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my first animation
so guys this is my real first animation I sucked the first time I tried this app but I gotten better
Views: 21 stick gaming Basil
/\///\/_//-\ fight the Movie:short film
A short film about 3 NINJAS fighting. Made by my cousin. pls subscribe, like and share, dont look at the spoilers: SPOILER:No one wins
Views: 19 stick gaming Basil
stick war 7
hey guys(my 3 subs) technically this is another video made by my cousin
Views: 11 stick gaming Basil
Stick war 4
ran out of ideas and havent posted in a while
stick war 2
lol I pressed the wrong one
Views: 27 stick gaming Basil
stick war 6
hey sorry for no sounds the app doesn't have sounds
Views: 15 stick gaming Basil
stick war 3
Im just kidding only 2each a day
Views: 13 stick gaming Basil
stick war 5
2 uploads this day technically im posting this at 4:44 in the morning but in my country its night
stick war (first)
this is the first one since I messed up might as well post it
Views: 15 stick gaming Basil

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