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Extra Class Polar Impedance Without a Calculator
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest Simple rules for doing the extra class polar impedance questions without a calculator.
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Direct Digital Synthesizer Extra Class Exam Help
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest Explains a direct digital synthesizer and the questions related to it on the amateur radio, (ham radio), extra class exam in the United States. Used by free practice exams at http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest
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Superconductor Energy Gap by Alfred Leitner
Alfred Leitner describes the energy gap in superconductors and an experiment used to measure it.
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Relativity and Apparent Mass
The first few minutes of an educational video from the 1960s that explains the apparent increase in mass of an electron at relativistic speeds.
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Free Ham Radio Practice Exams from Copasetic Flows KD0FNR
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest Brief overview of the practice exam website.
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Orthogonal Matrices: What I Hadn't Noticed
I found a more detailed explanation of why orthogonal matrices are orthogonal last week.
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Oscillating Truck
A guy towing a truck gets really lucky! So did we in the cab behind.
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Acetylene Torch Not Lighting
The first shot at getting the torch lit and soldering. The flame kept going out because the nozzle was too dirty. The whistling at the end? That's my subconscious reaction when I'm thinking something might explode.
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Voltage Leading/Lagging Current Extra Exam Questions
How to determine the phase between voltage and current on the extra class exam without a calculator.
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Three parts of verification ala Smuckers.
Working on the new, advanced verification book.
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200 Hz. Levitation and Frequency Scan (1080522)
Characterizing the levitation force on a superconductor from an electromagnet driven by AC current.
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Extra Class Polar Impedance E5C1 ham radio exam question
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest In polar coordinates, what is the impedance of a network consisting of a 100-ohm-reactance inductor in series with a 100-ohm resistor?
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Superconductor Levitation in H Magnet
Here's what you'll see. As the field between the magnet poles is increased, the cylindrical superconductor which must have frozen in a bit of residual field when it was cooled will first orient it's magnetic moment perpendicular to the field to minimize the torque it feels. As the field strength is increased, the superconductor will then begin to move itself out of the magnet altogether eventually swinging off the screen. You'll also catch the odd snippet of extraneous lab conversations.
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Extra Class Rectangular Impedance by Pirate
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest Video help for the ham radio extra class rectangular coordinate impedance questions.
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300 Hz levitation test
Characterizing the levitation force on a superconductor from an electromagnet driven by AC current.
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Testing for YBCO Supeconductor Quench via Magnetic Force
A YBCO superconductor is placed between the poles of a very uniform magnet and then cooled into its superconducting state. The field frozen into the sample at the state transition opposes the fringing fields on the magnet. However, had the magnetic field been strong enough to quench the superconductor, the results would have been the pendulum swinging freely beyond the pole pieces' diameter.
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Hirsch's Hole-electron asymmetry practice pesentation
This is for my notes. It rambles, it rolls, and it even has a few mistakes. You've been warned.
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Stockholm Rock Climbing
Rock climbing south of Sodermalm
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Eddy Current Levitation
Diamagnetic levitation of a coil over an aluminum plate.
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It's Obvious Not: Knowing When Not to do the Math
http://copaseticflow.blogspot.com/2011/08/its-obvious-not-knowing-when-not-to-do.html Simplifications for problem 2.11 of Introduction to Quantum Mechanics First Edition by David J. Griffiths
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The P210_9 in action!
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250 Hz levitation test
Characterizing the levitation force on a superconductor from an electromagnet driven by AC current.
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Matrix Multiply as Dot Product 'Things I Hadn't Noticed'
I hadn't seen that matrix multiplies are really just dot products until last week.
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Login help
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest video help for the login screens on the ham practice exams by KD0FNR
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Extra Class Polar Impedance E5C3
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest Extra class exam polar impedance question without calculators.
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Tonka Toys 1
Earth-movers at work in Kista, Sweden
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Stockholm Train
A subway train at Stadion station.
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Levitating magnet with frozen in field
Second levitation test with new superconductor. This time, the magnet was propped above the superconductor while it was in the normal state and then liquid nitrogen was used to reduce the temperature with the magnet in place.
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NK Department Store Window
The latest spring fashions, Stockholm style.
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Panoramic Boulder Sunrise
Sunrise from the top of Dakota Ridge in Boulder, Colorado
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Soldering Vacuum Fittings
Using the acetylene torch to solder brass pipe into the vacuum flange blanks
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Study Material Index
http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest video for the study material index
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Extra Class Network Impedance Interactive Test
Testing how to work the new buttons feature on YouTube
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Impedance example test
testing interactive videos
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Direct Digital Synthesizer ham help test run
Copasetic Flows ham help video help topics test run on the oscilliscope
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UFO Reader
While Adobe Acrobat's default reader voice may not be the right choice for Hemingway or Tolstoy, it's perfect for UFO reports!
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Hole Superconductivity, TX APS Fall Section Meeting 2014
A short high level explanation of the hole theory of superconductivity followed by a brief outline or our planned experiment.
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Diamagnetic levitation of a coil above an aluminum plate.
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Samothraki Waterfall
A waterfall in the hills of Samotrhraki, Greece.
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Meissner Effect NMSUSCGE I
A magnet suspended above the large superconducting disc used for the NASA Podkletnov effect replication attempt.
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NMSUSCGE Spesif2012
New Mexico State University Superconductor Gravity Experiment presentation at SPESIF 2012
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Meissner Effect NMSUSCGE II
Magnet suspended via Meissner effect and flux pinning above large superconducting disc.
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Tel Aviv Kite Surfing
Kite surfing in February on the Tel Aviv beach.
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YBCO Superconductor acting as permanent magnet
Playing around with the superconductors on my last day in the lab. The superconductor was field cooled, (a fancy way of saying the permanent magnet was placed on top of the superconductor before liquid nitrogen was added.) The flux from the magnet penetrated the superconductor while it was in the normal state and was frozen in place once it entered the superconducting state. The result was that the superconductor behaves like a permanent magnet.
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Meissner Effect NMSUSCGE III Paper
Magnet levitating above large superconducting disc with paper inserted between them.
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