to upload this. Ramin and Sierra are amazing! Enjoy! Please do not bash them in the comments or say anything inappropriate! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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Bluebird OST - 22 - Goodnight, Dear Soldiers
One of my favourite songs on the album. Very heartbreakingly beautiful.
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Seize the Day from "Newsies" (1992 film version)
I had recently seen the film and loved it! Here's one of the most memorable songs. Enjoy! Please don't post anything mean in the comments! No copyright infringement intended! Lyrics: Open the gates and seize the day Don't be afraid and don't delay Nothing can break us No one can make us Give our rights away! Arise and seize the day! Now is the time to seize the day Send out the call and join the fray Wrongs will be righted If we're united Let us seize the day! Friends of the friendless seize the day Raise up the torch and light the way Proud and defiant We'll slay the giant Let us seize the day! Neighbour to neighbour Father to son One for all and all for one! Open the gates and seize the day Don't be afraid and don't delay Nothing can break us No one can make us Give our rights away Neighbour to neighbour Father to son One for all and all for one!
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Bluebird OST - 15 - Our Hearts Must Take Control
One of my favourite songs on the soundtrack. Ramin Karimloo's singing is wonderful as always. Also, I couldn't help but notice that 0:05 - 0:10 sounded a lot like Beneath A Moonless Sky from Love Never Dies.
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Bluebird OST - 17 - Beside Me
Ben finally confesses his love to Roberta and once again Mr Ramin Karimloo proves just how excellent his voice is.
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Bluebird OST - 01 - Prologue/The Spitfires
I am so excited to show you all a soundtrack I had found a while back. Bluebird is a concept musical, meaning it hasn't actually been shown on Broadway. It takes place during World War II, and follows a young woman named Roberta Jones. I admit I don't quite know the whole story - the ending of the soundtrack is not quite clear. If you own the CD, feel free to comment what the story is! I might suggest closing your eyes while listening to get the idea of what it might look onstage.
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Bluebird OST- 23 - Off For More Dreaming And Sunsets
This is kind of where the soundtrack gets a little confusing. Ben leaves Roberta, but we don't exactly know if he returns. Personally I would have liked that because no one likes a sad ending.
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Bluebird OST - 13 - A Soldier's Letter Home
In Pete and Frank's regiment, there is another soldier who's thinking of home, and he's writing to his mother.
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Bluebird OST - 09 - Stockings
Ben, clearly realizing it was not right to tease Roberta, has gotten her stockings to say sorry.
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Bluebird OST - 04 - Family Man
Pete, Roberta's husband, thinks about his family. He clearly loves his wife and young daughter Beth very much.
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Bluebird OST - 24 - Pete's Final Letter / The Reckoning
It's 1945 and the war is finally over. A beautiful and hopeful song.
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Bluebird OST - 10 - Quick As A Flash / Sergeant Winters
Now we find out what Pete has been doing. He is in battle, and frankly you can tell that no one wants to be there. That is, until Sergeant Winters gives the men a few words of encouragement.
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Bluebird OST - 21 - The Final Battle
This is probably the most tragic part of the musical. Listen and you'll know.
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Bluebird OST - 18 - Beth's Letter
Pete and Roberta's young daughter, Beth, has been evacuated to the British countryside, and she writes a letter to her mother.
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Bluebird OST - 07 - Bluebird
Pete is getting ready to board the train to go fight and he has a few parting words for his wife.
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Bluebird OST - 11 - Pete's Second Letter / The Hospital 2
Roberta has received a second letter from Pete, who is sorry that he missed their anniversary. Meanwhile, Ben is still trying to guess her name, since she only calls herself "Nurse Jones".
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Bluebird OST - 14 - Do You Know Where Bluebirds Come From?
By this time, we can see that Ben is in love with Roberta, but she doesn't really like the idea.
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Bluebird OST - 06 - What If This?
Pete has been drafted into the British Army and Roberta doesn't want him to go because she is worried he'll get killed. It's a rather heartbreaking song, if you ask me.
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Bluebird OST - 02 - The Shelter
From what we hear, some families have gathered inside the bomb shelter to wait out an air raid.
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Bluebird OST - 12 - He Came So Close To Me
Meanwhile, Pete and his friend Frank are having a hard time. Frank has just killed a man, and he feels a large amount of guilt. He wonders who the man was. Did he just kill a father?
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Bluebird OST - 03 - We Love England
No copyright infringement intended.
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Bluebird OST - 20 - Two Men
Roberta is very conflicted. Pete or Ben?
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Bluebird OST - 19 - I See You
Jane, Roberta's best friend, has just received news that her husband Frank is missing in action. She's quite upset, and is rather angry that Roberta seems to have developed feelings for Ben.
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Bluebird OST - 08 -The Hospital / Pete's First Letter
A few months later, Roberta is working at a hospital, tending to a patient named Ben Breegan, an American soldier played by an especially cheeky Ramin Karimloo. XD
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A Love Song For The Phantom
I loved this song and thought it suited Phantom perfectly. I'm surprised that it only took me an hour to put together! Hope you like it! I confess I almost cried while playing it back LOL. :D Lyrics: Come into these arms again And lay your body down The rhythm of this trembling heart Is beating like a drum It beats for you It bleeds for you It knows not how it sounds For it is the drums of drums It is the song of songs Once I had the rarest rose That ever deigned to bloom Cruel winter chilled the bud And stole my flower too soon O loneliness! O hopelessness! To search the ends of time For there is in all the world No greater love than mine (Love oh love oh love oh love oh love) (Still falls the rain) Still falls the rain, yeah (Love oh love oh love oh love oh love) Still falls the night (Love oh love oh love oh love oh love) (Be mine forever) Be mine forever (Love oh love oh love oh love oh love) Let me be the only one To keep you from the cold Now the floor of heaven is laid And stars are bright as gold They shine for you They shine for you They burn for all to see Come into these arms again And set this spirit free
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Bluebird OST - 05 - The Spitfires
One of the things to love in this album is the Andrews Sisters - like singers they have included. Adds to the 40s feel.
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On My Own (Instrumental Version)
I'm not exactly a huge fan of this song but I thought this was an absolutely beautiful orchestration. Hope you like it! I do not own Les Miserables (though I wish I did) so please don't report! Thanks! :)
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