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[Full]Corner of Memories - Persona 4[Piano]
I'm clumsier when its cold soo yea lots of screw ups and off beat in places:P This would make the 2nd attempt. I did the 1st one a year ago and as you see/(hear?) I still don't have a pedal. It threw me off a bit but I wouldn't blame that for the rest of the screw ups. If I do get a pedal I might redo this again cuz I remember playing it on a grand and it sounded awesome:O I used Kaliskolig's midi from Ichigo's forums.
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[Houkago Live!! Style]My Love is a Stapler - K-On! ~ Guitar Lead and Rhythm [TAB]
EDIT: Guitar Pro Tab=D http://www.mediafire.com/?fa6o7bvd65dd6lp I only wrote the guitar parts(edited Yui's to go well with Azusa's) the rest was written by the one who made the original guitar pro file. Check the information on the file for more details. It's written as it was in the game so just improvised if you ever feel the need to:P Finally After a dozen of rerecords I finally finished this:DD College and laziness was in the way so sorry for the delay.. With the release of Houkago Live!! for the psp I had to scrap everything cuz the new Azusa track didn't mix well with the original version. So I redid the lead to match the game and made the rhythm based on the game aswell^.^ Also I mixed some of the parts like towards the end of the chorus the rhythm is the one that mimics the keyboard while in the game Yui plays it instead.
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Mirrors - Tales of the Abyss ~ Piano
for youu~~ and everyone else:P sheet from ichigos forums.
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PS Vita Remote Desktop Test - Vindictus
This is the remote play we've been waiting for! I did not make this program but you can get it over here: http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/Community-Lounge/PS-Vita-Remote-Desktop/td-p/16562147 It's incredibly choppy but keep in mind that the guy said it's only 30% complete. You can't zoom out nor remap the buttons but it's atleast playable.
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Low settings TES Oblivion
Playing oblivion again. Really wish I have a better comp=_= Mods: Smockin sick style DMC Stylish Ayumi set Ami set Deadly Reflex
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[TV Size] Fuwa Fuwa Time - K-On![Lead and Rhythm]
Yep got the replacement on Monday but didn't get to actually play right away cuz of school. Well I wanted to show it off right away so I made this quick video:P It's a little sloppy but the Silvertone Les paul sounds really nice I haven't even change my amp settings to fit the song and it already sounds exactly like it:D And btw the video I made before this was with a broken one. It had chipped wood that scrapped my skin T_T , the knobs weren't working and 3 of the strings had obviously noticeable buzzes. Well I shipped it back from where I bought it and they shipped me a new one as soon as they heard from UPS that I shipped in the broken one, free of charge of course. Besides that I'd recommend this guitar if you can't afford a gibson or even an epiphone its well worth your money:D
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[DTX]Cagayake Girls - K-On![Cymbals Test]
Cymbals came today:D This video doesn't just show I fail at a drumming game on easy mode..but it shows you can use the cymbals add-on without triggering a drum pad:) I already found a nice VST to go with this though I have yet to set it up. Hence this video because it doesn't take awhile to configure the drums for the game. SOo expect to see this drum set in my future videos if I ever get better:P I couldn't find the author of this GDA so sorry for not giving credit properly D:
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[Full]Another Guldove - Chrono Cross[Guitar]
Another Guldove by Yasunori Mitsuda BGM of the classic Chrono Cross Chrono Cross was damn amazing in all aspects. I literally cried cuz i didn't get the story at all back then when I had it in the ps1 D: it was still fun though. It wasn't until I got my first psp that i understand everything about the game:P The music stood out though even now I still recognize most of its soundtracks while games like FFVIII and FFIX I don't remember a single one of their songs and those games I played after Chrono Cross:P Tablature by Kyoh in Ultimate-Guitar and again this video was recorded with my iphone3gs:D
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[LHS] 2010 Piano Recital
Lincoln High school 2010 piano recital Not all of it just some that was recorded:P Josh Le - Theme from the Flinstones Kevin Sanderson - Pachelbel Canon Larry Monteforte - To Zanarkand Carlos Catly(me) - Staple Stable
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[Guitar Test] Cagayake! GIRLS - K-On! [Silvertone Les Paul]
This came today and wanted to test it out:D It's a Cherry Sunburst Les Paul copy by Silvertone. In case you don't know Silvertone they're a company that makes Les Pauls for Epiphone. I bought it for $200 which would be a good deal if it didn't have cracks and chipped wood on the neck:( Well other buyers said to expect it so I'm returning it for another one=/
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Alone -Persona 4~Piano
First music video Constructive criticisms are welcome. Go easy though since I've only been playing for 3 months. The keyboard is on a permanent sustain because I don't have a pedal and I think it sounds better this way:P
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Lavender's Blue~piano
From Alfred's piano book probably off beat but yea thx to a special someone:)
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Dream Fragments - Chrono Cross ~ Piano.mp4
Finally able to make another video:) enjoy:D
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[Demo] Blue Moon - OnL
A really REALLy rough demo that took 5 mins to make. Just wanted to test out Premiere Pro:P
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Super Mario World Yoshi Theme ~ Ukulele
Played by ear but not the rest of em:P And I'll only have this ukulele for an hour or so
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My Love is a Stapler - K-On! ~ Guitar [1/2]
The reason why it's 1/2 cuz there's another guitar playing in the song..which I'm working on right now=_= and I'll probably redo this cuz it sounds kinda off=/
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MHFU Lance training
2:43 clear time 20ish sec was frozen somewhere in the video cuz of usb problems and youtube just cropped it off:(
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[TV Size] Kimi ni Todoke ~ Simple Ver[Piano & Guitar]
Arranged everything just last night and just finished recording the keyboard this morning=D Reading the whole sheet will probably take me forever so I just played w/e and eventually led to this. A bit lazy but hey It was fun without getting too tedious ^.^ Sheets used were Animenz's from Ichigo's Sheet Music and guitar chords were Maycondoprado's from Cifra Club (I think, cant read Spanish) Drums were just something I came up with using my keyboard.
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Staple Stable - Bakemonogatari ~ Piano [Demo]
Its 3 videos put together well its only a demo ill play on one go on the real one:P and Happy Easter all!! especially to youu~
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Don't say "Lazy" - K-On! ~ guitar [Full][Rev2]
Oook..never thought I'd touch this song again but yea previous ones were a bit off=/ sooo..here it is O.o
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Corner of Memories - Persona 4 ~Piano *1st attempt
Wanted to upload something quick so here it is. A Combination of Wtfhaxxorz version, the official score book one, and a bit of improvising since I'm in a hurry. Again constructive criticisms are welcome. Recording techniques would be nice too since I do have another camera but audio quality is horrible. The 1st attempt means I'll come back and fix this later:)
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[TV size]Dango Daikazoku - Clannad ED[Guitar]
Not a demo!!^.^ enjoy. I used the tabs of hironou2525 which is also in youtube I'm probably playing it offbeat but w/e:P And by "used" I mean by memory so expect a lot of mistakes too=/ If you want the tabs he has it in all his videos so go get it from there.
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How to make a paper shuriken part 1
Materials: 2 pieces of paper Scissors
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How to make a paper shuriken part 2
the tips may seem off but you can fix them easy
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[Demo] Reach out to the truth ~ Persona 4 [Guitar]
Couldn't sleep=_= Overplayed song but I said that I'd be playing this awhile back so here's yet another short demo:P
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How to make a paper crane
Materials: Printer paper Scissors
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Staple Stable - Bakemonogatari ~ Piano
All done in 1 video enjoy:D
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Where Is The Love Cover ~demo
Not really demo Just wanted to see how my webcam would record my guitar and how I sound like when I have braces on Recording tips would be nice I have 2 other hd cameras but the audio is weird
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MHFU kirin SNS training
5:47 D: I even forgot how to eat when weapons is unsheathed.
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[Cover] 二息歩行 - Two Breaths Walking ~ Guitar & Vocal [Take 1]
Sloppy guitar play and mumbling xD I might do another take when I feel like it I found the chords over here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7NLgpx5Dqk
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Paper Dragon Illusion
Made it a few days ago from a pdf from another video. It doesnt really work well in real life I guess the Camera adds effect.
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The Tale of Izanagi and Izanami
Japanese project...
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[TV Size]Rainbow - Aria the Animation[Guitar]
Rainbow by Round Table Feat. Nino Ending theme of Aria the Animation This is the first time I used my mic for recording so I might have went too far on the reverb. It had popping sounds cuz I was too close so i didnt have a choice D: Anyway I also used my iphone 3gs to record this. I have the 720p mod installed so you can see its a bit sharper:) Tabs came from Hironou2525 if you want the tab go to his channel.
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Don't say "Lazy" - K-On! ~ guitar [Full][Rev1]
K this time its probably final Just lowered down the OD
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Never Change [cover]
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[TV Size]Fudepen ~Ballpen~ - K-On![Bass, Key, Lead & Rhythm]
SOoo yea I ended up not doing vocals for it because it just sounded creepy as hell O.o Anyway I tried making the video a little flashy didn't know it would make those borders but eh its different. Soo yea Enjoy:) -arrangement is from the guy who made those K-On guitar pro files floating around. The only thing I did different is the keyboard and that umad ritsu sketch xD
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Fuwa Fuwa Time - K-On! ~ Guitar [Demo]
Only 15 secs of it:P
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The thing I bought from ebay
I figured out how to use it:) It sound like it just came out of a studio:DD
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Made a paper shuriken and threw it
Origami Shuriken proven you can throw it:O
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Don't say Lazy - K-On! ~ Band [Demo]
HF-Doujin Instrumentals Little sloppy on the middle but yea its just to show I'm working on it:D It's only the intro
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[T.V.Size]Renai Circulation - Bakemonogatari[Rock Band 2 Drum set test]
Disclaimer: I don't own the the song. Alot of people will probably be piss cuz its a video game drum set and I had two of the pads with bass drum sounds lol. I have zero experience on the drums and this just came in today so what do you expect?:P and I couldn't find a sound for a closed high hat or w/e you call it O.o The drums can be used as a midi controller. So I see this as a good opportunity to learn the drums? xD I used Albleton Live 8 and joy2key.
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[Short Ver]Track 5 - Kira☆Kira Soundtrack[Guitar]
EDIT: Finally had the time to write the tabs out. Damn college-_- http://www.mediafire.com/?2u822r0eur0i3ez There isn't really a short version of this song. It's just the rest might take awhile to figure out so yea:P Anyway for anyone who has an Iphone I highly recommend getting Kira☆Kira. Totally worth it:D
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My Love is a Stapler - K-On! ~ Band [Demo]
Since my guitar isn't too epic to finish Fuwa Fuwa time. I'm gonna work on this first:P
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Mirrors - Tales of the Abyss ~ Piano and Vocal Cover
Waah trouble in pitch everywhere
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Staple Stable - Bakemonogatari ~ Piano and Vocal
My 2nd Japanese song cover:O
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Nothing On you Cover
What we did in piano class Enjoy:) and sorry the guitar is weak I didn't know we were doing it today so i only brought my classic:(
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Lincoln High School Guitar Recital
Guitar recital last school year. Songs: Song of Satisfaction(Snickers commercial song) I'm Yours~ Jason Mraz Dudes who's in there: Lead - Ping Zhong Rhythm - Carlos Catly Vocal - Michael Buchanan Sorry if the guitar part is inaudible I tried to edit so it can be heard but that's all i can do=/
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Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - Bakemonogatari [Cover]
2nd japanese song:) Not a natural so messed up in some places Again for youu~~ Piano arrange: Shouichi Illustration/vocal: me Lyrics: are ga danabu arutairu bega kimi wa yubisasu natsu no daisankaku oboete sora o miru yatto mitsuketa orihimesama dakedo doko darou hikoboshisama kore ja hitoribocchi makkura na sekai kara miageta yozora wa hoshi ga furu yo de itsu kara darou kimi no koto o oikakeru watashi ga ita douka onegai odorokanai de kiite yo watashi no kono omoi o Translation: Therere Deneb, Altair, and Vega You point them out the Summer Triangle Remember, look at the sky I finally found Orihime-sama But I wonder where Hikoboshi-sama is You'll be lonely From the pitch black world, I looked up Stars are falling in the night sky I wonder how long Ive been here, but chasing you Please, try not to be surprised Listen to these feelings of mine
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Don't say "Lazy" - K-On! ~ guitar [Full]
Probably final
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