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A Red Toast
A song that I wrote in reaction to The Red Wedding on HBO's TV show Game of Thrones. Apologies for my terrible guitar playing. Trying to work on that. Enjoy! A Toast from the late Catelyn Stark to Sir Jamie Lannister: Cheers to you, Mr. Lannister, Wave your banner here on my grave. For it's you we've been waiting for Sinned and buried for in my name Fire in your eyes, like the moonrise echoing the sun, Icy was your heart from the start; I've seen your shadow on the run Don't be scared, Mr. Lannister, You've no time for fear, no time to spare. Though the tides of change roll, I pray that you will see the day That Mercy has its way with the kind. Even though you'll die here I hope your love will ever grow, That it may even show you the way. Bide your time, Mr. Lannister Luck has run its course through your veins. Here's your line, Mr. Lannister, "Go in peace and serve His Holy name." Rough winds shake the North, Soon your walls will crumble down. Flames engulf the Southern lands Soon the Lord of Light rolls into town. Pauvre you, Mr. Lannister, Fate can surely play funny games. CHORUS
Oh haaaaaaaaaaaay
Developmental Theory Project
This video is about my development from childhood until now
Falling Leaves
Imagine it multo rubato and mui espressivo... LOL It will take me awhile to learn to play this one well.
Ego of Mine
And though the night was still young He found it comfortably numb As the mountaintops, frozen, silent, so cold in their sleep, Made his gangly arms grope for their reach Will he be here when you're gone? Have I not showed you His son? Was he lonely at the edge of the world Soft and sweet, moving boldly to set something free So I salute the end of our days Where I'll feel as sane as I came Finding reasoning in His name With my brother, his mother, and me. Do ghosts remind you of sheets? Do they sing silly, soft, sweet cantations...? 'Round the corridor fixtures you need To make comforting dreams as you sleep We are dead to our faults Like the rain in a soft sweet September Making feathery notions, you swear By the light of the stars, that you care So I salute the end of our days Where I'll feel as sane as I came Finding reasoning in His name With my brother, his mother, and me. And I know the end of our days Make me feel insane, but I came With no trace of every pain Of my brothers, their mothers, and Thee. Ego of mine, I awoke from my sleep There I found me a garden with soft, silly dreams And I danced with the devil in his room But I came back to earth to view the moon And I carved out his soul with a broom Thanked our mother, then stomped around and hoped you'd all be listening to this tune