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10 Hilarious Special Effects Scenes in African Movies
Full Disclosure: These movies are shot with very little budget. Here are 10 unbelievable FX scenes in African movies.
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How to Dance Gwara Gwara
Need new moves? Look no further. Dope Afrobeats dancer Izzy Odigie teaches us how to dance Gwara Gwara. Song: Babes Wodumo ft. Mampintsha - Wololo Shooter/Producer: Chika Okoli Editor/Motion Graphics: Paul Notice
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Q-Tip Gets Swabbed & Discovers His African Roots
Full Story: http://bit.ly/wENaiv A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip tests his DNA to trace back his African ancestral roots. For the full story: Video by Native Resonance http://www.nativeresonance.com/nr/?cat=12
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How To Afro Glide
Afrogliding, a.k.a. the perfect dance move to #MansNotHot. Watch to learn how. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u70fJQDcg0s
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Africans Try Haitian Snacks While Drunk on Haitian Rum
Cancel your plans to watch these Africans down ***strong*** rum and try Haitian snacks for the first time. How similar, or not, are they to African goodies? WARNING: Reactions are unfiltered.
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Jollof Wars: Ghana vs Nigeria, The Official Taste Test
We brought together Ghanaians and Nigerians of discriminating taste to decide once and for all which one of these nations has the best Jollof rice. Watch the video to see if Ghana must go or if Naija carried last. Producers: Kanil Ward Antoinette Isama Videographer: Kanil Ward Audio: Sinat Giwa Kanil Ward Editor: Kanil Ward Associate Producers Chika Okoli Oyinkan Olojede Production Assistant: Sinat Giwa
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The Roots of The Roots:?uesto and Black Thought Find Their Origins
Full Story: http://bit.ly/ruSTJl ?uestlove and Black Thought of The Roots take DNA test to find out where in Africa they come from.
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8 Must-See Fight Scenes From African Movies
Kick, smack, punch, pow! African movies wouldn't be the same if we didn't put our own spin on fight and kung fu scenes. Here are 8 must-see fight scenes from African movies. Editor: Soofi Shaheen
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Driving Forces: Hair by Susy is Building Community in Brooklyn | Presented by Uber
Susy Oludele is the founder of Hair by Susy Salon. Watch her share her story and talk about how she protects her magic. Brought to you by Uber. Driving Forces is a video series profiling young creative people who are empowering their communities. OkayAfrica partnered with Uber to highlight the stories of influential women whose work brings underrepresented voices to the front. Read more about how Uber is supporting women in the workplace here: https://ubr.to/2MMSMju Director: Brittany "B.Monét" Fennell Producer: Ayana Barber Producer: Oyinkan Olojede Editor: Morgan Riles Director of Photography: April Maxey Sound Mixer: Rob Albrecht Production Assistant: Ross Mayfield Production Company: Keep Productions Inc
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A-Z of: African Dance
Song: Midnight Starring Artist: DJ Maphorisa ft. Moonchild Sanelly, DJ Tira, Busiswa Producer: Chika Okoli Videographer: Paul Notice Dancers: Erica Saydee, Grace Agyepong, Betsy Nkrumah, Regine Bellinger, Tania Jean, B.L. James, Jessica Kolo, Kadijah Bah, Tumi Nkolo, Antoinette Isama.
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How the 70s Became Somalia's Golden Age of Music
In this explainer, learn what political, social, and cultural forces forged Somalia's golden age of music, what caused its demise, and why a new golden age is happening right now. Motion Graphics: Peter Blanco Script: Vik Sohonie
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French Montana's Moroccan Roots I Okayafrica TV
Full Story: http://bit.ly/OUiqzY French Montana invited Okayafrica TV to Diddy's recording studio in midtown Manhattan to talk about his Moroccan roots while he put the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut album Excuse My French, due this fall via Interscope. Producer and Editor: Allison Swank Videographers: Christian San Martin + Chinisha Scott Sound: Greg Scott
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The Questions With Jidenna [Roots Picnic 2016]
Editor: Lance Steagall (of COLLABO!) Producers: Ginny Suss Hope Wilson Jiro Kohl Videographers: Lance Steagall (of COLLABO!) Jake Remington (of COLLABO!) Pascal Youance Rafe Scoobey-Thal Ralston Smith Carlos Cardona Jesse Groening Raymond "Hidji" Martinez Emmai Alaquiva Chris Petricko Audio: Greg Scott Rob Zogby Jordan Gilliam Media Management: Chinisha Scott Production Management: Grace Bellamy Production Assistants: Ricardo Sosa Tim Evans
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Okayafrica TV: The Making of 'Lady' w/ Questlove x tUnE-yArDs x Angélique Kidjo
Full Story: http://bit.ly/MbwEI1 OKA boss Questlove linked up with tUnE yArDs, Angelique Kidjo, and Akua Naru to cover the legendary Afrobeat pioneer for Red Hot + Fela - a new Fela Kuti compilation by the Red Hot Organization and (RED) campaign. In this behind-the-scenes clip, Questo and Merrill Garbus (tUnE yArDs) talk about dissecting Fela's complex percussive rhythms and reclaiming "Lady" for modern African women.
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How Bao Game (Mancala) is Played in Kenya
Known as Mancala world-over, this cherished African game goes by Bao in Kenya (and countless other names across the continent) and has been played for centuries. Watch this extreme Bao enthusiast go against his toughest opponent: his teacher. Videographer/Editor: Nduati Mambo
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OkayAfrica 100 Women: Nomzamo Mbatha
South African actress, spokesmodel, and humanitarian Nomzamo Mbatha empowers other African women to be bold and express themselves in a world where they're are taught to be timid and "polite". It's time to speak up and be heard, "If you can’t communicate your feelings, if you can’t communicate your words, someone else can take that narrative and control it for you." Go to 100women.okayafrica.com to read more about her life and career. Follow the hashtag #Okay100Women all month long to learn about more incredible African women.
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10 African Music Videos That Defined Your Childhood
Let nostalgia overwhelm you as you soak in the dance moves, the outfits, the hairstyles, and the iconic African jams that defined your childhood with these throwbacks. Editor: Soof Light
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Driving Forces: Rapsody's Career is Inspired by Women | Presented by Uber
Rapsody is adding to the story of the women before her that have shaped her as an artist. Watch her speak on her process and the importance of work ethic. Brought to you by Uber. Driving Forces is a video series profiling young creative people who are empowering their communities. OkayAfrica partnered with Uber to highlight the stories of influential women whose work brings underrepresented voices to the front. Read more about how Uber is supporting women in the workplace here: https://ubr.to/2MMSMju Director: Brittany "B.Monét" Fennell Producer: Ayana Barber Producer: Oyinkan Olojede Editor: Morgan Riles Director Of Photography: Ragland Media Sound Mixer: Matthew Smith
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Motèl Mari 'Just Like A King'
More info: http://www.okayafrica.com/2012/06/27/motel-mari-just-like-a-king-video/ Produced by http://www.nobodiesbusiness.tv/ Cast: Motèl Mari / Grandmaster Cap Vishanti Arumugam / Jurgen Meekel The Doll House Staff Director - Mpumelelo Mcata Producer - Laurence Hamburger & Mpho Masango Production Management - Zandi Tisani Camera - Antonio Forjaz / Liam Lynch Camera Assistant - Michele Mathison Editor - Daniel Levi & João Orecchia Colourist - Delon Misic (Sinister Studio)
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Okayafrica TV: I Know Where I'm From - Joakim Noah on Fela Kuti
Chicago Bull's center, Joakim Noah, whose father is tennis star and singer Yannick Noah, and whose grandfather is Cameroonian soccer star Zacharie Noah, grew up listening to Fela Kuti. In this piece, Joakim talks about Fela's audacity to speak the truth on behalf of his people, Tupac as a new generation's Fela, Noah's gift for Obama, and the importance of knowing one's roots. Video by Native Resonance.
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OkayAfrica: Costume Design in Black Panther
Nigerian designer Walé Oyéjidé, creative director of menswear line Ikiré Jones, has his work featured in Marvel's blockbuster 'Black Panther' film. Hear him walk through the movie's key costume design elements, their inspiration, and why they're game-changers.
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Getting Tattoos with French-Cuban Duo, Ibeyi.
Under the needle at a Brooklyn tattoo parlor, French-Cuban duo Ibeyi tells the story behind each song on their new album "Ash". Hear how their Yoruba roots and passion for women's empowerment & racial justice inspired a collection of powerful anthems, each championing the famous quote, "They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds."
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Bare Soul Pt.3: Nneka 'Camouflage' (Live Acoustic)
Full Story: http://bit.ly/HuH9m9 We caught Nigerian chanteuse Nneka at Cielo in NYC, where she performed an intimate acoustic set of standouts from Soul Is Heavy — grab the album at Decon. Nneka sang nearly 10 minutes of "Camouflage" with such unfettered passion she barely opened her eyes (above). This is the third in a four-part Bare Soul series brought to you by Okayafrica and Decon.
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Kenyan Parkour
Jumping off walls, bouncing from rooftops. Spiraling through the air and landing on his feet effortlessly. That ain’t Spiderman. Meet Adam Hassan from Mombasa, Kenya. He's a self-taught parkour practitioner and free-runner. Learn how he built his superhuman skill and the secret to mastering the craft. Music: Song: '254 Dip" Artist: Nu Fvnk Buy: apple.co/2uLeyMx
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A Day in the Life of Yemi Alade  | Presented by Uber
The Queen of Afrobeats is creating community wherever she lands. We spend a day with Yemi Alade before her big concert with OkayAfrica in NYC. Yemi uses Uber's On-Time Pickups Guarantee feature to help make sure she gets to where she needs to be on time. Director: Brittany "B.Monét" Fennell Producer: Ayana Barber Producer: Oyinkan Olojede Editor: Nick Caiazza Director of Photography: April Maxey Director of Photography: Greg Poole Sound Mixer: Rob Albrecht Production Assistant: Ross Mayfield Production Company: Keep Productions Inc Brought to you by Uber
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Moments With: Rotimi
You may know Nigerian singer and actor Rotimi from his role in the Starz hit show 'Power,' but you should also get to know his afrobeats-inspired music. We sit down to talk to him about growing up as a first-generation Nigerian immigrant in New Jersey and his buzzing new single "Love Riddim." Credits: Producers | Kam Tambini & Greg Poole Editor | Israel Nava Cinematographer | Sam Henriques
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OkayAfrica's 100 Women: Grace Mahary
Eritrean model and #OKay100women honoree talks about her mother's influence, navigating the fashion industry as an African woman and more.
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How Ilê Aiyê Brought Blackness Back to Carnival
Ilê Aiyê is an Afro-Bloco, a group that promotes Brazil's African heritage at Salvador's Carnival, where blacks were historically excluded from their own tradition.
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RIP Hugh Masekela: Our Top 9 Favorite Songs from the Jazz Artist
Remembering Hugh Masekela, Jazz Legend, Activist and Anti-Apartheid Hero with our favorite songs from the artist.
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How to Make Jamaican Cold Remedy
Protect yourself from a nasty cold or flu with this simple homemade Jamaican remedy. Bonus: It's delicious.
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OKAY / NOT OKAY With Laura Mvula
Laura Mvula stars in our first episode of OKAY / NOT OKAY. Producer: Ginny Suss Kam Tambini Videographer: Kanil Ward Audio: Greg Scott Editor: Kanil Ward
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African Parents 101: LOVE
African parents are very complex beings. In this episode, Ike Slimster helps dissect their character as it relates to love. Let us know in the comments how your parents show love.
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Bare Soul Pt.1: Nneka 'Shining Star (Live Acoustic)'
Full Story: http://bit.ly/Hn3fZH We caught Nigerian chanteuse Nneka at Cielo in NYC, where she performed an intimate acoustic set of standouts from Soul Is Heavy (grab the album at Decon). All eyes were on Nneka while she crooned through an alluring version of "Shining Star." This is the first in a three part "Bare Soul" series brought to you by Okayafrica and Decon.
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West African Chicken Stew Recipe
Learn how to make this classic chicken stew recipe in a couple breezy steps. Get the full recipe here: bit.ly/2nb4b0R Song: Holiday Artist: DJ Spinall Listen: spoti.fi/2AfiV1p
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OkayAfrica 100 Women: Gelila Bekele
Meet Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian model, activist, and filmmaker. She's a self-described village girl and proud of it. Because of that, she helps support access to clean water and education, two aspects that are crucial for longterm sustainability. This way, we can make sure that "Africa is not a dumping ground for aid." Go to 100women.okayafrica.com to read more about her work and mission. Follow the hashtag #Okay100WOmen to learn about other incredible African women.
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7 Ways to Tie a Headwrap
The ladies of OkayAfrica show us 7 ways to tie a headwrap. Producer: Chika Okoli Video Editor: Paul Notice Song: Only Girl Artist: Adekunle Gold Download here: smarturl.it/Only.Girl
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OkayAfrica x Nike Present: Naija Worldwide
Naija Worldwide, presented by OkayAfrica and Nike, was the epitome of summertime vibes in Brooklyn this summer. Partygoers came through to The Well to celebrate Nike's triumphant Nigeria kits as Team Nigeria headed to Russia with style. In this recap video, you'll get a glimpse of the fun along with some familiar faces like Laolu Senbanjo, DJ Moniki, DJ MOMA and DJ Tunez along with our surprise performance guest, Burna Boy. Song: PH City Vibration Artist: Burna Boy
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Beatenberg Live At OKAY SPACE
Cape Town indie band Beatenberg perform an acoustic set during Mumford And Sons' Johannesburg Pop Up at OKAY SPACE, June 2016. With special guest Baaba Maal. Producer: Ginny Suss Editor: Ralston Smith Videographers: Ralston Smith Pascal Youance Audio: Greg Scott
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Niko10Long on the Afrikaaps Movement
A blend of Rasta, Hip-Hop, and the Afrikaans language, Afrikaaps takes aim at failed government policies, poverty, and the everyday realities of life in Wesbank, Cape Town. Hear musician Niko10Long break down what makes this music a movement. Videographer/Editor: Shatho Tibone
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How to Make Suqaar
Learn to make this delicious Somali beef and potato dish by following these simple steps. Your taste buds will thank you. Here's the full recipe: bit.ly/2in8iSv Song: Only Girl Artist: Adekunle Gold Listen: spoti.fi/2zCsIR4
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Cynthia Erivo to African Women: You Have to Know That You Are Enough
We sat down with the talented Cynthia Erivo to discuss her career in theatre and film, her upcoming projects, what it means to be Nigerian-British, how she stays true to herself and more. Credits Videographer: Ralston Smith Editor: Ralston Smith Audio: Greg Scott Producer: Ginny Suss Associate Producer: Antoinette Isama
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Okay Acoustic With ÌFÉ
ÌFÉ performs "Bangah (Pico y Palo)" for Okay Acoustic Credits: Ralston Smith: videographer Shannon Johnson: videographer + editor Ginny Suss: producer Greg Scott: audio Big thanks to David Slitsky for mixing audio
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OkayAfrica's 100 Women: Yvonne Orji
Rising Hollywood star and #Okay100Women honoree, Yvonne Orji chats with us on the challenges of being a female comedian, her Nigerian background and more. * This feature is in conjunction with our inaugural list—“OkayAfrica’s 100 Women”—where we take a look at the women making an impact on the African continent and in the diaspora. Check out the biggest names in culture to young up-and-comers in “OkayAfrica’s 100 Women” list here: http://bit.ly/2misXtD Producer: Hanan Osman Associate Producer: Jamila Jordon Videographer: Sam Mosco Editor: Elliot Ashby
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Afro Dandies
We sat down with 4 stylish creatives to see what influences their personal style and drives their creativity. Talents: Rog Walker (https://www.instagram.com/papermonday/) Louge Delcy (https://www.instagram.com/dapperlou/) Steven Onoja (https://www.instagram.com/stevenonoja/) Ernest Danjuma (https://www.instagram.com/thedanjuma/)
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Driving Forces: How Studio 189 Connects Women Across Borders | Presented by Uber
Abrima Erwiah and Rosario Dawson are the co-founders of Studio 189. Watch them share their story and how they are impacting communities of women and entrepreneurs in Africa and across the globe—Brought to you by Uber. Driving Forces is a video series profiling young creative people who are empowering their communities. We've partnered with Uber to highlight the stories of influential women entrepreneurs whose work brings underrepresented voices to the front. Director: B.Monét Producer: Ayana Barber Producer: Oyinkan Olojede Editor: Darnell Stalworth Director Of Photography: Eun-ah Lee Sound: Ley Comas Makeup: Zoe Verdejo Hair: Matin Maulawizada from the Tracey Mattingly Agency Production Assistant: Raginee Nath Sources: 7 of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa (Deloitte) The median age in Africa is 19 (World Economic Forum)
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Okayafrica presents: Beeraha Minnesota.
This Somali farmer is working to introduce subsistence farming to the Somali community in Minnesota. A film by Mahlia Posey for Crossing the Divide.
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Baba Maraire of Shabazz Palaces I Okayafrica TV
We caught up with Tendai "Baba" Maraire of Shabazz Palaces recently at Brooklyn Bowl. Amid a booming sound check he told us about his ethnomusicologist father, and chatted about what he might do when Zimbabwean life-president Robert Mugabe passes away. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/Vh0fkC
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60 Seconds with Simi - Nigeria's First Olympic Skeleton Athlete
Simidele Adeagbo is Nigeria's first-ever female skeleton athlete, and she's competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Find out how she's making history and paving the way for future athletes.
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Seun Kuti: Afrobeat Forever
Full Story: http://bit.ly/ypsDQC In this video Seun rips today's commercial hip-hop artists a new one, talks about polygamy and monogamy ("one wife too many"), his dream collabo, and how he'll keep the afrobeat flame alive forever. According to Rolling Stone, Seun Kuti's sophomore album, From Africa With Fury: Rise - co-produced with Brian Eno, "burns."
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Black Girl Magic With Khoudia Diop A.K.A. Melanin Goddess
Senegalese model Khoudia Diop​ opens up on the societal pressures of being a dark skin woman and how she has come to love her dark skin. Produced by Chika Okoli Videographer Kanil Ward Assistant Producers Sinat Giwa and Hanan Osman
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