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Shinobi Striker: All Jutsu & Secret Jutsu (Hidden Jutsu)
*Japanese dub* All jutsu & Secret Jutsu (ultimate jutsu) compilation from starter jutsu, gaining jutsu through battle and VR mentors in Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh: All Guardian Spirit (Living Weapon) Exhibition
Patch 1.18 All guardian spirit name, effect, activation & GS special attack in one package! Player: Sacredforce
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Beating DMCV 5 times in Prologue only
I have beaten the game five time with only prologue mission just by defeating the first boss Urizen. From Sons of Sparda to Dante Must Die (DMD) to Hell to Hell, I wanted to see if there is anything to unlock upon this completion. Probably my fastest speed run in Devil May Cry 5! *no skill and devil breaker learned Player: Sacredforce Live Stream in Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/isacredforcel
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Nioh: 5 Useful Techniques (with Extra Detail)
Watch previous tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EcW7IPb-yo&t=5s 0:24 Switch Stance +Detail with Ki pulse 2:33 Running attack 3:55 Perfect Ki Pulse & Stance Effect 6:41 Katana (Tiger Sprint) 7:44 Sheathing Animation Cancel I felt it was necessary for me to clarify how previous technique is done. Also, I included some details for some techniques since its also part of the combat mechanics. Player (PS4): Sacredforce
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Nioh: Enemy exhibition (1 year anniversary)
*SPOILER ALERT* -All enemy grab exhibition (including some with special trigger)- Its been a year since Nioh was released. So I decided to make a Nioh montage to remember our pain.
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Shinobi Striker: Five Valuable Techniques for Gameplay
*Recommended for best gameplay! (Including Tech & Cancel) *Time stamp* 0:29 - Guard/Block 1:49 - Guard Dash 2:53 - Wall 3:59 - Charge Jutsu 4:33 - Chakra Jump For those who are willing to get better or are aiming to become the strongest ninja in Ninja League, this tutorial is for you to consider. All kind of player are welcome to this training! Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker Movement guide.
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Nioh: 5 Useful Techniques for Gameplay
*Recommended for best gameplay. 0:24 - Stance Switching 3:13 - Dash Attack 5:36 - Flux 9:16 - Weapon Switching 12:23 - Sheathing Attack You will learn how to fully control the gameplay by knowing how to use Nioh core mechanics. Switch stance, ki management and sheathing technique will be the main learning curve in this tutorial. Player (PS4): Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker: Movement Test Comparison
Ever wanted to be able to move around the battlefield fast? Trying to find the best way to reach from point A to point B quick? This video will show you the way for the best movement possible! -no jutsu buff -no clothes effect -no CAC perk *only gameplay mechanic PSN: Sacredforce
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Monster Hunter Real World (Funny Moment)
What will happen when you add some realism to Monster Hunter World? This will be a video filled with funny moment to evaluate my miserable comedy skill. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh: Master Samurai vs Master Ninja
Epic Battle between Master (with all weapon compilation!) Way of the Nioh series : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6K4hxM_v9JCcxz2eUQ5zrcrbxo5haOia Player (PS4): Sacredforce OST -Warrior Orochi 3 (Ryu Hayabusa theme)
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Shinobi Striker: How to unlock all Jutsu
*CC available in English text* I have received many comment about how to obtain certain jutsu so I though that it would be appropriate to explain how to get all jutsu and secret jutsu in Shinobi Striker. PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker: All Jutsu (Beta 2.0)
19th-21th July Shinobi Striker beta 2 All Jutsu, Ultimate and Ougi.
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Pure Taijutsu (Speed version)
*Attack type* Jutsu: Teleportation-Leaf Whirlwind Difficulty: very hard This is a build that has both short cooldown, requires fast response and timing during battle. Knowing the jutsu's limit is necessary in order to perform greatly with it. These clip is a match against high level players with coordinated teamplay. Along with all the tech that were discovered in the game, it makes the fight more interesting to play. PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker: Three more Techniques for Gameplay
*More Technique for best gameplay! (including tech & cancel) Part 2 *Time stamp* 0:22-Jump Attack 1:25-Kunai Cancel 3:03-Chakra Wall As we get closer to the game release, I was able to discover more techniques that can potentially help us become better. This tutorial will help climbing up the wall faster, canceling ninja tool throw and delivering faster attack. PSN: Sacredforce
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Way of the Nioh preview 2 (Mysterious Samurai)
Since shinobi Striker is under the maintenance, I might as well play Nioh and keep going with Way of the Nioh series for the time being. This one mission is a difficult duel against the mysterious samurai in the game (which I will be fighting/making video later on as Master Samurai vs Shima Sakon). It was also a good practice to try out a new way to fight, especially with a spear. I was able to learn a few new trick because of this. I will be looking forward to try it out against Hideyori! PSN: Sacredforce
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Monster Hunter World: Weapon Mastery (Insect Glaive)
Advanced tutorial for Insect Glaive users. You will learn how to use the weapon while utilizing the Kinsect for numbers of purpose.(Open CC for extra detail from other contributors) *Timestamp* 0:42 Kinsect (Extract & Usage) 3:53 Main Combo 7:40 Weapon Showcase *The tutorial is done with basic gearset with lower weapon rarity. Nothing special about build. PSN: Sacredforce
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For Honor : The Three Dunking Conqs
For Honor (Closed Beta): 29 January 2017 By coincidence I teamed up with 3 conquerors in a match, and the experience was rather... unique...
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Shinobi Striker: All Combo & Moveset (+VR Mentors)
All character combo and moveset from CaC to VR Mentors. *Timestamp* 0:08 Naruto 1:03 Sasuke 1:49 Sakura 2:34 Sai 3:23 Kakashi 4:08 Yamato 4:28 Rock Lee 5:22 Shikamaru 6:03 Choji 6:35 Hinata 7:17 Gaara 7:55 Deidara 8:29 Kisame 9:32 Pain 10:19 Itachi 11:04 Kabuto 11:49 Konan 12:14 Boruto 13:00 Sarada 13:44 Mitsuki *Attack type 14:25 Hand to Hand Combat 15:41 Ninja Knuckle Knifes 16:18 Iron Knuckles 16:51 Claws *Range type 17:49 Kunai 18:41 Hidden Leaf Dagger 19:06 Hidden Cloud Short Sword 19:19 Kusanagi Sword *Defense type 20:02 Long Sword 20:40 Shark Skin Samehada 21:38 Giant Scythe 21:57 Giant Fan *Healer type 22:32 Ninja Sword 23:08 Famed Blade Kurosawa PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh PvP (Skill Battle) #13
PvP for the week. Enjoy!
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Shinobi Striker: Skill and Effect (Build details)
*TIMESTAMP* -TOP 0:40 Boosts close-range attack damage 1:51 Boosts status aliments duration 3:00 Reduces the close-range attack downtime 3:18 Boosts Ninjutsu piercing power 4:15 Boosts Ninjutsu attack power 4:39 Boosts Healing Ninjutsu recovery power 5:06 Shortens Secret Technique charge time -BOTTOM 5:36 Boosts max health - Boosts Ninjutsu damage resistance 6:32 Boosts movement speed 7:29 Shortens Ninja Tool cooldown time 8:04 Boosts status aliment recovery speed 8:19 Shortens substitution cooldown time 8:35 Shortens Ninjutsu cooldown time -ACCESSORY 8:58 Boosts close-range attack guard damage 9:17 Restores health when an enemy gets knocked out 9:34 Boosts movement speed after respawning 9:52 Shortens Ninjutsu cooldown time when in critical health 10:20 Boosts close-range attack damage when in critical health 10:45 Boosts close-range attack damage when an ally is defeated 11:35 Shortens respawning time Here is a full test on how the skill slot on Top, Bottom and Accessory work. You get to know a refined detail on your equipment for making the best builds possible. PSN: Sacredforce
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Beating DMC5 for the 6th time in Mission 8 (DMD) VS Urizen Round 2
On my way to mission 8, we have another scripted boss fight where you have to lose against Urizen for the second time. With exceed lv3 (+Max Act) and devil breaker, we are going for Urizen fight round 2 and see if there is any unlockable content! Player: Sacredforce Live Stream in Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/isacredforcel
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Nioh: How Katakura Shigenaga fight actually happen
*Something new that im trying to make for Nioh, hope you enjoyed it!* A unique experience against Katakura Shigenaga in Dragon of the North DLC mission.
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Nioh PvP 1.18 (Skill Battle) Spear+New Moveset
Mastering those new spear moveset effectively, and I am loving it. Player: Sacred Force
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Monster Hunter World: Weapon Controls & Mechanics ll
This second part will cover the weapon controls and mechanics such as slide, ledge and wall attack in Monster Hunter World. *Time stamp* 0:58 : Sword & Shield 2:34 : Dual Blades 3:25 : Hammer 3:57 : Lance 4:17 : Gunlance 5:07 : Charge Blade 5:42 : Insect Glaive 7:21 : Bow *UPDATE* Dual Blades have sliding attack that works like Sword & Shield -use Lunging Thrust or Demon Flurry Rush on a slope to perform a slide attack. Weapons that are not included: Great Sword Long Sword Hunting Horn Switch Axe Bowgun Heavy Bowgun Player (PS4): Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker: How to +7 Hit with Demon Wind Shuriken
*Range Type only* A method to deliver more than 7 hit with Demon Wind Shuriken instead of relying on random throw. This video will also show the right angle to throw for maximum damage. PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Minato (Best Attack Pick)
*Attack type VR mentor pick* His kit is unique among all vr mentor that I have played so far. Of course, it involves around flash dash (guard dash) to move around instantly during a fight. It allows him to chase, evade and position faster than most vr mentor in the game. He also has great synergy with the environment for mobility. To use him effectively, chakra jump cancel and guard dash is the most important factor. Also, you will need to be quick with combo cancel to combo your opponent fluidly. Upon mastering chakra jump, guard dash and combo cancel, you will be able to use him at his greatest potential, the Yellow Flash himself. PSN: Sacredforce
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Devil May Cry 5 (Demo) SSS Rank Gameplay
Been having a lot of fun in DMCV demo. Definitely what I will be playing in the near future! Player: Sacredforce Live Stream in Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/isacredforcel
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Way of the Nioh: Sanada Maru (Yukimura Sanada WotN)
A fight against the one with an undying spirit of honour, Yukimura Sanada. Hype for Nioh 2! Master Samurai vs Yukimura Sanada PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh: PvP (Skill Battle)
PvP video of the week, enjoy. Weapon: Spear & Axe Player (PS4): Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Itachi (Best Range Pick)
*Range type VR mentor pick* Itachi playstyle involves around throwing kunai while utilizing his jutsu. Both strong attack and ninja tool are fast and can be chained considerably to throw a barrage of kunai to its target. His kunai throw also has better tracking than most range type. His kit is good enough to even put pressure against high level team in a match. Using the wall to your advantage will bring you greater result. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh PvP 1.19 (Skill Battle) Tonfa
The weapon is short, but brutal. Player: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker: Best PVP Trial Highlight
*Attack Type only This is our last free demo highlight before the game official release. As I play more into the game, along with those two new jutsu, I was able to experience how the game can offer intense high speed combat. Even more engaging with lock on mode, you have to manage every mechanics and techniques at your disposal in order to play this game to its fullest potential. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh 2 & plans ahead...
Back in Nioh! Abit late for the react & plans vids, but I had to step up my content for better quality. *OST made by* Zisen Music: Samurai ☯ Trap & Bass Asia Trap Beat ☯ Japanese Type Beat, Rap Beat
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Nioh: Boss Rush (WotW)
Trying to get through as many mission as possible to unlock Way of the Nioh. (for more video content) Hope you enjoy it. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_qCIMXFEfQ&t=64s PSN: Sacredforce
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Monster Hunter World: Weapon Controls & Mechanics
Recommended for learning a weapon. (Open CC for extra detail from other contributors) *Time stamp* Great Sword: 0:37 Long Sword: 6:02 Sword & Shield: 10:26 Dual Blades: 13:56 Hammer: 17:22 Hunting Horn: 21:25 Lance: 25:04 Gunlance: 28:45 Switch Axe: 32:50 Charge Blade: 37:54 Insect Glaive: 43:44 Bowgun: 47:47 Bow: 53:30 In this video tutorial /guide, you will know how to completely control a weapon and to use their mechanics at its greatest potential. Player (PS4): Sacredforce.
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Way of the Nioh: Date's Will (Masamune Date WotN)
Facing one of the most fearsome lord in Japan, Date Masamune. (with all weapon compilation of a Master Samurai!) *Elemental Damage sucks Hype for Nioh 2! PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh PvP (Skill Battle) #7
PvP of the Week. Enjoy! I was a little busy with MHW recently. Hopefully I will upload more content! PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker: Survival Mode (first experience)
A 6 player free-for-all brawl in the battlefield? where it all comes down to your solo performance to survive? I'm in! There is currently a free trial for ps4 version download and try this game out. It is available until 31 January , and you can try out the game, even this new game mode!
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Sharingan
*Attack Type* Patch 1.08 Main Jutsu: Sharingan Secondary Jutsu: Tornado High (0:00) - Leaf Whirlwind (5:18) - Teleportation Jutsu (13:40) Difficulty: Hard Having Sharingan brings a new meta with clones in a fight. Not only you are more safe, but you can also bring some powerful substitution jutsu to deal damage and/or negative effect. Which secondary jutsu to use depends on your playstyle. I took what suits me best with sharingan. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh PvP 1.20 (Skill Battle) Odachi
Odachi is basically the Eclipse Scythe in Ninja Gaiden. Great reach and great power. Player: Sacredforce
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Way of the Nioh: The Future Heir (Toyotomi Hideyori WotN)
Another story boss to the last DLC of Nioh, who will stop at nothing to fulfill his cause to become the successor of the land, Toyotomi Hideyori. Note: I had to use a spirit guardian just so that I dont have to restart all the time in the abyss for dying, and I dont want that to happen. Toyotomi Hideyori vs Master Samurai -5 useful techniques for gameplay (to play better at the game) https://youtu.be/_EcW7IPb-yo PSN: Sacredforce
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Way of the Nioh: Mysterious Samurai (Shima Sakon WotN)
Shima Sakon, probably the most broken Ai I have ever dealt with in Nioh. I hope we dont get to see it again in Nioh 2. Live Stream in Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/isacredforcel PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Heals Only
*Healer Type* Jutsu: Cellular Extraction Jutsu - Palm Sage Jutsu Difficulty: Easy Its a build that can keep your team alive almost all the time. Without much effort, either your teammate does the kill for you or you have your secret jutsu ready to use. Using this build allows you to charge your secret jutsu gauge faster for healing your teammate. Its a little boring when playing with this build, but it does help saving your teammate from getting killed (this build mostly work in Combat Mode). PSN :Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Inferno Style
*Range Type* Jutsu: Amateratsu - Inferno Style: Flame Control Difficulty: Medium Build that focus on burn damage. Good range and can deal a lot of damage when use to a group. Can also penetrate all defense. Been trying out Range type recently, and they are pretty good at hit & run tactic (especially with kusanagi sword). Inferno Style: Susano'o Flame Control need some rework for constantly missing its target. PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Pure Taijutsu (Power version)
*Attack Type* Jutsu: Leaf Flash - Leaf Rising Wind Build: Hard While having longer cooldown, this build is made for a powerful counter attack and pure damage dealer. These two jutsu are strong enough to take out range/heal type in one combo. Unlike the speed version. It has better chance to follow with a combo. Having a ninjutsu cooldown reduction was necessary for this build to get more combo/counter attack opportunity. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh PvP (Skill Battle) #10
PvP from last week! Some opponent were interesting to fight! *I will be busy for a few days to try out Shinobi Striker. Enjoy! PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh Top PvP (Skill Battle) #2
Despite the PvP mode being dead, meeting new challengers is refreshing, and they reminds me how fun is the combat system. I got to face more opponent who have showed their worth. This is another Nioh Top PvP (Skill Battle) with +AAA rank. PSN: Sacredforce
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Shinobi Striker (PVP): Flame Bomber
*Range Type* Jutsu: Fire Style: Flame Bomb - Lighting Style: Lighting Shuriken Net Difficulty: Hard While these jutsu have good attack speed, it can be missed sometimes. At this point, it is best to use when they are not moving. Been trying out these buffed jutsu with lighting shuriken net,flame bomb and giant flame bomb, and they can actually deal great amount of damage. These can even eliminate most player in one combo if used properly. PSN: Sacredforce
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Nioh 2nd Anniversary
This is Nioh 2nd anniversary fanmade video. How have we come this far with this game and its story? And celebration for 2.5 million unit sold! I will be looking forward to Nioh 2! *Game and image belong to Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja respectively. *Music: Kill Me Softly The music used in the video belongs to Nick Phoenix / Thomas Bergersen - Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell
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Shinobi Striker: Clan Party (Chikara)
A couple of match in Ninja World League (NWL) with Chikara clan, one of the top clan in Shinobi Striker. PSN: Sacredforce
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