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How many more times
Miguel y gregorio jams were decided along time ago back in 2010 when Mike & decided we would jam as often as we could to play out & share some of our favorite musical backgrounds from the 60', 70's, 80's & 90's. Led Zeppelin is one of every Guitarist's Favorite guitarist "Jimmy Page" and for me, the Ultimate Drum Teacher to all of us drummers, Mister John Henry Bonham. My goal in Drumming, is to always learn, grow and most of all just play for the fun of playing. Miguelygregoriojams are "Never perfect, Always fun" ...so enjoy our version of this great Cover classic...Rock on.
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Uncle Salty
Rick Zaccaro - Bass Guitar Mike Alvord - Electric Guitar Greg Diener - Drums
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Boogie with Stu (Gregorio version)
I have a tendency to hear the Song in many different ways. I started the Day with Practicing on my Drums to music from Physical Graffiti. Boogie with Stu always comes on and I immeadiatly wanna ROCK it out...So today, i tried to Rock it up...with my Pork Pie drum kit offering more textures & layers to the song.
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Power - Tears For Fears
Practice time is so fun for me...I always work on rudiments, timing, dynamics and just try to improve my Feel for the Drum Kit. Always adding in more of my personal interpretations and improving thru the songs. Great song to loosen up with.
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Have a drink on me (AC/DC Back in Black)
Rock n Roll the way we like it. AC/DC has so many great songs. look for more up coming Rock n Roll cover tunes from Miguel and Gregorio on our Miguelygregoriojams channel on you tube.
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Gregorio - New Brass Snare Drum Demo
Snare # 6 - the "Phantom Fat Cat" by Phoenix Drum Company. With it's proprietary "Ghost Port" ...This Snare is every bit what I expected it to be and so much more. Classic Brass detailing, the hoops are both custom finished, on down to the Metal PDC wings logo. Check out this Snappy Snare drum of mine...and has all the classic "Snap - Crackle - Pop" too. Bucket list - Check !
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Animal Magnetism
Miguel - Guitar Gregorio - Drums Animal Magnetism
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Snap Crackle & Poppin Pork Pie Piccolo snare drum - Gregorio
Warming up with my Piccolo snare drum on the kit today.
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Traveling Riverside Blues
Miguel Sportin more of his "Slide guitar" action on this Led Zeppelin Classic, We both really enjoyed playing & recording this one. I Hit the single bass drum kicks when i normally would just use my double bass pedals, but we all need to continue to Challenge ourselves and grow, each and every time we get the opportunity to play drums.
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Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution
The Home studio sounded especially "Crisp" Today, must of been that KICK ASS Guitar and Amp that came to Visit...CRANK IT UP !!! Migeulygregoriojams are on youtube and see other video jams from today on "Gregory diener drummer FB page ". Play it loud ...
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Rats in the Cellar
Tres Hombres Rockin more classic Aerosmith today. Miguel - Guitar, Gregorio - Drums, Ricardo - Bass.
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Gregorio Demo Series - New Snare Head
After 2 1/2 years of the same Sanre head, i decide to listen to Dan Shinder about the New Aquarian Drum heads. Although the "Triple Threat" version was not on the Shelf today, i did find the Studio-X head. Coated white with the look of a DW head to be quite honest. Sound Loud & Crisp. Here is a short Sampling of that new Sanre head and a new 6" Remo Clear Pinstripe head for my Concert Tom I refer to as one of my "Killer Pies". Come give it a listen...
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Gregorios New PA system sound check
Mackie Pro mixer - Alto 800 watt Speaker Amp - 4 drum kit mics and one Singers mic & a Studio that's way more Rockin. Here is a sample of the first official sound check with all 5 of the mic's on my Drum kit. Still time to tweek the sound levels ....
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Machine Messiah
This song has alot of "Time Signature" changes, Great Fills, Ghost notes and a driving Ride cymbal beat. Great Way to Warm up. Taking time today to get back on my Drum Kit. Holiday Time this past week has been All Family time & No Drum Playing. So heres to another Warm up Video on my Pork Pie Drum Kit.
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Tres Hombres - Desert Plains
Ricardo on Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals - Miguel on Lead Guitar - Gregorio on Drums
Copy of Gregorio Drum Play along series - Tom Sawyer
Gregorio Plays Pork Pie Percussion Drums Exclusively. New Sony Digital Video Recording device works quite nicely. RUSH - Moving Pictures 1980
Gregorio Drum Play Along - Hands Clean
Gregorio Diener - Plays Pork Pie Percussion Drums, Zildjiam & Sabian Cymbals. Alanis Morrissette - Under Rug Swept.
Gregorio - Pump Drum Cover 2019
Pork Pie Percussion Drums - Pork Pie Percussion BOB Big Black Brass Snare Drum - Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals - Roland Snare Drum and Bass Drum Triggers - Remo Heads - Pearl Pedals
Wearing & Tearing (it up)
Miguel put out there an incredible and very "Heavy" set list for me to play to. This was such a challenge for me, i never bought the Led Zeppelin CD Coda until about 4 months ago (i own the entire Zep CD collection) except this one CD... so i really never new the song before that. Since he made the set list about 3 weeks ago, i was not sure how this would translate, but leave it to Miguel, he always knows out to teach old drummers new tricks. so glad we did this song. Gracias Miguel...
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Copy of Gregorio Drum play along series - Listen to the Music
Gregorio playing with "Traditional grip" for a change with this Doobie Brothers Classic.
Gregorio play along series - Excuses
Gregorio plays Pork Pie Percussion Drums exclusively, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals. Alanis Morissette.
Gregorio Drum along series   The Ballad of Jayne
I saw LA Guns "live" numerous times back in the 80's down on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood CA. I always loved their Raw, Honest Rock n Roll style...
Raul and the Kings of Spain
GoPro time in the Home Studio. Practice time is my favorite time to play Drums. Gives me space to try new things, Experiment and just let loose. My Pork Pie Drums and Zildjian Cymbals just cut right thru with this Amazing video camera.
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Freedom Of Choice
Rockin out to 80's DEVO...Miguel with his Killer Fender Stratocaster. Always trying new cover jams.
Gregorio Drum Play along series - Gods Mistake
Gregorio plays Pork Pie Percussion exclusively, Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals. Tears For Fears - from the Raoul and the Kings of Spain Album.
Gregorio - Take Your Whiskey Home Drum Cover
Pork Pie Percussion Drums - Pork Pie BOB Big Brass Snare Drum - Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals - Roland Snare and Bass Drum Triggers - Remo Heads - Pearl Pedals
Gregorio Drum Play along series - You can't kill Rock and Roll
Gregorio Plays Pork Pie Percussion Drums exclusively. Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman.
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Kick Port Demo by Gregorio Diener Drummer
This Demo Video is to show how much more the amount of increased Volume this "Kick Port International" Bass Drum Kick Port has had on my 24" x 16" Pork Pie Bass Drum. I Sample a familiar Led Zeppelin Drum Beat and go off on the toms with the Bass drum being the Focus for that pure & louder Volume that it has now. Very impressed with this Product. Thank you Kick Port international/
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keep yourself alive
Miguel - Guitar / Gregorio - Drums / Keep Yourself Alive
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Gregorio Drum play along series- Who Killed Tangerine
Gregorio plays Pork Pie Percussion Drums exclusively, Zildjian & Sabian cymbals, Roland Drum module & Roland Drum Triggers. Tears For Fears - Everybody loves a Happy Ending.
Gregorio Drum Warm up Series  -  Coming Home Live
Rainy days are the best dayz to Rock out....Classic Cinderella.
Gregorio Diener - Custom Pork Pie Drum kit Virtual tour November 2013
Spend some time today "Tweaking" the Pork Pie Concert toms...8", 10", 12" all needed a lift and a new Closer Reach that i find so much more comfortable, and that means more power in the Attack !!! A short tour to get the feel for the Tambourine, the Wuhan Bell, my 2 Latin Percussion Ice Bells and the cowbell tree centered and more melodic in reach too.
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Have a Drink on me
AC/DC has some of the Best Rock N Roll Drum Rhythms ever. Getting Stoked on tomorrow's BIG Rock Jam Session Day w/ Guitarist Michael AKA "Miguel"...Tomorrow can't come soon enough...Had to Have a Drink on me !!!
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Gregorio Drum along series  - Touch too much
Drum along video Challenge Day with Luis Negron, I messaged out to him today for another Drum along video Challenge, where we both record the same drum cover. Here's my take on "Touch too much". AC/DC... "It's OK to turn this one way up"
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Copy of Gregorio drum along -  Precious Illusions
Pork Pie Percussion Drums. Phoenix Drum Company Snare. Zildjian & Sabian cymbals.
Gregorio - War Pigs Drum Cover
Pork Pie Percussion Drums - Pork Pie BOB Big Black Brass Snare Drum - Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals - Roland Snare and Bass Drum Triggers - Remo Heads - Pearl Pedals
Copy of Gregorio Drum Warm up series - Magical Mystery Tour
Greg Diener - Pork Pie Percussion Drums - Zildjian & Sabian cymbals.
Gregorio Secret Video Cam Pork Pie Percussion at Namm 2013
I took this Video clip while Bill Detamore & Shawn were working with potential new Clients. The entire booth was sold in the first day !!! take a look at all the incredible Snare drums and notice the Sold tags on them, this Line of Drums i have been playing since the late 1980's, Made by an American. In my Opinion, one of the best Drums lines ever.
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Summertime Blues
We both like the band, "The Who" ...Who doesn't really? But Rush's Feedback CD version of this Classic hit "Summertime Blues" has so many cool Drum elements. Alot of Triplets & Cymbal bashing was the style that Keith Moon intended it to be played. Since Neil Peart & Rush Recreated it, we decided the Rush Feedback Version was the one we would play. This Song Screams !!!!!!!
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Gregorio Drum play along  -  Janie's got a gun
Pork Pie Percussion Drum kit - Phoenix Drum Company Phantom Fat Cat Brass Snare Drum - Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals - Roland Bass Drum & Snare Drum Triggers - Latin Percussion ice bells - Pearl Hi-hat stand & Pearl Double Bass Drum Pedals. #Drumvideochallange.
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Gregorios Pork Pie Snare Drum Quiver
Since the mid 1980's; William P Detamore started a home grown American Drum business, and it continues to this Day. Stronger and more innovated than ever...I'm a Proud owner of these 4 Pork Pie snare drum Classic's. From my first Pork Pie Snare back in 1991, then onto my 1995 Piccolo snare, to my 2006 Clear & White Swirl mix acrylic snare and my current 2011 Black Gloss Silver Sparkle Pork Pie Pig Mascot logo Snare Drum... ROCK ON !!!
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Gregorio  -  Raoul and the Kings of Spain
Pork Pie Percussion Drums - Phoenix Drum Company Phantom Fat Cat Brass Snare Drum - Roland Snare & Bass Drum Triggers - Zildjian & Sabian cymbals - Pearl Pedals - Latin Percussion chimes
Gregorio -  The Unforgettable Fire
Warming up with some Classic U2 music. This is the first song I''ve recorded with my new Phanton Fat Cat Snare Drum by Phoenix Drum Company. Thank you Philip Gelb, it's incredible.
Mindwars "Live" performance of Crash
Mike Alvord on Lead vocals & Lead guitar - Danny Z on Backing vocals & Bass Guitar - Roby Vitari as the Dirty Punk Drummer.
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Dog Eat Dog
Ted Nugent is an American Rock n Roll Icon. Miguelygregoriojams have been waiting for the right time to break out some Classic Nugent hits, here is one that Really ROCKS !!! Mike Alvord - Guitar Gregory Diener - Drums & Cymbals
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In My Time Of Dying
Miguel - Guitar / Gregorio - Drums / In My Time Of Dying
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Copy of Gregorio & Joshua West -  Purple Rain
Gregorio on Drums - Joshua West on Guitar & Lead Vocals
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Close to the Edge
Hey - Many of you know my Bro, Dan Shinder and may know that he does online Drum clinics. He was at my "in Home Drum Studio" in LA a few weeks ago where he filmed some new videos for his clinics and I caught some videos of him warming up to "Close to the edge" by Yes. I liked it so much, i thought i would post it here on my FB Page. This is NOT one of his clinics videos - There is NO sound mixing or anything like that. i just thought it would be cool to share completely different angles of my Pork Pie Drum Kit with Dan playing it. This was a really Cool experience for me, as i have known & looked up to Dan for over 30 years and to watch another drummer with all his Drum knowledge & Talent "Rock out" on my Drum kit, made that Day very Special. Come check it out.
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Hearts - Yes 90215
Greg Diener - Pork Pie Drums, Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals, Ice bells & Wind chimes.
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