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Maneater Sexy Karaoke
Were back, with another one of our vids. We never practice and we only do this for fun. xx
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Giggle Biz
After a long wait the duo are back rocking some new face hair :)
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sexy karaoke fail
Me Chavvy Chaz and my mate kinky Kiki singing our version of The Corrs Breathless - We wont give up our day job lol.
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Russell Howard prank on my mum
I pranked my mum to say Russell wasn't performing, listen to her reaction lol
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More Terrible Karaoke :)
Me (Chanelle) and my mate (Kiki) doing some more drunken 3am Karaoke. After a night out getting cained (I mean cained as in wasted not as in being hit with a stick) we decided to do a bit of karaoke...... Simon Cowell watch this space. We are wearing Army clothes to show appreciation to our soldiers xx
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my harlem shake
Recorded with Harlem Shake Creator HD for iPhone and iPad. Get the app for FREE: http://appstore.com/HarlemShakeCreatorHD App for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.boomfox.harlemshakecreator.lite Music: Harlem Shake - Baauer
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I love Rock and Roll Karaoke
Chanelle and Kiki are back with more drunken karaoke. We don't do this cos we think were good, we do it for fun. This is a standard drunken Wednesday night lol. I do not own this content
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