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B.lay Webinar: Oracle Unlimited License Agreements - Not that unlimited?!
Our June 11 Live Online Expert Session, provided a unique overview of the most common issues seen at enterprises that entered into an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement. Here you will find the recording of the full webinar, hosted by Richard Spithoven, Director and Managing Partner of B.lay – The License Management Company. Avoid Financial, Legal, and Operational Risk Lots of enterprises enter into an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) from Oracle Corporation, believing they don’t have any risks to worry about. But is this true? Although ULAs are designed to alleviate many worries of software license management; you may still face large financial, legal, and operational risks. Target Audience The target audience are Software Asset Managers, Software Licensing Specialists, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and IT Procurement /Purchasing Department employees. AGENDA: Unlimited License Agreements - What is is - General Conditions - Usage Conditions - What is the price? Situations during the term of the ULA - What happens when I acquire an entity - What happens When I divest an entity - What happens at the end of the ULA? - Certification? What to do? - But What is a certification floor? ULA Certification? Do it Right! - Timing? - What to include - How to count Conclusions - Some Recommendations - Some Final Take Aways - Questions?
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New Java Licensing Rules – Decode the Complexity
In this webinar we explore the evolution of Java licensing and future support roadmap. As of January 2019, Oracle will be issuing further revisions to how they support Java. If you are one of the many users that has java installed, these changes could potentially have a huge economic impact on your organization. Organizations are often under the impression that Java software can be deployed “for free”. Unfortunately, this misconception results in costly compliance issues and unexpected costs for organizations that do not fully understand the restrictions of the Java SE Platform software license. In addition, Oracle is constantly making revisions to their support policies, license types and features that are commercially available which makes it difficult to properly understand the coverage you are entitled to under each product. In this webinar we review the following topics: - Java Licensing - Changes to Java Rules - Customer examples – compliance issues - Tips on how to remain/become compliant
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Zyncc Workflow
Zyncc is a secure online platform that supports the execution of a license compliance review. It enables you to manage and share your software entitlements through a centralized entitlement portal. Our methodology is proven, simple and efficient. Zyncc is powered by B-lay. Watch the demo video for an overview of how this online platform works.
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B.lay Webinar: Oracle Audits - Are you ready for your next audit?
Presentation by b.lay's License management expert: Richard Spithoven. End-users are typically not ready for an Oracle audit. Either since a) end-users are not even aware of the fact that they are under License Audit since Oracle send them a request to do a License or Business Review b) end-users think that they are covered since they have an Oracle Verified Tool in place c) end-users underestimating the level of detail that is required in order to manage the complexity related to Oracle software licenses Once such a License Audit is announced for the Oracle Database, Application server, Weblogic, SOA Suite, Siebel, JD Edwards, E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft programs is started, end-users should consider a number of things before starting with the audit. These considerations should include what (confidential) data is required to be collected during the audit and for what reason? How will the data be collected and can the collected data leave your premises? Which results are shared when and with whom from the vendors’s organization? What is the performance impact of the Oracle Audit Tools proposed? What will the vendor do with the audit, where will it be stored and who can access the collected data? At the same time, end-user organizations should not be afraid about an audit from Oracle (or any other software vendor) and should focus on the best defense strategy: take the control yourselves! This can be achieved by performing regulated internal license audits in which the real entitlements (including all the terms and conditions of the related documentation like the program documentation) are compared with the real deployment and usage of the different software programs. End-users should prioritize software license management at C-level, in which the appropriate budget is made available for dedicated specialists/resources to manage the software assets in a proper way. From a management perspective its even rather strange that the average end-user does not have a dedicated (large enough) budget available for the management of assets which typically contributes to 50-70% of the total IT costs within an end-user organization
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B.lay Webinar: Oracle Siebel Most Common Compliance Issues
In case you missed our Oracle Siebel CRM Licensing expert session, hosted by b.lay director Richard Spithoven and Anamaria Avram, you can now watch the recording online. License-wise many things changed after Oracle’s acquisition of Siebel Systems in 2006. In our webinar we address the most common pitfalls for organizations of this popular CRM software suite in the context of non-compliance and financial risk. What you will learn We share our experience of the common Oracle Siebel CRM license compliance issues we encountered at clients. Here are three examples: Beware of over-licensing: Organizations often don’t need the full functionality of the Enterprise Edition which they are paying good money for. Non-compliance penalties: Downloaded Siebel CRM keys often include more functionalities than the organization is licensed for. This means that many Siebel customers have one or more unlicensed products installed. Be aware of changes and their consequences: With the Oracle acquisition many Siebel products migrated into other products (e.g. analytics migrated into Oracle BI applications). Depending on the migration method (1:1 ratio or list-list) this may impact license compliance. Make sure you have the right expertise You can of course invest in staff and building knowledge to address software compliance issues completely on your own. But you might also want to consider enrolling in a fully operational license management program. This can be done in less than three months and will be tailored to the specific demands of your company.
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B.lay Webinar: Oracle E-Business Suite - Most common license compliance issues
B-lay’s experts Richard Spithoven & Tudor Stoenescu give you insight in the complexity and difference in license metrics specific for Oracle’s E-Business suite. Many enterprises make use of Oracle software. The attention required for managing the licenses and deployment of these software programs properly is often underestimated. This is not different for the management of Oracle’s E-Business Suite software programs. In this expert session we address the most common Oracle E-Business Suite compliance issues. These are based upon the experience of the last 15 years, in which we worked with organizations that make use of the Oracle E-Business Suite programs and that either went through an Oracle License Review or an Oracle License Audit. License management Issues which are handled in this webinar: Audit Methodology - User - based measurement methodology - Usage - based measurement methodology Common License Compliance Issues – License Metric - Application User & Application User Read Only - Primary Usage - Concurrent Usage - Professional User vs Employee User - Professional User Internal vs Professional User External Common License Compliance Issues – Applications - Human Resources - Order Management - Enterprise Asset Management & Self Service Work Requests Common License Compliance Issues - Customization - Customised E-Business Suite Applications - Customised Database Technology - Database Modifications - Application Server Modifications - Consultancy Firms Check for more information www.b-lay.com
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Oracle Audit? It Will Likely Happen to You. Are You Ready?
If you’ve not already been audited by Oracle, chances are you will be. If you have been audited in the past, it’s only a matter of time before you’re audited again. Changes in hardware, virtualization technologies, and usage patterns all have an impact on your licensing requirements. Oracle knows this… do you? Topics include: Impact of VMware Impact of upgrades of your underlying infrastructure Licensing complexities when introducing Cloud technology How to ensure that you successfully pass an Oracle Audit with minimal pain and effort
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Many organizations struggle with executing an effective software administration. Managing and interpreting lots of documents, contracts, and changes requires time and specialized knowledge that most software users simply don’t have. An effective software administration can lead to significant benefits. Especially in a world where the investments organizations make in software are still rising. It provides valuable insights to spot cost saving opportunities, prevent costly compliance issues and help control software spending. With Zyncc Entitlements you can outsource your software administration to experienced specialists who will enable you to always be in control of your software spending.
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Zyncc Entitlements
Zyncc is a secure online platform that gives in-depth insight into your organization’s software entitlements and associated spending. Zyncc provides you with a centralized software entitlements overview to manage, share, and optimize your cloud subscriptions and on premises licenses on an ongoing basis. Our methodology is proven, simple and efficient. Zyncc is powered by B-lay. Watch the demo video for an overview of how this online platform works.
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B-lay Webinar: Learn how to face your challenges with Oracle
Get the best of both worlds and unite your cost optimization strategies with risk reduction and exposure on Oracle Database technology. High support fees and significant compliance risks are two of the major challenges Oracle customers are facing. It’s a toxic combination that is difficult to handle as certain cost optimization strategies can increase compliance risks and end up turning your business case from profit to loss.
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Envision 2: Why you can’t ignore software licensing during merger and acquisitions
The total value of mergers and acquisitions on the Dutch market in 2015 tripled to 179 billion euros, according to recent research by KPMG. The number of deals, for the most part closed by large firms, was slightly lower than in 2014. This means that the acquisitions made in 2015 were much bigger than a year earlier, with an average value of 320 million euros. Such large deals require a large amount of control in areas such as employees, business processes and IT integration. Due to this, the managing of software licenses is often neglected despite the large financial risks and savings opportunities that are attached to it. In an acquisition, every company wants to see that their scaling back is translated into financial benefits and they don’t want to be faced afterwards with unpleasant surprises. Also, it’s important to make sure that when you go into a merger or acquisition software license management is high on your to do list from the beginning and all the risks and opportunities are identified as early as possible.
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b.lay Envision 2016
How are organizations going to plan their software spend and move and manage their utilization in 2016? In this Envision, b.lay's founder Mark van Wolferen will take you through his expectations on development involved in license management within this increasing software market.
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How to Simplify & Supercharge Your SAM Approach
‘Your SAM tool can do all the work for you’. How cool would that be? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and you should be aware of the challenges and misconceptions regarding SAM tools before investing in one. Topics addressed in the webinar include: - The challenges and common misconceptions with SAM tools and impact on enterprise software licensing risks. - What the data quality challenges are with technical and commercial datasets and why they matter. - How to save time, effort and money by ‘supercharging your SAM’. - How to increase ROI, reduce the time-to-value, and identify license compliance risks / cost savings opportunities.
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FDGazellen 4 b lay
We are really proud to be part of one of the Dutch Gazellen 2015!
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B.lay Webinar: Oracle Database Most Common Compliance Issues
On November 12, b.lay director Richard Spithoven hosted another live and interactive online expert session on the intruiging topic of Oracle Database License Management Issues. In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s the full recording. The accompanying white paper that presents and discusses Oracle Database software compliance at length is available for free download at our website www.b-lay.com.
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