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The Best Of Meridian Dan (so far)
In celebration of German Whip hitting 3Million Views I've put together this compilation of the Meridianer himself Mr. Meridian Dan As always please: Like Comment Subscribe And share this on every social media outlet you're on And also please tweet his to the man himself @Meridian_Dan
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(DPM) Shizzle, Bruza And Napper - 'Ave Some Of That (Rap Refix)
The other day I realised how the majority of older grime songs sound like rap songs when slowed down and here is my evidence. Post any other grime song you'd enjoy seeing slowed to see if it sounds like a rap song. As always: Like Subscribe Comment And share on every major social media outlet
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DJ Khaled - Wash Your Back
My favourite DJ Khaled Snapchat moment of all time #IssaColdWorldOutThere
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SmackDown Shut Your Mouth: Weird Rob Van Dam stretching sce
In season mode when RVD asks you if you want to stretch Choose sure as your answer (excuse the poor quality and sound, I recorded it off a potato
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ComedyShortsGamer Intro (original footage)
The two videos that the audio is in Dejis intro to his videos Like Subscribe Share on social media Links: http://youtu.be/H_IT3SWsONM http://youtu.be/H_IT3SWsONM http://youtu.be/mQiNu01L72M
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The Rocks Rare Theme (intro cut)
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Homer Singing DKC theme In German
I always thought these two would sync up pretty well and here you have it
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Ric Flair Gets Murked
The Rock attacks Ric Flair whilst he's talking to Me
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The Rock - Best Run Ever
The rock returned during a 2004 edition of RAW to help Mick Foley fight off Evolution. But the main story was this epic run: Like Subscribe Share on social media
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