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Florida Shark Diving / SzJanko
Szilard Janko Instagram @SzJanko www.SzJanko.com Florida Shark Diving Instagram @FloridaSharkDiving www.FloridaSharkDiving.com
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Under the Midnight Spotlight
Model- Jamie Kooiker Szilard Janko Instagram @szjanko www.SzJanko.com
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Sunlight dancing with the ocean
Instagram @SzJanko www.SzJanko.com
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Freediving trip to the Florida Springs
Freediving and camping at Ginnie Springs and Devils Den 00:00 - 11:36 Ginnie Springs 11:36 - 19:36 Devil's Den
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Her Last Breath
Monster: Edward Kis Freediver: Kina Taft Videography/Editing: Szilard Janko www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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Rasta Courage Cover
Jiorgi on vocals Szilard on guitar and piano "Rasta Courage" Try and remember now just what has been done. Enslavement, displacement of every nation. And now to one nation, everyone hold their grudge. Kind of makes me wonder about which side I'm on. I don't defend white, and I don't defend black. I defend truth and rights and all of that. I work on situations where I'm at Hold my position and never fall of track. [Chorus:] Nah give up my faith! Though Babylon rage, I and I will strive until The end of my days. Go against society, Rasta courage. I never give no good vibes And I never give up no truth. Never trade my sanity for living in Babylon crew. Vanity will never drive this man insane. This man will walk alongside Jah again. We see all of the pressure to conform today, And I may sometimes bend, But only as not to break. 'Cause a life of iniquity for laziness' sake Is a deal with the devil Rasta just can't make. [Chorus] Looking back now upon all of the evidence 400 years and what those years have Really done, we talk of peace but at the First sign of war. Bredren and bredren and Sistren ain't sistren no more. Without forgiveness how will any war cease, while the heathen rage Rastaman sitting at ease. No one will move a Muscle for some moral justice and with no justice, there will be no peace. [Chorus] Looking back now upon all of the evidence 400 years and what those years have Really done, we talk of peace but at the First sign of war. Bredren and bredren and Sistren ain't sistren no more. Without forgiveness how will any war cease, while the heathen rage Rastaman sitting at ease. No one will move a Muscle for some moral justice and with no justice, there will be no peace.
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Day in the life of a Mermaid
Following mermaid Jamie around the crystal clear waters of Ginnie Springs. www.SzJanko.com instagram @SzJanko
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B&B Flyboarding in Hollywood (preview video)
B&B Flypack Rentals Call (954) 696-6272 for rental info https://www.facebook.com/pages/BB-Flypack-Rentals/444787418946383 http://www.bbflypackrentals.com/ video edit: Szilard Janko
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Underwater Playground
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Rebelution Reggae Piano Mix
Instagram @SzJanko
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Freediving Perth Western Australia
Underwater playgrounds in the Indian Ocean. instagram @SzJanko www.SzJanko.com
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Florida Springs Mermaid
Florida Springs Mermaid
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Groovin' with the fishies
www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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Bait Ball Playground
www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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GoPro Studio 2.0
Freediving video mix from 2013. Shot with the GoPro Hero 3. Edited with GoPro Studio 2.0 by Szilard Janko. Music: Tyler Keene "The Great Tide"
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Life Happens
A Day On Marco Island
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Rainy Daydreams
Instagram @szjanko www.SzJanko.com
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Freediving Florida's Underwater Caves
A layer of green sediment floated beneath us, from the surface you could not make out the entrance of the cave. As we swam down towards the bottom the water started to become more clear. When we entered the cave we were surrounded by crystal clear water and a light illuminating this massive cave. The reflections from the air bubbles that were stuck on the roof of the cave gave an otherworldly experience. Freediver Lorena Hrbut Thank you to XTAR for providing the 2000 lumen wide beam underwater light used in this video and to Edward Kis for being the safety diver. www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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baby waves
trying the gopro 3 out on the log
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Maybe - Yiruma
Piano cover of Maybe - Yiruma by Szilard Janko
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Baby Shark Rescue
We went out freediving by Commercial Pier today and found this baby shark stuck in a hole under the reef… He had a hook through his mouth with the fishing line wrapped around the reef. I managed to untangle the fishing line and remove the hook from his mouth. There is about 640,000 tons of fishing gear dumped into the ocean each year, people need to be better educated on how a simple action can have such a big impact on the life of an animal. This little guy got to swim away happy at the end :) Szilard Janko @szjanko recorded by Julia Sheffer @jsheffer
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Grain of Sand
Searching for one grain of sand along an endless ocean floor
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Don't Worry Be Happy Cover
Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin singing and drumming on the back of a mandolin: Jordan guitar: Szilard
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Dancing with the Fish
Some moments in life will never fade from memory, felt like we entered a different world in these underwater caves Freediver - Jill de Graaf www.SzJanko.com Instagram @szjanko
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This Is Life
Easter dive trip to Key Largo 3/31/13 GoPro 3 Black Edition with Gopole mount Nikon D7000 Sony Vegas Pro 12
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Winter Trip 2014 - Hiking
Hiking at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.
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Winter Vacation 2013
2013 trip to North Carolina, snowboarding/skiing Sugar Mountain and hiking at Grandfather Mountain. Recorded with the Gopro HD Hero 2 camera Edited by: Szilard Janko on Sony Vegas Pro
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Key West Trip - May 2014
Freediving and riding scooters in Key West
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Move like a Jellyfish
~ Move like a Jellyfish ~ The water was full of these guys during yesterdays dive. (2nd half of the video is reversed and repeated) www.SzJanko.com Szilard Janko Photography
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Living on an Island
Camping on peanut island over memorial weekend with Edward, Mike, Jamie, Viki, and Szilard. Song: Wheeland Brothers "Weather The Storm" Camera: Gopro 3 Black Edition Edit: Sony Vegas Pro by Szilard
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Currents Flow 4k
To go with the flow or to swim against the current? Instagram @SzJanko www.SzJanko.com
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Hollywood Beach Ocean Rescue ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
We challenge Hallandale and Dania Beach Ocean Rescue. To donate go to www.alsa.org As of August 27th the Ice Bucket Donations have raised $94+ million. Video recorded with a GoPro and Canon 7D. Edited on Sony Vegas Pro by Szilard Janko.
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Lend me your eyes I can change what you see. Lorena's eye from a photo I shot with a 50mm lens and animated to create this moving effect.
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Dissolving Into Water
www.SzJanko.com Mermaid: Jamie Szilard Janko Photography
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Deepest Waters
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surff seshh
longboarding and tandem surfing at dania beach
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The entrance to the center of Earth
www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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School of Fish
Uncut video freediving with a school of fish in South Florida www.SzJanko.com
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Sunset Shark Dreams
Sunset Shark Dreams instagram @szjanko www.SzJanko.com
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Curious Cow
www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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Waves in a Concrete Jungle
Little edit from my first 2 days of flying a drone instagram @szjanko www.SzJanko.com
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Jam Sesh
1st song is a remix the last 2 are originals, a lil reggae freestyle, playing around with some music
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Motion of the Ocean
www.SzJanko.com Instagram @SzJanko
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Be The Song
short cover of Be The Song by Szilard Janko
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Mermaids chasing a school of fish
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~ Slow Flow ~
www.SzJanko.com instagram @SzJanko
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