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The Sister of Ursula 1978
While searching for their estranged mother, two beautiful sisters, Dagmar and Ursula, arrive at a luxurious seaside hotel. At the same time, a mysterious killer starts murdering promiscuous women in the area.
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Diamonds of Kilimandjaro 1983
A group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in Africa to find a treasure of diamonds and a beautiful white girl who was lost years ago and was made the tribe's goddess.
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Undercover 1995
A female cop goes undercover in a high price whorehouse to find a murderer and discovers she likes the assignment more than she should.
Views: 446420 Giallo Cinema
Because of the Cats 1973
A gang of six wealthy, well-dressed and well-spoken hoodlums break into a married couple's house and rape the wife while forcing the husband to watch. Thus begins a dogged investigation by a determined detective who quickly finds that their cult-like solidarity can be a serious obstacle to breaking them.
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Patrick Still Lives 1980
A bedridden psycho is able to receive evil "vibrations" from hardened criminals and use them for his telekinetic powers
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The Night of the Hunted 1980 with English subtitle
A woman is taken to a mysterious clinic whose patients have a mental disorder in which their memories and identities are disintegrating as a result of a strange environmental accident.
Views: 116506 Giallo Cinema
Giallo a Venezia 1979 with English subtitle
In Venice a detective is on the trail of a killer who commits a double murder (a married couple) then more grisly killings occur. Sex, drugs, gore and perversions are ingredients of this sadistic and sleazy giallo.
Views: 5156390 Giallo Cinema
Zombie 1979
Strangers searching for a young woman's missing father arrive at a tropical island where a doctor desperately searches for the cause and cure of a recent epidemic of the undead.
Views: 22162 Giallo Cinema
A Bay Of Blood 1971
The murder of a wealthy heiress by her husband triggers a series of brutal killings in the surrounding bay area.
Views: 284307 Giallo Cinema
Play Motel 1979
A reporter and his girlfriend investigate deaths surrounding a hotel where several prominent people go to have sex.
Views: 801177 Giallo Cinema
Naked Girl Killed In The Park   Ragazza Tutta Nuda Assassinata Nel Parco 1972
An investigator is assigned to investigate a man's family after he is found dead only hours after taking out a million dollar insurance policy.
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So Sweet So Dead 1972
A serial killer is on the loose. His victims are unfaithful wives and he always leaves compromising photographs at the crime scene.
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Revenge Of The Dead 1983
Stefano, a young journalist, buys a used typewriter and accidentally sees that some text is still readable on the ribbon. He manages to reconstruct the story of a scientist, Paolo Zeder, who in the 1950's discovered that some types of terrain have the power to revive the dead that are buried in them. Stefano's investigations bring him in contact with a group of renegade scientists that are still making experiments to prove Zeder's theories
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Day of Violence 1977
Poliziotteschi film about two violent rapists taking people hostage in a restaurant and dealing with the cops outside.
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Delirium Photo of Gioia 1987
A former hooker runs a successful men's magazine. An obsessed admirer systematically slaughters her models (occasionally increasing the magazine's output) and supplies the mistress with pictures of their disfigured corpses taken in front of her semi-nude posters visible in the background. Is she going to be the psycho's next victim?
Views: 127032 Giallo Cinema
The Case of the Bloody Iris 1972
The case concerns a killer who decorates his victims with flowers from a perennial plant.
Views: 147124 Giallo Cinema
Torso 1973
A string of appalling lust murders shocks the University of Perugia as a sadistic serial killer strangles to death beautiful college girls with a red and black scarf.
Views: 234193 Giallo Cinema
Top Sensation aka The Seducers 1969 ENG  subs
Attempting to cure her mentally handicapped son's virginity, his mother and several friends embark on a cruise which strands them on nearly deserted island where lust and murder are on the menu!
Views: 7921405 Giallo Cinema
Two Males for Alexa 1971
A young girl marries the wealthy father of one of her female friends at college, but she soon finds herself falling in love with another young man. The husband finds out about the two, and comes up with what he believes to be a foolproof plan: he will frame his wife and her lover for his own murder, then have the pair locked in a room in his remote, isolated estate... With his own dead body.
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The House By The Cemetery 1981 UNCUT
A New England home is terrorized by a series of murders, unbeknownst to the guests that a gruesome secret is hiding in the basement.
Views: 22126 Giallo Cinema
They Have Changed Their Face 1971
In this allegory on capitalism, director of a known car corporation invites one of his employees to his country villa to give him the good news. He just got promoted. However, the old man is not what he seems and promotion has a price.
Views: 51480 Giallo Cinema
Slaughter Hotel  1971
A masked killer uses medieval weaponry to kill women in an asylum for suicidal and disturbed women.
Views: 1066844 Giallo Cinema
Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why? (1972)
Nino is a glamour photographer who witnesses a murder of a prosecutor being constructed to look like an automobile accident.
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Mystere 1983
Assassins are after a prostitute who has come into possession of a cigarette lighter that, unbeknownst to her, contains the negatives that show a politician's assassination.
Views: 54228 Giallo Cinema
Psychout For Murder   Salvare La Faccia 1969
Mario consigns his girlfriend Licia to a whorehouse for an evening in order to get the photographic goods to blackmail her father with. To get her out of the way, Licia is then consigned to a mental hospital by her father.
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Baba Yaga 1973
Views: 77257 Giallo Cinema
Death Walks on High Heels 1971
After a heist| the notorious jewel thief Rochard is murdered in a train. In Paris| his daughter Nicole Rochard| who is a stripper| is summoned by the police that wants to know the whereabouts of valuable diamonds that her father had stolen. She goes with her boyfriend Michel Aumont and tells that does not know anything about the missing diamonds. During the night| a blue eye masked man breaks in her apartment and threatens her| asking where the diamonds are. Nicole seeks protection with Michel but in the morning she finds contact lens in his bathroom and she suspects Michel may be the masked man. She seeks out her costumer Dr. Robert Matthews| who had hit on her| and she asks him if she could go with in to London. Matthews| who is married| brings Nicole to a house by the sea in a village and she poses of his wife. But soon the masked man comes to England and begins a crime spree. The Scotland Yard Inspector Baxter and his assistant are assigned to investigate the case.
Views: 95112 Giallo Cinema
Una Iena In Cassaforte 1968
Four notorious bank robbers - Klaus from Germany, Albert from France, Juan from Spain and Carina from Tangiers meet up in an isolated Castle to divide a large number of diamonds hidden there by their former, deceased boss Boris whose Italian wife Anna is hosting the party. Unfortunately, the stones are kept in a massive safe and only all of the five keys distributed by Boris among his fellow collaborators, can open it. Albert, the French guy, upsets the bunch not only by not producing his key but also by bringing his attractive Girlfriend Jeanine along. Soon, greed, betrayal and mistrust are setting the criminal weekend party on fire.
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Eyeball 1975
A maniac killer in a red cape and hood is killing off American tourists on a tour bus by gouging out their eyeballs
Views: 25657 Giallo Cinema
The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)
A cop chases two hippies suspected of a series of Manson family-like murders; unbeknownst to him, the real culprits are the living dead, brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by chemical pesticides being used by area farmers.
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The Murder Clinic   La Lama Nel Corpo 1966
Patients and staff of an isolated mental hospital are being killed off by a hooded maniac who stalks the halls.
Views: 23622 Giallo Cinema
La bambola 1973 with English subtitle
A mental patient escapes from an asylum. The police try to find said patient before anyone in the outside world gets hurt or killed.
Views: 33125 Giallo Cinema
Seven Blood Stained Orchids 1972 with English subtitle
A woman, a survivor of a failed murder attempt by a person dubbed "The Half-Moon Killer" by the police, and her husband must find the connecting thread between herself, six other women, and the killer before the killer strikes at her again
Views: 73015 Giallo Cinema
Savage Three 1975
The Savage Three are three young men, fresh into the world, who work together at a computer analysis company. All three appear to be calm, level-headed, well-educated young men with the world at their fingertips. They are best friends, working togther by day & playfully carousing at night. Dominated by the Ovidio, played by the handsome Joe Dallesandro, the three young men soon evolve from well-mannered professionals to violent criminals.
Views: 49556 Giallo Cinema
The Cat in Heat 1972 with English subtitle
A man returns home to his wife from a business trip only to find a dead body in their yard.
Views: 110531 Giallo Cinema
Il tram 1973 with English subtitle
A young woman gets murdered on a crowded tram without anyone else noticing the crime. Inspector Giordani decides to recreate the incident in order to find out the killer's identity.
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Il vicino di casa 1973 witth English subtitle
Luca and Stefania are a young couple with a baby who move into a remote seaside apartment late at night. Unbeknownst to the couple, the neighbor who lives upstairs has just murdered his wife.
Views: 33289 Giallo Cinema
Devil Hunter 1980
Kidnappers and a primitive tribe threaten a beautiful woman (Ursula Fellner) in a remote jungle.
Views: 3307 Giallo Cinema
Testimone oculare 1973 with English subtitle
Roberta discovers the corpse of a young woman while driving down a remote country road late at night. Roberta reports the incident to the police, but the corpse disappears from the crime scene. Is Roberta insane? Or is someone trying to drive her crazy?
Views: 15568 Giallo Cinema

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