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2v2 Arena Disc Priest & sl/sl Lock
shitty video made with like a days worth of comps disc priest & sl/sl lock 2v2 - about ~1650 (only just realised how shit it is, sorry for making you watch some loading screens and a whole prep time) edit: the video response is a more up to date video :] enjoy.
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Hunter - How To DPS
Marksman - 7/57/7
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Not even close baaaaaby
never chat shit about my tryn again
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The Submarine
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2v2 Arena Disc Priest & Sub Rogue
Some matches against 1750-1800 teams on Bloodlust EU. 41/20/0 disc priest shs/ass rogue Please scrutinize me as ruthlessly as possible, ana list times if you can :p it's a great way of learning :]critisizm not only accepted, but encouraged. :] x
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