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Ak47 autoflower dry weight
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Ak47 autoflower harvest day
If you like my video please don't forget to comment like and subscribe Blooming nutrients I use on this plant http://amzn.to/2vCzuEB
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Ak47 chop down day yay
Harvest day ak47 If you want to order seeds and support my channel you can by ordering directly from the link below http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559.html
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My grow light set up
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Very simple way to increase your autoflower yield
Simplest way to increase your autoflower yield , if you like the video please don't forget to subscribe comment and like, also if you are interested in the bloom nutrient I use please buy it from the link below to support my video/channel. Thanks And happy Growing Autoflower seeds http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559-49.html Bloom nutrient I use link below http://amzn.to/2vhfW7P Blueberry seed order here to support my channel http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559-16.html
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super skunk auto cola dry weight
Cola dry weight was 21.43 grams
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Ak47 autoflower day 49 week 7 from seed
I get my seeds from this site I am affiliated with them, every time you order from the link below it supports my channel http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559.html
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Week #1 Stardawg Autoflower First Timer DWC GROW
Week #1 stardawg autoflower Dwc groW
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Stardawg autoflower week #3 DWC GROW
Stardawg autoflower week #3 DWC grow For the first 3 weeks all I gave her was fruit and yield enhancer and big bloom, both are just additive, I just gave her base nutrients for the first time ( Grow big ) and a little bit of cal mag because I noticed she was on the yellow side, which it could be due to not having her base nutrients in the first place
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Sneak peek into my autoflower garden
Here is a few autoflowers under some mars hydro LED If you are interested in the lights I use please Support my video by purchasing from the affiliate link below Flowering nutrients I use http://amzn.to/2wrbQsm Seeds http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559-50.html Mars hydro 300w http://amzn.to/2woEIRY Mars hydro reflector 96 series 480w http://amzn.to/2hEvWMz
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Blueberry autoflower harvest day
Harvesting 1 of 4 blueberry autos I got my blueberry seeds from here http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559-16.html Tags Autoflower harvest day kush marijuana bud buds OG kush
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White Widow Autoflower week 11 Frosty
white widow autoflower on week 11 i think the terpinator increase my trichomes production
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AK47 autoflower day 14 update
AK47 autoflower update growing under 4 cfl 65 watt each equivalent to 300 watt each and a 300 watt mars hydro panel Plant is already showing white hairs Like subscribe comment
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Stardawg & Gorilla Glue week 12
Stardawg and Gorilla Glue on week 12
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R.I.P Pineapple Express & ak47 update on day 155
R.I.P Pineapple Express & ak47 update on day 155 That what I get for being impatient lol Star dawg and gorilla glue are doing great so far after If you need to order seeds you can use the links below by ordering directly from my links it helps support my channel Ilgm seeds http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559.html Supreme Seeds / fast buds https://www.seedsupreme.com/#a_aid=Tonyperez
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White Widow & SSk autoflower week 9.5
i took the video about a week ago I was unable to uploaded till today
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Blueberry autoflower My WORST GROW Ever
This is my worst blueberry autoflower Grow ever thank got I have some other plants going that are looking good Tags Cannabis autoflower ganja marijuana 420 grow bud buds auto flower white widow kush purple haze
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Update blueberry autoflower week 13 ish & harvest shot
Thanks for watching If you like my video please support my channel by ordering seeds from the link below thanks and happy safe growing http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/2559.html Plant 2 of 4 Blueberry autoflower on week 13ish from germination Grown in a 1.6 gallon pot marijuana marguana weed pot bubbleponic hydroponic aeroponic flowering budding buds bud veggy growth cfl metal halide hps mh cannabis ganja hydro indica bud indica buds indica flowering indica grow indica high indica kush indica leaf indica leaves indica marajuana indica marijauna indica plant indica plants indica pot indica sativa indica sativa difference indica sativa seeds indica sativa strain indica sativa strains indica sativa weed indica seed indica seeds indica strain indica strains indica weed indica weed plant indica weed seeds indica weed strains indica yield indoor bud indoor buds indoor cannabis grow indoor cannabis growing indoor cannabis plants indoor grow indoor grow boxes indoor grow light indoor grow lights indoor grow room indoor grow rooms indoor growing indoor growing guide indoor growing lights indoor hydroponic weed indoor hydroponics indoor indica indoor marijuana indoor marijuana clones indoor marijuana cultivation indoor marijuana grow indoor marijuana grow boxes indoor marijuana grow guide indoor marijuana grow lights indoor marijuana grow room indoor marijuana grow tips indoor marijuana growing indoor marijuana nutrients indoor marijuana plants indoor marijuana seedlings indoor marijuana seeds indoor marijuana tips marijuana seedlings light marijuana seeds marijuana seeds bank marijuana seeds cheap marijuana seeds for sale marijuana seeds germinate marijuana seeds growing marijuana seeds high marijuana seeds online marijuana seeds plants marijuana seeds purple marijuana seeds seeds marijuana seeds soil marijuana seeds strains marijuana seeds thc marijuana seeds to grow marijuana soil marijuana strain marijuana strain seeds marijuana strains marijuana tests marijuana tincture marijuana weed marijuana weed seeds medical marijuana medical marijuana seed medical marijuana seeds mites mites bugs mites identification mites pests mites plants mites spray nirvana marijuana seeds nirvana seeds northern light seeds northern lights marijuana seeds northern lights seeds northern lights weed nursery plant nutrients for cannabis plants nutrients for marijuana plant nutrients for marijuana plants nutrients for pot plants nutrients for weed plant nutrients for weed plants online marijuana seeds orchids organic gardening organic growing outdoor feminized marijuana seeds outdoor growing outdoor marijuana outdoor marijuana growing outdoor marijuana seed outdoor marijuana seeds outdoor pot seeds passion#1 dutch passion perennial perennial plants perennials pest control mites pest mites pictures of marijuana pipes marijuana planet skunk plant marijuana seed plant marijuana seeds plant mites plant nutrients marijuana planting marijuana planting marijuana seeds plants pot pot growing indoors pot growing tips pot plants pot purple pot seed pot seed banks pot seedlings pot seeds pot seeds for sale pot seeds online pot seeds uk pottube pruning marijuana purple haze marijuana seeds purple haze seeds purple marijuana seed purple power seeds purple weed quit marijuana quit smoking marijuana quitting marijuana roses sativa marijuana seeds sativa purple sativa seed progressive gardening hydroponic hydroponics garden earth-friendly water-wise backyard weed free vegetable flowers herbs grow room stealth box
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Blueberry & ak47 autoflower day "102"
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I Need your Input, could it be potassium deficiency? I might be wrong
I Need your Input, could it be potassium deficiency? I might be wrong Tags Cannabis 420 DWC Grow white widow kush indica sativa foxfarm ocean forest cal mag
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Stardawg Autoflower Dwc Changing The Reservoir
Stardawg autoflower Dwc grow Changing the reservoir Week 3 ish soon to be on week 4
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Ak47 autoflower  update day 18 plus microbe life nutrient
Day 18 ak47 autoflower just added microbe life nutrients Photosynthesis plus and nourish L 10ml each to half gallon of water
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Ak47 autoflower day 6 300 watt led
Here I am growing a autoflower ak47 using fox farm ocean forest soil, 300w led light by mars hydro and tiger bloom flowering nutrients This is a experiment just to see what results I get with growing with just the basics LIKE SUBSCRIBE COMMENT
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Pineapple Express week 8 autoflower
Week 8 Pineapple Express Autoflower
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Stardawg autoflower DWC WEEK 3 24 hour Cal-Mag & Grow Big update
Here I want to show you how my Stardawg autoflower looks after receiving 6 ml of cal mag and 15 ml of grow big into the 3.5 gallon bucket She looks much better and greener today than what she did yesterday Go check out my yesterday video and let me know what you think
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