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Photoshop Tutorial - Image Inside Text using a Clipping Mask
In this tutorial we'll look at how to add an image to a block of text using a clipping mask. To view this video at higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 1 - Course Introduction
In this free 10 part video series, we'll look at the things you need to know to get off the ground. Starting with the organizer, and moving through photographic colour and tonal adjustments, layers, selection basics, transformations, manipulations, text, effects, resizing, retouching, blending and sharpening to name but a few. We'll explore the different workspaces and pay particular attention to the quick-fix and full edit modes. I'm sure even seasoned Photoshoppers will pick up on things they didn't know! To view the entire 2+ hour series follow the link - http://www.3photoshop.com/photoshop-elements-beginner-guide-basics-video-tutorial For more information visit www.3photoshop.com A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 6 - http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-6 A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 9 - http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-9 A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 11 - http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-11
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Photoshop Elements Tutorial - Basic Adjustment Layers - Part 1
Learn how to use Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Elements 9. This video will show you the advantages of using Adjustment Layers to make photographic edits, and why they are so much better than using the standard adjustment tools found under the Enhance menu.
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 3 - Touring the Quick Fix & Guided Modes
If you're new to Photoshop Elements then the Quick Fix and Guided Modes are for you! Designed as a gentle introduction to image editing, these modes offer a workspace that walks you through the process of improving digital photos with no more than a few simple movements of the appropriate sliders. Whether you're correcting for colour, dark shadows, bright highlights or a soft focus, these modes are the fastest way to see better looking images.
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Whitening Teeth in Photoshop Elements
In the world of supermodels and international advertising, portrait retouching is as common as ever. One feature that is regularly amended is the colour of the person's teeth. Most times there's nothing wrong with them, but the pursuit of ultra white glistening teeth has made Photoshop Elements an ideal tool for photographers on a budget, and had given almost everyone the opportunity to have their teeth digitally cleaned and looking perfect. Even though sometimes they look a little too perfect. http://www.3photoshop.com/content/photoshop-video-tutorial-whitening-teeth
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Photoshop Tutorial - Camouflage Effect
A sure fire way to create a custom camouflage look inside Photoshop. To view this tutorial in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 5 - Touring the Full Edit Mode
The Full Edit mode unleashes the full power of Photoshop Elements in the form of layers, a full set of tools, full ability to select and move pixels, color adjusting and retouching tools beyond the realms of your wildest dreams and much, much more. This is where things start to get interesting. Follow me on a virtual tour of the workspace and rest assured that by time we're done, you'll choose power over ease-of-use any day of the week.
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 7 - Selecting, Extracting, Transforming & Blending
Anyone can make selections inside Photoshop, but it takes a good knowledge of the selection tools, and a little practice, to get on the road to mastering it. As we strive to achieve our ultimate goal -- selecting and moving a gorilla into another photograph -- we'll visit the lasso tools, the marquee tools, quick selection, the magic wand and the magic extractor. We'll also employ the move tool to move selected elements around, the transform controls to resize the gorilla, and layer blending options to make the composition as realistic as possible. This is just the beginning to the art of image manipulation.
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Photoshop Tutorial - Magic Wand Tool
A Photoshop tutorial on how to use the Magic Wand Tool. To view this video in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 6 - Making Photos Look Their Best
At first glance, it may seem that we're revisiting the same things we looked at way back when we explored the Quick Fix mode, but on second glance, we're correcting the same problems only this time with way more accuracy, detail and control. Instead of the one-slider solutions offered in Quick Fix mode, we'll look at more robust options such as the levels command to fix brightness, contrast and colour issues, as well as confining our changes to certain areas using masks, keeping our edits non-destructive with adjustment layers and adding saturation to make the colours of a photograph appear more vivid. This is where the real power of photo correction makes its long overdue debut.
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 9 - Adding Effects and Sharpening
Effects and filters can be used to correct or complement an image or individual layer by changing pixels in a predefined manner, subject to the controls inside the selected effect or filter. Photoshop Elements has a wealth of these, allowing you maximum control to warp, twist, blur and distort until your heart's content. This also brings us to the subject of sharpening -- itself a filter -- that brings the image into tighter focus by making details within the image stand out. It's something that every image needs, and every image benefits from.
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Photoshop Tutorial - Red Eye Removal
These days nearly every camera on the market has some sort of red-eye reduction facility, trouble is, it's not a certainty to work every time! There comes a time when every photographer needs to roll their sleeve and get to work on extracting as much red as possible. Here we'll use the red-eye removal tool, and then take complete control with a more manual procedure known to me as paint, blend and burn! Unfortunately, because of the 10 minute time limit I've had to edit out the background information and reasons for attracting red-eye. To view the whole tutorial in higher quality please visit- http://www.3photoshop.com
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Photoshop Tutorial - Straighten and Crop an Image
A Photoshop tutorial on how to use the Measure Tool to straighten an image, and the crop tool to leave you with the perfect picture. To view this video in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Photoshop Tutorial - Advanced Sharpening - Emboss Filter
In this tutorial we'll be looking at how to fix small amounts of motion blur in your images using the Emboss Filter. To view this video at higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Photoshop Tutorial - Magnetic Lasso Tool - Essentials
The Magnetic Lasso is a capable selection tool. Available in both Elements and CS, it's options and controls allow for creating a relatively fast and well-defined outline. All you need to do is understand the essentials and get dragging away! For more information visit www.3photoshop.com
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 11 - Course Intro
http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-11 This video serves as the introduction to our training title 'A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 11' - a course of over 80 videos organised into 14 chapters covering everything from the Organiser to the 'Expert' editing mode. The whole series lasts 12.5 hours and is available now. Take a look at this video for more information.
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The Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop Elements 9
The Quick Selection Tool creates a freeform selection outline around objects with similar colours and shades. In this example I'll use it to select Elvis Presley's Pink Cadillac leaving us with the option of changing pink to blue, or any other colour you fancy. The wonderful thing about this tool is its ease of use, the slightly annoying thing is its not always as quick as you'd imagine - especially if you're looking for quality results. Nonetheless its a great tool to have on your side, and will definitely come to your aid if you use the selection tools regularly. As we progress through this video I'll also show you how its partner in crime works - the Selection Brush Tool. http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-9
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Photoshop Tutorial - Basic Sharpening
It's a little known fact that most digital photographs need some sort of sharpening to have them looking perfectly focused. In this tutorial I'll be looking at how Photoshop produces the sharpening effect, as well as how the Sharpen, Sharpen Edges, Sharpen More and the Unsharp Mask filters work. To view this video at higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Removing a Colour Cast Using Levels
A colour cast is when the colour of an image shifts towards a specific hue, say green, to give the whole image an unsightly green tint. The reasons behind this and the resulting cast can be as numerous as the tools available to fix it. For this reason we'll take a classic example and put things right both manually and automatically.
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 2 - Importing & Organising Photos
Many people think that the Organizer is a place to store and organize digital files, and it is, but it's capable of so much more. From importing photos from your digital camera, to rotating them, adding keywords for easy reference, and the ability to store them neatly into stacks and albums, Photoshop Elements is the real-deal when it comes to organisation. There's no reason on earth not to use it!
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Copy, Paste & Move in Photoshop Elements 9
One of the most common questions I get asked is 'how can I combine two images into one'. Well the answer lies inside this video, where we'll examine two typical ways to do so. Firstly we'll combine images using the copy and paste commands, and then I'll demonstrate how it's done with the Move Tool. Generally speaking of course, this is the sort of video that answers a lot of questions.
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Saving a TIFF in Photoshop
The Tagged Image File Format is a great way to apply loseless compression to an image. Thanks to it's popularity within the world of graphic design and image editing, the TIFF file has become a common format for archiving and even short term storage. In this tutorial we'll look at how a TIFF file can be used along side Adobe Photoshop.
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Enhancing Colours in a Photo using Photoshop Elements
Enhancing Colours in Photoshop Elements 10 is simple thanks to the Guided Edit Mode. As you'll see in this video, we simply need to know where our options are, and how to make best use out of them. Here, we'll create a dramatic sky above the Eiffel Tower and finish it off by adjusting the lighting of the shot.
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 9 - Course Introduction
Introducing 'A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 9'. http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-9 This video is an introduction to the series which contains 86 videos totalling over 11 hours of training. Click the link above to learn more. Also, now available - A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 11 - http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-11
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Photoshop Tutorial - Basic Animation
In this tutorial we'll look at how to create a basic animated GIF image, and how we can save time with tweening inside Photoshop and Imageready. Unfortunately, because of youtube's time constraints, I've had to exclude tweening in this particular edit. For the complete high quality version of this video tutorial please visit - http://www.3photoshop.com
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 10 - Saving, Sending, Printing and Backing Up
Once you have the perfect image, chances are you're going to want to show other people your work. Photoshop Elements allows you to do this in a number of ways, whether by printing the image using a local inkjet printer, sending via email or placing on a web site or image hosting service. How you decide to 'output' the image will determine how you save it, what format, what quality settings, what size! You'll need to know how to balance out the quality of the final image and achieve manageable file sizes for your output criteria all at the same time. And if you care about your photos, you'll also want to know how to back them up and keep them safe. Luckily for you, Photoshop Elements can do all of that and much more!
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Photoshop Tutorial - Colour Replacement Tool
In this tutorial I'll be changing the colour of a car using the Colour Replacement Tool, and then fine tuning the paint job with the History Brush. To view this video in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Photoshop Tutorial - Advanced Sharpening - The Edge Mask
Sometimes sharpening a whole image can solve one problem but create another, in this video tutorial we'll look at building an edge mask and using it to sharpen a selected area. To view this video at higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 4 - The Quick Fix Mode in Action
Having covered the theory of the Quick Fix mode in the previous video, it's time to correct colour, brightness and focus of a real-world digital photograph. Almost all photographs taken on a digital camera require some degree of adjustment to make them look good, and quite simply put, the Quick Fix mode is going to be the fastest and easiest way to get the job done.
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Transformation Tricks in Photoshop Elements 11
The transformation controls in Photoshop Elements allow us to distort and scale individual layers with a series of handles that appear on the transformation box whilst carrying out an operation. They give us the ability to scale, skew, distort and generally stretch the layer into a different perspective by either dragging on the aforementioned handles or entering a numerical value into the Options Panel that appears along with the function. Whilst tempting to play whilst searching for 'amaze your friends' special effects, there are some really useful reasons you might use this technique. In this tutorial, I'll show you just one of many.
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Photoshop Tutorial - Rainbow Effect
Learn how to create a rainbow in Photoshop and blend it into a photograph to give the impression the rainbow was there when the image was captured. This technique uses the gradient tool to add the actual rainbow, and then demonstrates use of the eraser and masks to conceal the rainbow from the foreground elements, before blending the effect into the photograph with some basic, yet always reliable blend modes.
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Blurring the Background in Photoshop Elements 11
It seems everyone 'gets' why we sharpen our images, but I often get asked why we might go the opposite way and blur them. It just seems strange, why would you take a perfectly good looking and sharp photograph and make it look less defined, less detailed. Well there's a couple of reasons as you might expect - one of which we'll discuss in this video. However, instead of just looking at 'why' we'll look at 'how' as we explore the 'Lens Blur' filter and all of its various setting and controls.
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Colour Replacement Tool in Photoshop CS2
In this tutorial I'll be changing the colour of a car using the Colour Replacement Tool, and then fine tuning the paint job with the History Brush.
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Photoshop Tutorial - Lasso Tools
The standard and Polygonal lassos are amongst the most basic tools in all of Photoshop. Despite this, they carry a lot of respect with not only basic tasks but some of the more challenging selections you're no doubt on your way to creating.
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Magic Wand Tool - Photoshop CS2
In this tutorial we'll be looking at how to use the magic wand selection tool. Although most people have heard of this tool, very few understand how to properly adjust the various settings and controls in order to have this tool working with you - rather than against you!
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Reduce Noise in Photoshop Elements
Every image taken on a digital camera contains some degree of noise, or random variations of pixels. Mostly evident in low light images, noise can affect a photograph in the same way as a bad reception can affect a television set. It's distracting and while impossible to remove completely, can be reduced through the affective use of the Reduce Noise Filter in Photoshop Elements. In this tutorial I'll show you what noise is, and how to tackle it.
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Lightning Effect - Crafting a Perfect Lightning Bolt
Most tutorials out there that demonstrate how to create a realistic lightning strike use hand-drawn custom brushes. Although this method produces great results, the brushes have to be downloaded and installed, and they're seldom free. That's why I prefer the alternative method of creating a bolt of lightning the old fashioned way - using filters, tools and a little creativity. It's also much more fun and easier than you think - when you know how! http://www.3photoshop.com/content/photoshop-video-tutorial-lightning-effect-crafting-bolt
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Photoshop Tutorial - Saving a JPEG
Saving a file as a JPEG should be nothing new to the average Photoshop user, but have you ever found yourself sticking with the default settings because you weren't sure how they effect the saved image. In this tutorial we'll explore what they mean, and more importantly, what they do! To view this tutorial in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Introducing Layers in Photoshop Elements 11
Once you understand the basics of Photoshop Elements 11, we'll begin looking at some of the more sophisticated and powerful features the software has to offer. One of those features is called Layers and allows us to create a file that incorporates all of the different aspects of that file on individual sheets of translucent, digital paper - or Layers as we call them in Photoshop. If that sounds complicated then watch the video, because it's really not!
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Photoshop - Lightning Tutorial
A video tutorial created inside Adobe's Photoshop showing how to create realistic looking lightning and adding the result to an image. To view this video in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Luminance Histogram - Photoshop Video Tutorial
Made popular by the Camera Raw plug-in that ships along with Photoshop, the colour histogram contains all 3 RGB channel histograms inside one window, giving a visually pleasing reference to colour information, how the channels interact and where exactly they don't.
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Smart Fix in Photoshop Elements
Ever heard of a one-click wonder? Well, this is a one-slider wonder! Capable of magic, and quite often delivering on the promises it makes. With just one push or pull on that slider, you can have the photograph looking sharp, colourful, and perfectly exposed - yes, it really is that good. There is though a drawback. Less control, an imbalance between effects, and it doesn't always make the photo look better. This tool is the ultimate battle between control and convenience, as we'll discuss during the tutorial. You can view this video in high quality here: http://www.3photoshop.com/content/smart-fix or, visit us for more free tutorials: http://www.3photoshop.com
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Lightning Effect in Photoshop Elements - Setting the Mood
The first video I ever created was a Lightning Effect for Photoshop CS2 users way back in 2007. 5 years later, to the day, I release an updated version for Photoshop Elements 10. Instead of just creating the lightning effect though, we start with the basics - setting the mood and tone of the image so it's ready to have a bolt of electricity zapping through the scene. Here we'll use a neat layer trick to add darkness to the cloudy sky, and levels to correct for an underexposed foreground. http://www.3photoshop.com/content/photoshop-video-tutorial-lightning-effect-setting-mood
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Photoshop Elements 9 - Touring the Full Edit Mode
The Guided and Quick edit modes are great if you're performing basic adjustments but if you want to take advantage of some of Elements more powerful features then you'll need to work inside of the Full Edit mode. In this tutorial we'll explore the screen layout and I'll familiarise you with some key concepts. http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-9
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A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements - Part 8 - Retouching, Cropping and Adding Text
Ever downloaded a photograph to find blemishes and minor imperfections bugging an otherwise perfect shot? Ever wanted a photograph of the real world....to look better than the real world? If you have, then be aware that Photoshop Elements comes equipped with cloning and healing brushes that can banish even the worse defects to the history palette, never to be seen again.....unless you want to of course! The crop tool can also be used to crop away details, or to focus in on what you want the viewer to see, and if that's not enough of a hint, then you can hide or highlight a subject with text using your favourite fonts and colours.
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Stacks in Photoshop Elements 11 - Photoshop Video Tutorial
The whole point of the Organiser is to, well, keep your media organised - no matter how large or small your catalogue. Stacks are a big part of that organisation and can help to reduce the number of thumbnails you see on screen, particularly when you have a number of images that are similar. Often referred to as 'Adobe's Folders', I'll show you why that's the case and how to make the most out of them!
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Rulers & Guides in Photoshop CS3
If you're looking at measuring, inserting and aligning elements of your image to the page, or to another object in the same document, then look no further than Photoshop's rulers and guides. When used correctly, these features can be all the support you need to produce images that align professionally and look perfect!
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Photoshop Tutorial - Sponge Tool
There are many ways to add or subtract saturation from images using Adobe Photoshop, here we'll look at how the Sponge Tool works, and how to get the best results when using it. To view this tutorial in higher quality please visit my website - http://www.3photoshop.com
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Photoshop Tutorial - Levels - Auto Levels, Color & Contrast
Many commands in Photoshop come complete with an auto button, and not to be outclassed - the levels command comes with 3 of them! The interesting thing here is that, as far as one-click solutions go, they're actually very good at what they set out to do. Join me as we look at how they work and how effective they can be. All videos in this series are being released on a weekly basis, and in high-resolution at - http://www.3photoshop.com/tutorial/guide_levels.html Hope you enjoy them!
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Albums, Smart Albums & Ratings in Photoshop Elements
Many of us have several thousand photos in our collections so when it's time to find one it can literally be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, the Organiser in Photoshop Elements has our back. Once we've assigned tags to each photo, we can add them to albums which work much like a standard photo album you may have tucked away in the draw at home, a smart album which is sensitive to certain criterion and dynamically changes as you reorganise your photos, and star ratings to represent your best and worst photographs. In this tutorial taken from my Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 9 I'll show you how they all work. http://www.3photoshop.com/content/beginners-guide-photoshop-elements-9
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