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WWII in bad graphics? Easy Red
Welcome back! Today I am playing Easy Red, a single player WWII game with bots. I also share a few personal facts with you. I hope to be uploading a ton more in summer!
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I Won!
I won a game and I prove it to you! I also share the battle pass and some thoughts. Check out my friend's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkQzAzU02s0vhd8_5iSNgA
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Take this survey and i will answer any questions and take your feedback. Only take this video if you watch my videos.
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I Restart...
Oh well, here it goes...
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Ripped Up
I do a little challenge with Simpli as I use Spectre's Ripper. I don't know if he will be making videos anymore. I use a VMP class setup. check him out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Glg3tG_uhD7skWJVjPJAw
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Demolished by my friend
I am going to (hopefully) be partnering with another youtuber called Simpli! Check him out: http://bit.ly/Simplii My recorder Obs Studio
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Hi everybody in this video I will teach you how to make the Splatter camo! I made this camo myself. It is pretty easy and looks best with the royal camo on the VMP. Want more camo tutorials and somewhat awesome gameplays? Then subscribe! Check my buddy Simpli out: http://bit.ly/Simplii
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I finally got a mic! Tell me in the comments below whether the volume is good or too loud. I do two matches but don't do very well. Like and subscribe if you want to see the splattered paint job tutorial. I hope you all have a great day and continue to game!! Check Simpli out: http://bit.ly/Simplii
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Even worse!
Last time i sucked... but this time i did even worse!
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Killing Spree
I go on a partial killing spree but still lost lots of games after. I partner up with my bro Simpli and Larva and win a round or two. Even then, I'm almost always last. Simpli always gets more kills than me, but he has more practice. My buddy Simpli: http://bit.ly/Simplii My buddy Larva: http://bit.ly/Larvaa Things to know, I changed my sensitivity up so now its easier and I'm a bit better.
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I suck...
Come join me for some fun! Comment down below whether i should have music or not! Have a great day!
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Fortnite Meme
DERP This is my first ever compilation and fortnite video! Hope you enjoy!
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