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Speedpaint #15 | yandere-chan
Idk why yandere-chan’s eye is red ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ I just love her ruby’s eye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok moving on lol (idk why i did this. Im just want to ok?!) I might redraw my own profile pic because i think my profile pic looks like a pile of trash that is so disgusting and i want to redraw it lol. I never play Yandere Simulator :p cause i think it is creepy :/ but i like yandere she looks innocent *cough*. So ye thats it :v bye!
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Speedpaint #13 | Teka Hika Fanart
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An art contest I enter #hatsumirouartcontest | Speedpaint #16
Check out hatsumi rou channel please ÙwÚ
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Wacom cintiq 16 | paint tool sai (read description)
So.. this is not a whole turotial about paint tool sai so dont get it wrong its not the WHOLE features in paint tool sai its just a common things to do in paint tool sai... And this is not a tutorial for using a wacom cintiq 16.. This is just sketching with wacom cintiq 16 and trying paint tool sai for the first time So i record this.. If you guys wanna know how does it feels drawing in a wacom Well lemme tell you.. ITS SO SMOOTH the wacom cintiq 16 is like drawing in a paper! The wacom cintiq 16 is so so smooth :) Do I recommend buying this? Yes, i do recommend it But the thing is... THIS WACOM IS FRIKIN EXPANSIVE! Its about $650 or $649 Waa! So expensive! Ok yea thats it bye guys thank for reading :p
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Skin colouring tutorial (don’t mind mah voice QwQ) turorial #1
Uiwnfoqernfojenfrieonfoiqg rquewnuiweqbdiewqudn Pls subscribe Dont mind mah voice Im too lazy to colour da arms lol K bye!
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Speedpaint #9 | Tokyo mew mew fanart |
Song : Tokyo mew mew theme song
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Speedpaint #12 | Sakura Galaxy
Check out our other Channel! (me, Carissa OMG, XxOmegaWolfiexX, and Itskeyziabro) Other channel: Random Entertaintment This vid will be post there, too! (Maybe)
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Speedpaint #14 | Miku
Haha subscribe please Please please please UwU Miku is my oc
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Speepaint #17 | gacha life edits
My first SUCCESSFUL gacha life edits. The Weird Croissant you need to do this UwU 💗♥️💖💓
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Ginger my cat #1
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Voice reveal! (Lol my voice is bad QwQ) | my first animation!
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Clarity meme | gacha life | animation trade with The Weird Croissant |
This is an animation trade with The Weird Croissant a.k.a XxOmegaWolfiexX Check out this vid: https://youtu.be/z3b9e6UvYZQ K bye :)
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Speedpaint #10 | kwitie-chan
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Speedpaint #4 | lonely |
Hello i have nothing to say Insta: @clara._.gbcask
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Speedpaint #6 | :3 |
Oh hello guys! I never get so much views... My fwends have so many sub and views and like but i dont have any Like for example i always liked XxOmegaWolfiexX’s vid but she wouldnt like mine But i still love ya wolfie ❤️but yeah.. i dont really like posting vids nowadays because i’ll not gonna get some likes and views Sorry if this is to long 😓😓 Im sorry if my drawing is ugly.. idk why i cant change my profile pic 😅 so i will lt it be lol Omg this is so long no one will read this lolololol and i only have 5 subs Bye guys! - - - - - - - - - - - - XxOmegaWolfiexX dont copy me
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Speedpaint #1
Well this is ugly...btw pls don’t like this video but pls like my cat video :3
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Anak my cat #2
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Speedpaint #7 | cat as a crown ÒwÓ
Rfhiurfubrfhur fhurjicire
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A little Announcement
Lol Pls subscribe UwU
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Speedpaint #2 Hana
... this is ugly ;w;
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Bready my cat #3
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Speedpaint #3 XxOmegaWolfiexX santosa fanart!
Go to my friend channel : XxOmegaWolfiexX santosa Pls like my vid I like my own vid cuz no one will like my vid ;-;
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Speedpaint #11 | Happy Late Easter Everybody! 🐣 ♥️💫
Happy late easter ^w^!! Song: Be Alright Pls subscribe!! UwU
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