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Headlight out,Cop asks my Uncle for ID, I Tell Cop you DON"T NEED HIS ID.
I Told the Officer my Uncle has an ID. But he dont need to show you... Just how they are always Fishing for anything...Although,I was firm that my uncle didn't have to Show ID...Aside from that this Officer was Polite the First I have Ran across in years that was that easy going!
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Demo Original Licks with #160 X-Ray Guitars Bootleg Bones made by Kurt Snider.
Chad Bedwell Demo Original Licks with #160 X-Ray Guitars Bootleg Bones made by Kurt Snider.
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(The Butcher!!)  (Original Instrumental by Chad Bedwell...)
An Original Instrumental Solo Piece, I wrote Back in 2000. Recorded and Copyrighted.( All Copyrights Reserved)!!!
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Original Monster Lick with Chad Bedwell
My monster Lick with a George Lynch Lick added....
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"Cries of the Whale" by Chad Bedwell, Lead Guitarist of Throttle Body!
This is an Instrumental Solo that I composed a Little over 4 years ago. Been Working on Instru. Solo Material for the Last several Years and I will be going in the Studio around May 2017 to Record My 1st Solo Album. It will consist of about 6 Songs, All Compositions will have total Uniqueness! All Copyrights Reserved!
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An Anniston, AL. Police Officer Driving a SUV Squad Vehicle Drunk and Ran off in a Ditch on Glade Rd. In Anniston, AL. Sonething you don't see everyday..lol
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Hell Child- Lynch Mob @ 37 Main   02-08-11
All I can say is LYNCH is Def. the Man I waited over 25 years to see him Live and get my Guitars Signed by him and that RULED,Because he Rulz!!!!!!!!!
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Betcha Can't Play this!!!!  Monster Licks,Sweeping & Scales!!!
Just Playing around with a few Monster licks and Scales!!!! (All Reserved Copyrights)
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"The Flame" by Cheap Trick,(cover) Myself and Friends
Me and a couple of my Friends got together and Played this,Thought it turned out Really good,Considering Just Sitting in my Room with No Mics,and Just me Plugged in Playing my Guitar and my Buddy Jeff Playing His Acoustic,and His Wife Tamara,Singing.Sounded Great to me...! R.I.P. Tamara Taylor Passed away on October 5th 2014.. Very Sad and will be Very Much Missed... Gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN!!
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Harmonics "Sunset Dreams"    (Copyrights Reserved)
(Harmonics) Instrumental Original ( Reserved Copyrights to Sunset Dreams)
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"Throttle Body" Covering Man in the box by A.I.C.
Great Night and the Best of the Best memories!
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ESP Guitars  Arpeg.  Sweep Lick!
Just a Sweep Lick Clip!
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Rain Continued/Lynch Mob @ 37 Main 2-8-11 Buford,GA.
Man this is one of my most Fav. songs on that Album Wicked Sensation!. Awesome Song!
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Tooth & Nail/Lynch Mob@ 37 Main 2-8-11 Buford GA.
ALL I KNOW IS THEY CAME OUT AND KICKED ASS ON TOOTH AND NAIL,and the Crowd Went Nuts,Old George Ripped the Hell out of the Solo I Loved it! They Rocked that song at the end he throws his out like Hell yeah with Both Fist in the Air. Like HELL YEAHHHHHHH, IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!1
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River Of Love/Live @ 37 Main. Buford, GA.
They Blew the ROOF off that Place Lynch Ripped through Everyone,He Earned his Keep that Night For damn sure!!!!!!!!!!
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Lynch Talking to the Crowd/@ 37 MAIN 2-8-11 Buford,GA.
Lynch Talkng to the crowd telling them that Robbie Crane,was the Original Bass Player years ago when Lynch Mob formed.He just got pylled in a few diffrent Directions Playing with to mant Bands!!
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Wicked Sensation/Lynch Mob @ 37 Main 2-8-11 Buford,GA.
Thye Rocked it on this Song,Have been waiting for over 25 years to see Lynch,and fonally I didand Got to shake his Hand. He Rocks!
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All I want/ Lynch Mob @ 37 Main 2-8-11 Buford,GA.
All I want Sounded great I am so glad they Played 6 songs off of Wicked Sensation,and then PLayed a couple of Smok n Mirrors one of Smoke this.and the n Mr.Scary & Tooth and Nail. Absolutely Awesome!!!!!!
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Mr. Scary/ Lynch Mob @ 37 Main 2-8-11  Buford,GA.
Man Lynch Gave the Crowd Hell With Mr Scary,I Loved it he completely Bombed the Crowd with that Rippin Lead... Absolutely Killer!!!!
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Into the Fire/Lynch Mob @ 37 Main 2-8-11 Buford, GA.
The Slaughtered GA. That Night With the Sound of Lynch just Ripping on the Guitar.They Were really Tight Good old Mick Brown And Robbie Crane and Oni logan they Were all Tight,I mean they Put on a Great Show.Kinda makes me a Little sad that they Should be in huge CIVIC CENTERS instead of these little Dive Bars and Rock Cafe's!!!!!!
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Into the Fire/Continuation! Lynch Mob 2-8-11 @ 37 Main Buford,GA.
The Tale end of the Song had to switch Batteries!!!!!! in my Camera!!!!
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Arpeggio Sweep Picking Lick Tips!
Just a Couple of Arpeggio Sweeps,I thought I would Share with those whoe are starting to Sweep,or Maybe Having Trouble Sweeping!
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Throttle Body covering,  SOBER by: TOOL
Great Song,When we play Live it it puts a Spin on on everyone when we Start playing all our Heavier Covers..Because we play Mid to late 80's Genre Music.
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