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Islamabad to NARAN VLOG PART2 DAY1
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D Shaped Aloo Samosa in Urdu
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Ingredients of D-shaped Saomsa D SHAPE ALOO SAMOSA Ingredients : Flour 2 Cups Oil 4 TBSP Salt 1 TSP Oregano seeds pinch Cursh Cumin seeds pinch Water Warm For kneading Half Cup Ingredients For Filling : Potato half kg Flour 1 TBSP Crush red pepper 1 TSP Salt 1 TSP Crush Cumin seeds 1 TSP Crush Corriender seeds 1 TSP Green Chilli 2 Corriender Leaves Half bunch Milk Half Cup Egg 1 METHOD : Mix all ingredients in flour and start kneadind with hands use warm water and mix all ingredients in Dough machine. Cover with plastic wrap and set for 30 minutes in a a fridge.Boiled potato simmer till done mesh potato with potato mesher or to fork and set aside. In a pan heat oil add meshed potatoes add crush red pepper, crush cumin& corriender seeds, flour green chillies and cook than add milk and well mix all ingredients and keep for cool . Make a roti and cut with D Shape cutter and put filling in cutter and seal with both ends with brush egg or flour paste close and make 10 to 15 D shape samosas and deep fry samosas and serve with tomato ketchup and green chatni.
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Pakistani spices Part 2 whole spices
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Arabic Falafil
Arabic Falafil ingredients chick peas. 250 g ginger garlic paste. 1,1 tbsp sumac powder. 1 tsp All spice powder. 1 tbsp black pepper powder 1 tsp crush cumin seeds. 1 tbsp bread crumbs. 1 cup green chillies 2 coriander leaves.2 Method Add all ingredients in a blender and blend Make Falafil ovel shape and then deep fry And serve with hummas
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Bihari Mutton Boti Biryani
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Green Chicken Boti
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Day 2 Naran To Gilgit Vlog
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Panjiri is a winter dish. Very usefull & healthy. Specially for new moms after pregnancy eating this panjiri is very healthy. Panjiri is a Pakistani seasonal staple from the Punjab region[1] treated as a nutritional supplement. It is made from semolina fried in sugar and ghee, heavily laced with dried fruits and herbal gums. It is usually eaten in the winters to ward off cold. Panjiri is normally given to nursing mothers. It is considered Hot Food to help with the production of breast milk. It has been used for thousands of years, by the ancient Panjab then many centuries laters by the muslims. Its use is quite ritualistic and meaningful during pregnancy
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Dholki Cake for complete cake ingredients plz visit my blog
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Hunter Beef Salad
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Cherry Colada
Ingredients ingredients cherries. 1 tin pineapple tang powder. 3 tbsp coconut cream powder. 4 tbsp pineapple chunks. 1 tin fesicated coconut. 2 tbsp sugar. 2 tbsp water. 2 cups ice cubes. 6
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Chicken Chapli  Kabab
Ingredients CHAPLI KABAB Ingredients : Mince Veil, beef, mutton, chicken half kg Roast gramflour. half Cup Crush cumin seeds 1 tbsp Crush corriender seeds 1 tbsp All spice powder Garam masala 1 tbsp Anar dana Pomegranate seeds 1tbsp Ginger garlic paste 1,1 Tbsp Crush red pepper 1 Tbsp onion Green pepper 6 Corriender leaces half bunch Salt to taste Egg half Oil for frying Method : Mix all ingredients in mince in a bowl qeema and make kabab in round shape and fry and serve with green chatni & raita. Recipe Sumaira Nadeem Note ::chicken mince cooking time is less than mutton or beef mince
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BarBQ Chicken Tikka Biryani
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Saboodana Rice Kheer
22nd Rajab Special sweet Saboodana Rice Kheer http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com
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Beef Kofta Curry
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Pakistani spices
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Zaater Masala Arabic
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Koyla Chicken Karahi
Koyla Chicken Karahi Recipe By Sumaira Kanwal Naqvi Ingredients : Chicken 1kg Ginger garlic paste. 1,1 tbsp Onion. 1 medium Tomatoes. 3 to 4 Red pepper powder. 1 tbsp Salt. 1 tsp Crush cumin seeds. 1 tbsp Dry fenugreek leaves kasoori 1 tbsp Methi Dan fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp Green chillies. 4 to 5 Lemon juice. 1 lemon Corriender leaves. Few leaves. Oil. Half cup Koyla coal. Method : Add half cup oil add tomatoes and cook till like a paste. Another pan add tomatoes and Cook till make paste and set aside. Heated oil and add chicken and fry till golden and add Ginger garlic paste and cook for 1 minute then add red pepper powder and salt and cook for 10 minutes. Then add tomatoes mixture and onion and cook for another 10 minutes. Then add crush cumin seeds and kasoori methi dry fenugreek leaves and cook. add green chillies and lemon juice and cook. Then smoke coal and cover a lid for 10 minutes. Garnish with green chillies and corriender leaves and serve.
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Bhuni Dam Kaleji
Bhuni Dam kaleji EidSpecial Recipe Sumaira Kanwal Naqvi Ingredients : Bakre ki kaleji 1 kg Ginger garlic paste. 1,1 tbsp Crush cumin seeds. 1 tbsp Crush corriender seeds. 1 tbsp Crush red chilli flakes. 1 tbsp Termeric powder. Half tsp Kasoori methi 1 tbsp Mint leaves. Few leaves Vinegar. 1 tbsp Lemon juice. 1 lemon Method : Wash kaleji liver and salt and vinegar laga kar rakh dain. Phir kaleji ko above ingredients se merinate kar ke 30 minutes ke liye rakh dain. Phir oil garam karain aur merinate kaleji daal kar cook karain aur 10 minutes ke liye halki aanch per dam per rakh dain. Jan kaleji gal jaye achci tarha tu end main kasoori methi daalain, lemon juice aur green chillies corriender leaves se garnish kar ke serve karain
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Baked Seekh Kabab
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Recipe sumaira kanwal Naqvi Ingredients Chicken. Half kg Oil. 4tbsp+ 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste. 2 tbsp Crush Ginger garlic Fried 3 tbsp+ 3 tbsp Green chillies. 8 to 10 Tomato puri. 1 cup or 4 tomatoes Roasted crushed. Cumin seeds 1 tbsp Roasted and crushed. Coriander seeds. 1 tbsp Black pepper powder. 1 tsp All spice powder. 1 tbsp Lemon juice 1/4 cup Method In a wok add 4 tbsp of oil add chicken fry light golden then add 2 cups of water salt, black pepper powder, green chillies, 1 cup tomato puri cook for 20 minutes.cook for 5 minutes add in a chicken curry in a platter then chillies in a platter , top chicken with crushed black pepper 1 tsp , cumin corriander crush 1 ,1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice and leave it. In a fry pan heat 1 tbsp of oil add garlic and ginger crushed fry both together till light golden strain and remove oil , add fried ginger garlic in karahi again top with dry masalas top with remaining lemon juice and lemon slice , garnish with coriander leaves and green chillies julienne Ginger and serve hot . with Naan WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/kanwalskitchen
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Edible Print Quaid E Azam 's Ziarat   House Cake
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com My 14th August Independence day Theme Quaid E Azam ka Pakistan jeevey jeevey Pakistan Edible Print #QuaidEAzamZiaratPresidency Cake Recipe Sumaira Kanwal Naqvi Ingredients Eggs. 12 Sugar. 12 ounce Flour. 12 ounce Baking powder. 2 tsp Vanilla essence 1 tsp Edible print. 1 Whipy whip cream. 1 packet Petal nozzle tip Square tin 10" Green food color Method Preheated oven 180 degree. Grease your pan with oil. Line your pan with butter paper. Add 12 eggs and beat and add sugar gradually 1 tbsp at a time. Beat eggs 15 minutes till double in volume. Then add flour mixture and baking powder and vanilla essence and fold with spatula to up to down well mix . pour mixture in a pan and bake 180 degree 20 to 25 minutes. Inserted toothpick in a center of a cake becomes comes out clean. Cool in a wire rack. Moist cake with milk . Crumbcoat the cake with whipy whip cream . Then cool in fridge for. 30 to 40 minutes. Then apply whipy whip cream green color and 20 minutes cool in fridge then apply Edible print and apply perfect in cake then frosting and decorating cake with whipy whip cream and Patel nozzle. Then enjoy the. Independence day
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Homemade Pasto Sauce
Mint Pesto Sauce Recipe Sumaira Nadeem Ingredients : Mint leaves 1 bunch Basil leaves 15 to 20 leaves fresh Garlic 3 garlic cloves Lemon juice 2 tbsp Green chilies 5 Black pepper powder 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Pine nuts 4 tbsp Olive oil 3 Tbsp half cup Method : Blend all ingredients in blender and pour in a jar and serve
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Ouzi Rice Arabic
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Qeema Bhare Karele
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Qeema bhare Karele bitter gourd Ingredients : Recipe Sumaira Kanwal Naqvi Qeema 1 kg Ginger garlic paste 1,1 tbsp Tomato 3 Curd 5 tbsp tomato puri 2 tbsp Red pepper powder 2 tsp Haldi half tsp Dhaniya powder 2 tbsp Green chillies 3 Corriender leaves half bunch Kerele bhare ingredients Qeema 1 Cup Kerele bitter gourd 1 kg Fried onion: 3 Botton red chillies 10 Kerri 1 Cup 2 raw mangoes Method In a pan add onion 1 , ginger garlic paste , tomato paste, red pepper powder, haldi,dhaniya powder and add water and cook till done . Simmer and cover a lid and simmer for 1 hour. Phir bhunai karain . Then temper mince. Bhunai karte howe crush zeera aur dhaniya daal kar bhuni karain. Then set aside. Kerle achi tarha wash kar ke chilka utra kar rakhain. Phir kareloon main thora qeema 2 botton red chillies , 2 tbsp fried onion aur 1ya 2 kerri slice rakhain aur thread dhage se kerele ko band kar dain achi tarha. Jo qeema, fried onion, kerri slices baqi bachi howoi qeemamain daal dain karele bhi qedma main daal kar pakayain. Jab tak karele gal na jayain . Kerele oil main fry kar ke bhi daal sakte hain. Kerele daal ker 10 minutes tak pakayain. Aur dam pe rakh dain. Then serve.
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Achari masala Aloo
http://kanwalfood.Blogspot.com www.Facebook.com/kanwalskitchen [email protected] Achari Aloo ingredients Potatoes. Aloo 6 ginger garlic paste 1,1 tbsp onion blended kachi pissi piyaz. 1 medium tomato paste. 4 tbsp Achari masala 2 tbsp crush cumin coriander seeds 1 tsp fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp nigella seeds kaloji 1 tsp crush red pepper flakes 1-1/2 tsp termeric powder half tsp termeric powder half tsp temerind paste. 1 tsp oil. 4 tbsp green chillies coriander leaves for garnish Heated oil add nigella seeds kaloji & fenugreek seeds in oil and onion blended onion and cook till light golden then add Ginger garlic paste, tomatoes and cook more 2 minutes till tomatoes cook add potatoes , cumin& coriander seeds, red pepper flakes, termeric powder, salt , achari masala add potatoes , cumin& coriander seeds, red pepper flakes, termeric powder, salt , achari masala Add temerind paste 1 tsp and green chillies and Cook more 2 to 3 minutes then dishout and serve garnish with green chillies and coriander
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Chicken Malai Boti
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Chicken Malai Boti ingredients : Chicken Boneless half Kg Ginger Garlic Paste 1,1 Tbsp Yogurt 4 Tbsp Cream 3 Tbsp Chicken Tikka Masala 2 tbsp Black Pepper 1 Tbsp Termeric powder 1 tsp salt 1tsp Lemon Juice 2 lemons Method Mix all ingredients in abowl and mix well and merinated in 2 to 3 hours. Then chicken boti pieces put in skewers and heated oil and add skewers and fry and you fry in a grill pan also and then barbq in Charcoal and serve with Barbq Sauce i made
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Chicken  Tikka  Biryani
Another ramazan flavour recipe Chicken Tikka biryani http:// kanwalfood.blogspot.com you made this biryani with tandoori masala i have not available tandoori masala so i made biryani with Tikka masala biryani
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Islamabad to Hadsanabdal Vlog  part 1
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Purse Organization
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Do It On A Dime
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Frozen Themed 2 Tier  Wedding Anniversary Cake
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com please subscribe myChannel 15th October Marriage Anniversary Cake 2 Tier Frozen Theme Wedding Anniversary Cake 25th Anniversary Betty crocer Vanilla spounge. 2 packets Chocolate spounge cake flour. Mix 1 packet Fondant flower Butter cream flower Vanilla spounge. 10 " cake Chocolate 8" cake Marriage couple. 1 fondant
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http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Bahadur Edible print Fondant Cake my first 2016 fondant cake. Ye maine apne bhathije aur bhathiji ke liye banaya. Recipe Sumaira Nadeem Ingredients : Eggs 12 Caster sugar 12 ounce Flour 12 ounce Baking powder 2 tsp Vanilla essence 2 tsp White fondant as required Blue food color few drops Cream as required Fruit cocktail tin half Piping bags Method : Method bahut bar bata chuki hoon.
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glaze jel birthday cake
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Chicken Haleem
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Facebook/kanwalskitchen Please subscribe my channel #MuharramSpecialDish Chicken Haleem Ingredients : Chicken half kg boneless Red lentil(Masoor daal) 1/4 cup Yellow lentil ( Moong) 1/4 cup Pigeon ( toor daal) 1 /4 cup Gram lentil(channa) 1/4 cup White lentil (Maash) 1/4 cup Rice 1 cup Wheat half cup Oil half cup Fried onion 1 cup Ginger garlic paste 2 , 2 tbsp Termeric powder half tsp Red pepper powder 3 tsp Corriender powder 2 tbsp All spice powder 1 tbsp Yogart 4 tbsp Tomatoes 3 nos Salt To taste For garnish : Ginger julianne 1 piece Green chillies 3 to 4 nos Corriender leaves half bunch Lemon 2 nos Fried onion half cup METHOD : Soak wheat overnight. Rince thoroughly in the morning. Cook wheat with 15 cups of water if you need add more water so much so that it is tender and thick. Cook and boil all lentils yellow, red, white pigeon and gram lentil in othe pan with rice togather until all them are tender. Blend well and keep aside. Heated oil in a pan fry onion till golden and keep aside. Heated oil in a pan and add ginger garlic paste and saute for 2 minutes. Add red pepper powder, termeric powder , corriender powder.Blend half fried onion, tomatoes, yogart and salt and add in a ginger garlic mixture add little water and chicken and cook till tender. when done mash chicken very well. Mix chicken miture and blended wheat and daal mixture, cook and keep mixing wth hand blender haleem at the same time hand blender easy mix all mixture. Heat up oil make temper or tarka and fry slice onion green chillies till golden brown. Pour this over haleem and garnish with ginger julianne ,garam masala , corriender leaves and slice lemons Recipe Sumaira Kanwal Naqvi
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Travel to London Vlog
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BarBQ Macaroni Chicken Chunks
Eid Ul Azha Recipes Special http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com
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Arabian Kabsa Rice
https://youtu.be/InkicfIy71o Zaatar Masala http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Arabic Kabsa Rice Ingredients : Rice. 4 piyali Chicken pieces. 6 pieces Ginger garlic paste. 2 tbsp Onions. 4 medium Whole spices. Cloves, black & green cardamon , star anise Za,atar masala Arabic. 1 tbsp Cayenne pepper. 1 tbsp White pepper. 1 tbsp Black pepper. 1 tsp Tomatoes. 4 Yogurt. 4 tbsp Green chillies. 5 Dry almonds , raisins. 1 tbsp for garnish Method Heated oil add whole spices and onion and fry . Then add chicken and cook and add Ginger garlic paste and cook then add Arabic masala and all madalas and cook till chicken done Then leave chicken pieces into pan and set aside.and add water 4 to 5 cups and cook and add rice and Cook Then bake chicken pieces for 20 minutes till golden and add inyo rice and make dam rice temper for 5 minutes for high heat and 10 minutes for low heat and garnish with almonds and raisins andcserve with raita and green chattni
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Eggplant Raita
Ingredients Eggplant. More then half kg Yogurt. 1 kg Cumin seeds crush 1 tbsp Coriander seeds crush. 1 tbsp Black pepper powder. 1 tbsp Red pepper flakes. 1 tsp Chaat masala. 1 tbsp Termeric powder. Half tsp Coriander leaves. 1 bunch Mint leaves. 1 bunch Green chillies. 5 to 6 Salt. 1 tsp Cut into eggplant round shape then fry all eggplant add all ingredients in a yogurt then add fry eggplant garnish with mint leaves , green chillies and coriander leaves then make temper add cumin seeds and termeric powder and serve.
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How to make chocolate sponge cake  foot ball cake
http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com Today make cake recipe because my group friends requested I how to make spounge cake. Meri bahut so dostoon KO spounge cake banane main mushkil ho rahi thi is liye in me liye Maine cake recipe choose ki
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BarBQ Chicken Tikka
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Eid Special Sheer Khurma
Eid Mubarik to all http://kanwalfood.blogspot.com
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Kunna Mutton Masala recipe
http://kanwalfood.Blogspot.com Plz subscribe &like my channel Ingredients Caw meat. Half kg Kunna mutton packet. 1 packet Onion. 2 medium Ginger garlic paste. 1,1 tbsp Yogurt. 3 to. 4 tbsp Tomato paste. 1 tbsp Whole spices. Bay leaves , 2 clove 4, black & green cardamon 4, green chillies 4 Coriander leaves. Few leaves
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Chicken Shami Kabab
Chicken Shami Kababs Recipe Sumaira Kanwal Naqvi Ingredients Chicken Mince. Half Kg Ginger garlic paste. 1,1 tbsp Crush red pepper. 1 tbsp Crush coriander & cumin seeds 1 tbsp Egg 1 Bread crumbs. 1 cup Mix all ingredients in a pan and cook till water Completely dry and mince done and then make Shape of kababs and fry coat in egg and bread crumbs and serve with green chatni and raita
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Lab E Shrieen Eid Special
Ingredients Milk. 1 packet Colored vermasili more then 1 cup Fruit cocktail tin 1 tin Sugar. 2 tbsp Condensed milk. 2 tbsp Nelly strawberry jelly. 1 packet Orange jelly. 1 packet Whipped cream. 1 cup Method Heated pan add milk and bring it to boil then add sugar , condensed milk, colored vermasili and cook till mixture thick. Then vermasili cook then off the heat and keep in refrigerator in 2 to 3 hours and let it cool then add fruits , Nelly and pistachios and Decorated with cream and serve Happy eid to all
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My Movie Schzwan Chilli Beef
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Paneer Chaat
Ingredients Paneer 200g Onion. 2 Green chillies 3 Tomatoes. 2 Coriander leaves. For garnish Sweet corn. 2 tbsp Jelopeno papper. 4 Olives. 4 Paneer ingredients Milk. 2 kg Yogurt. Half kg Salt. 1 tbsp Method Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve. In paneer boil milk then add yogurt and salt then water and milk is separate thecpaneer Is ready
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5 Lentils pulao
Channa Masoor Polao 5 Lentils Polao Rice 3-1/2 piyali pao Masoor daal red lentil 1/4 cup Black lentil 1/4 cup Channa daal gram lentil 1/4 cup Ginger galic paste 1 , 1 tbsp Onion 1 chop Crush cumin seeds 1 tbsp Tomato 1 All spice powder 1 tbsp Oil half cup METHOD : Soak and washed for 1 hour all lentils and keep aside. Washed rice and soak and keep aside. Heated oil and fry onion.Add ginger garlic paste and cook for 1 minute. Add crush cumin seeds, tomato, red pepper powder and add all lentils and 2 cup water and cook till done. All lentils done than add rice and 3 cups water and cook till done. When rice done than temper rice for 2 minter in high flame than 5 minutes for low flame Serve with khchober salad and green chatni. Recipe Sumaira Nadeem
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