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Cartoon Network Level-Up YouTube Mimic
Compositing/VFX/Animation for take-over advertisement for Level-Up premiere Movie event. Executed concept based off of Art Direction and boards. Used AfterEffects for all VFX in the piece. Used VCP stock footage and Optical Flares (love A.K.). Worked in tandem with team at CN for Troll movement and animation. Rotoscoping and keying done in AfterEffects for kids moving on and off the screen (the shots were done before the design was and had to be roto'd in some parts because of specific constraints in the design).
Views: 2539 Suzanne Powell
The Walking Dead Demo Reel - VFX wounds and Gore
Demo Reel for The Walking Dead Season 3, 4 and 5. My work for those seasons.
Views: 534 Suzanne Powell
Photoshop digital painting: satin or silk tutorial
Process of creating a satin or silk texture in Photoshop. The original tutorial that I did a few years ago is on my blog if you need a step by step. You can find it here: http://suztv.blogspot.com/2009/01/tutorials.html
Views: 8029 Suzanne Powell
BlueBalls VooDoo
Revenge and Big Blue Balls This is for the Moxie Mayhem video competition.
Views: 4693 Suzanne Powell
Folds-And-Wrinkles Photoshop brushes for Second Life and Digital Painting
Example of how to use the Folds and Wrinkles brushes for Second Life or Poser content. Sample set (free) download: http://suztv.blogspot.com/2011/11/folds-and-wrinkles-photoshop-brush-set.html Robin Wood 3D SL avatar download: http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/AVUVTemplates.html
Views: 4569 Suzanne Powell
Photoshop 3D object - parchment scroll
Explanation of how to use Photoshop 3D - freebie of parchment scroll link: http://suztv.blogspot.com/2012/07/photoshop-3d-parchment-scroll-freebie.html Let me know if you have questions or need more information on this or other Photoshop items. I plan on posting several items (freebies and premium) as well as videos on how to use them. Thanks for watching!
Views: 3088 Suzanne Powell
RockBand for Verizon Wireless VZTV
This is an in-store video (Digital Signage) that I did for Verizon recently. I pulled out all of the stops on this one. An earlier version included Pyrotechnics and I'll upload that in a while. But this version still has spotlights, 3D, camera moves, highlites, and octopus tentacles. The tentacles were done in Poser from an existing model. Although faster than making my own model - I kinda wished I had modeled and rigged them at the end, the rig on those things was horrible and creating the animation was very time consuming. Anyway - hope you like - feel free to pass along. The models of the phone were done by UpThink - who btw are awesome! They give me the pre-rendered phone asset with the camera information etc., and I place the phone in the scene and time-remap the hell out of it. Takes a lot of forethought and planning to do it though.
Views: 337 Suzanne Powell
Color Sensational for Maybelline
Motion Graphics Intro for Maybelline Color Sensational Color finder website. Great deal was done in AfterEffects - using several plug-ins (cc-Kaleida, Pete's Plug-ins Kaleidascope etc). The hardest part about this video was getting the kaledascope animation to do what I wanted. You would think it would be easy but I equate this work with wrestling an orangutan. I have another version where I break it out into more of a 3D space but this version is the one the client preferred.
Views: 2352 Suzanne Powell
ArcticGale Preview-01
Small demonstration of the Arctic Gale Photoshop brush set. You can create clouds, frost, snow, snow mounds, slush - instantly with this set. Buy them here: http://suztv.blogspot.com/2009/01/resources.html
Views: 502 Suzanne Powell
Droid Charge - Verizon Wireless in store Digital Signage
This is a piece I did for Verizon at Moxie Interactive. Big thanks to Upthink (who modeled the phone and arm) and to Michael Wynn (who did all of the sound design). This was one of the most fun and challenging projects for Verizon. I had to use pretty much all of my compositing and 3D skills. All of the 3D was done in Cinema 4D, text and other vfx were handled in AfterEffects. I got to play with the Charge before it was out on the market - really great phone! Check out the piece and let me know if you have questions on how I accomplished something.
Views: 333 Suzanne Powell
Verizon Wireless and ESPN
Did the concept for this video, but most of the animation was done by a co-worker. I did however work on the piece and add other elements. All of the effects and such were done in After Effects. Ask me about time-remapping... lol
Views: 94 Suzanne Powell
Here's an After Effects project for you that I've been playing with for a while. There are two different twisters in this file so feel free to use however you like. Go ahead and link back if you make something using this etc. Obviously you'll have to tweak it a bit in order to composite it but most of the work is done :) Adobe After Effects CS5 and Particular 2. I do have the project in CS4, I'll post to my blog both links - please visit http://suztv.blogspot.com/2010/12/tornado-preset-for-particular-2-in.html
Views: 1062 Suzanne Powell
SixFlags - Nicky and me on the Dahlonega Gold Mine Roller Coaster
Totally fun ride! This was Nicky's first trip to a big Amusement park and he enjoyed the big coasters thoroughly. I didn't record the bigger ones because I was afraid of dropping the phone. This one was a fun little ride that take some interesting turns. Look at Nick's face when we first start - very funny that he is concerned about me dropping the phone
Views: 361 Suzanne Powell
A pack of Bat transitions for Halloween videos. A pack of 6 different motion elements You can purchase the pack for only $10 on gumroad: https://gum.co/YGcgE
Views: 136 Suzanne Powell
This is a piece that I did recently that you probably saw - especially if you logged onto the YouTube Main page. I had a blast doing it. I threw just about everything at it - except the kitchen sink. Explosions, breaking glass, 3D elements, dust. The programs used were AfterEffects, 3DS Max 2010, Soundtrack Pro and Photoshop... I had a lot of fun creating the dust, explosions and such. Really enjoyed myself.
Views: 123 Suzanne Powell
SUZTV VFX MotionGraphics
Promotional Video for VFX and Motion Graphics
Views: 111 Suzanne Powell
090427 StarTrek Proof
Recent Digital Signage that I did for Verizon Wireless
Views: 59 Suzanne Powell
Kitty go round
Orange kitten mocks the dog by going round the empty dog bowl.
Views: 30 Suzanne Powell
Cold dub-step
My son - after spending all day inside because of the deep freeze
Views: 37 Suzanne Powell
Crazy Nick
Nick on a Dubstep riff
Views: 39 Suzanne Powell
AfterEffects CS4 Particular 2 LighterFlame - Free Preset
Got a request to do a realistic lighter flame today - here's the result. If you want to download the source AE file you can find that here: http://suztv.blogspot.com/2009/12/new-freebie-for-aftereffects-lighter.html You'll need Trapcode Particular 2 and AfterEffects CS4. Enjoy!
Views: 2289 Suzanne Powell
Verizon FIOS Facebook Sports Fan Drive
I did the compositing, motion and 3D. First scene is set up in After Effects using images for the bleachers and field in 3D, the other shots are from stock footage with some compositing of glass breaking, camera flashes etc. The ending sequence was done in 3D max with After Effects and trapcode doing the light pyrotechnics at the end.
Views: 101 Suzanne Powell
VZW Global Services 2011 Digital Signage
Digital Signage done for Verizon that incorporates Motion Graphics and 3D. Made in Cinema 4D and AfterEffects. Concept and design were also create by me.
Views: 74 Suzanne Powell
Verizon Wireless Innovation
This piece was originally going to Play in the Best Buy Kiosk area for Verizon, but Droid took over that slot. Now it is playing nation wide in Verizon Wireless stores - who knows you may see it at a store near you! Anyway - used a pretty hefty amount of 3DS Max in this piece, the first 10 seconds were done in Max entirely. It was the only way to create the falling dot, with the particles and mesh stuff. The particles are just round little balls that are see-through but I applied the highlight filter on that object. The phones were provided by UpThink (thank you again!). Concept is by moi. Pretty simple - but it was the only way to tie three different devices that had very little to do with each other.
Views: 105 Suzanne Powell
How to make a Photoshop Brush
Tutorial on how to make a Photoshop brush and the difference between a photostamp brush and a Dynamic brush. I also show how to create a frosty brush to use for winter scenes etc. If you need an entire set of frosty and wintery brushes I have a set available for sale here: http://fav.me/d1rv948
Views: 22 Suzanne Powell
Blackberry Storm Kinetic Type
A Rich Media Banner video I did last year
Views: 65 Suzanne Powell
At Tribble Mill
Watching "The Walk" and one of the scenes is at a favorite park of mine called Tribble Mill.
Views: 16 Suzanne Powell
Pookies Kittens
Kittens at three weeks meowing for pookie
Views: 11 Suzanne Powell
Nicky on Oreo cookies
9 year old goes into depth about the famous cookie
Views: 29 Suzanne Powell
More at Tribble Mill
A boy and his dog
Views: 20 Suzanne Powell
Verizon WIreless Global Services Digital Signage 2012
Digital Signage piece done for Verizon Wireless. Done in Cinema 4D and AfterEffects. Use of VCP Optical Flares, Trapcode Shine, Starglow and other effects. Concept created by me.
Views: 119 Suzanne Powell
Cartoon Network Hall of Game - Takeover animation
Composite/animation done for Cartoon Network for the Hall of Game show awards. After Effects was the primary program used. Green-screen key of Shaq, compositing water, explosions, particles. Use of Trapcode particular, Trapcode shine, Trapcode starglow. Executed concept based off of preliminary boards (4 frames).
Views: 331 Suzanne Powell
VFX GreenScreen and Explosion DemoReel
A few of my shots from my work on shows like "About a boy" "Grey's Anatomy" "Quantum Break" and "Heroes Reborn"
Views: 98 Suzanne Powell
Emerald Fog Bumper
This is a bumper I did for 360 Scenes. I used 3D Studio Max, AfterEffects, Particular and of course Photoshop.
Views: 212 Suzanne Powell
After Effects Trapcode Form Hologram Preset
Free Preset for After Effects Trapcode Form. Free to use wherever you want (commercial, personal or whatever). I used form with some expressions so that the originating point is controlled by a null but you might deem it necessary to change it. Have fun! Download here: http://suztv.blogspot.com/2012/01/freebie-after-effects-hologram-preset.html
Views: 691 Suzanne Powell
Photoshop Suztv FurBrushes - SantaHat
Photoshop FurBrushes - Quickly make a Santa Hat with FurBrushes from Suztv. I did a quick Santa hat using my fur brushes that I created some time ago - I wanted to show how wasy it is to fill in an area using these brushes. Anything that requires fur or fuzz will be easier to complete using this brush set. Creating shadows and dents is easy enough by using dodge/burn or simply overlaying the fur brush and using the "multiply" mode in the brush setting. You can purchase the set here: http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=559804 Sampler is available here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6368005/FurBrushesSampler_by_suztv.abr
Views: 549 Suzanne Powell

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