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nabijem vas sve na kurac pičke bre jedne jebem vam mater američku u pičku
nemojte brate nikad u ameriku doći, jebem ti ameriku u pičku
exposing piece of shit child rapist pedophile gangstalkers
https://www.gofundme.com/targeted-individual-needs-home kill all the satanic evil child rapist pieces of shit Russia, fsb, KGB start doing your job bruh real gangsters and criminals out there start killing these child rapist pieces of shit real criminals kill pedophiles and child rapists these cunts are having sex with children in schools and shit this is in akron ohio btw, targeted individuals nigga rise against the system, destroy the masons killuminati Soviet Union needs to destroy these pussies fucking pedophile pussies, you ugly spices of shit, nobody wanna eb with you so you gotta mind control ppl to have sex with you ugly old child rapist pieces of shit the problem is the whole government is ran by these demonic cunts please come to Serbia and Russia so we can slaughter each and one of you faggots, scared little pussies, nato are bitches
theyre killing targeted individuals that speak out about crimes against humanity, start a revolution
targeted individuals get together, move to Serbia or Russia and fight back, kill all gaystalkers. theyre all pussies. I have a list od safe countries if you wanna move БЕЛГРАД СЕРБИЯ РОССИЯ
targeted individuals are sex slaves being sold by the government to piece of shit child rapists emf
emf broadcast and virtual mind rape and sex. gangstalkers are child rapists and pedophiles. kill all piece of shit child rapists nigga
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gaystalkers are the targets of RUSSIA RUSIJA РОССИЯ КГБ KGB
stupid gangstalking bitch running away akron ohio 2018
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poruka za sve Srbe, istina o americi, jebem ti ameriku u pičku. ostanite u Srbiji. ameri su pičke
amerikanci svašta rade ljudima po americi, to je istina. amerikanci su obične pičketine
KGB ways to counter and defeat gangstalking and being a targeted individual Rusija
go to Serbia with me, get SerbiSerbicitizenshipasn citizenship,go to Russia and work for the Russian government against these cunts
targeted individuals, rh negative Blood,  i will help you KGB
lets get together and help one another, we need to create an army and be with Russians and Serbians nigga
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scared of one person, but don't worry, Russian missiles are guided by God you scared satanic bitches
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РОССИЯ СЕРБИЯ БЕЛГРАД МОСКВА targeted individual in america, americans are pussies
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munjeni tadić promašio penal rumunija Srbija
Aleksandar Mitrović je trebao šutovati loptu u gol
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targeted individuals akron ohio nigga 2018 RUSIJA
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