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Ladies  Day  Encounter Of Two Mature Sexy Lesbian Milfs
A clip from my video where the full uncensored version is available at www.bentbox.co/davebu1 of two friends who also happen to be two mature sexy lesbian milfs who are enjoying their encounter at a country retreat. Lots of fun in making this production and one of the first videos I produced with Caz and Kitty the stars of the show.
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Mature Lesbian Milfs Enjoying Kissing In Girl On Girl Erotic Sex In Hotel
Two beautiful mature milfs after a sightseeing day retire to their hotel room where they explore their erotic lesbian side in starting with full full on kissing leading to girl on girl activity. Full uncensored video is available at www.bentbox.co/davebu1 and the video is called Brief Encounters 2 .
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Erotic Mature And Milf Wives At Home Kissing
The big match is on between Chelsea and some other football team(lol) and the hubbys have gone out for a pre match drink leaving their two glamorous wives to catch up on events. THE FULL UNCENSORED VIDEO IS AVAILABLE AT www.bentbox.co/davebu1 We had some fun filming this and one hot sex scene was inter by the local ice cream van doing the rounds whilst blaring out very loudly 'The Entertainer' from the film the sting. The two ladies who appear in this are good friends in real life and I only film or work with people who enjoy being together on video.
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Four Lesbian MILF Swingers Have A Wife Swap Party
Four lesbian milf swingers meet up and have a wife swap party. Two lesbian couples who have known each other a long time meet up and re acquaint with each other. They all dress up for the evening where they go to the opera and then round the evening off back at the flat where they undress and swap partners. Its quite funny but one of the ladies in this video it was her very first shoot and she has since become very well established and respected in the adult industry,
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Interview And Hotel Liason With A Sexy Adult Blond Mature Actress.
I was fortunate to interview and participate in some sexy scenes with Molly a mature beautiful blond sexy adult actress. In the video Molly gives a bit of history about her area that she comes from and the conversation changes to music tastes and then to swinging and the lifestyle. Then its just the two of us making out together in some red hot sex scenes. Although originally the plan was to shoot a interview with the lovely Molly things soon turned from being an interview to a full on boy/girl shoot. In the unedited version which is available at www.bentbox.co/davebu1 and is called Hotel Liason.
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