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Forest Spirits - Doug Walker - 8/5/18
'Forest Spirits' inspired by Robin(over the pond)Irene, Laura Z., with source material from Wm. Shakespeare and art direction by H. Matisse. What in the world could possibly go wrong?
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Learn to Walk - Doug Walker 8/13/18
Some folks make their terran exit before the inevitable decay and collapse. Sure, it's tough getting started, but a clean, new homeworld outweighs the alternative...(narrative inspired by Zachary Ryan Parkman)
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Do Such Diamonds - Doug Walker - 8/8/18
A chance encounter with the muse from the crypt was just that: seen/gone, at once. Does she reappear in this lo-fi paradise? The 20th century poet/diplomat Pablo Neruda wrote: “We must pass through solitude and difficulty to reach the enchanted place where we dance our awkward dance, sing our sorrowful song..." Neruda concludes: "In this dance or song there are fulfilled the ancient rites of conscience, in the awareness of being human, and belief in a common destiny." So goes my sorry, awkward song...
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