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Being Banned On Yoworld ? *UNBANNED*
due to the lastest glitch many of us got banned. This video is a tribute for the ones who are still banned (including me)! Also a warning video enjoy , like share subscribe :) (too people wondering i only made 283k from this glitch i actually stopped in fear of getting banned ) *UPDATE* I have gotten a email from bvg and the coins will be deducted from my account and my account will be unrestricted!
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Fake Bliss caught on TAPE
Hey guys i might not be uploading alot this month because last night my dad got hit by a car and he's in the hospital! But here is a video of a fake bliss if you see her report and block!
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Royals Yoworld Music video
Shout-out to Ari for being in my video! Like and Subsribe!
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Squishy unboxing | IBloom mini strawberry
Also this squishy smells like strawberry candy a very strong scent! Like and subscribe for more videos 😊
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Roblox House tour | Roblox base tour | Roblox LIVE attack
while giving our tour on our home planet akku we had recently stole our rivals space and driven it into the sun becuase they found our base, we told them we hid their ship on a moon to buy time to make the video before they destroyed our base only to tell them after the video was done thanks bacon and kendall (kendalls new account is ivoryella if you want to look up the people in the video) instagram: @kallieforniaaa_
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Drawing my avatar on Yoworld
This was COMPLETELY inspired by Bliss! Also if you haven't seen hers you need to because hers are like the REAL avatars!
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Yoworld Ed Sheeran Drunk
1st music video like, comment subscribe!
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Unbanned from Yoworld!
I have been unbanned and I'm SO SO thankful! thank you to all who supported :)
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Yoworld Room Tour & Favorite Home!
Toured all my rooms in order of which i made them in, also i showed you a tour of my favorite home that i have yet to buy hopefully soon though! link to editing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8mqoHxvBXs
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Yoworld Pageant Ep:1
Like & subscribe if you haven't already! Comment if you're in the video!
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Editing in Yoworld in Fast Motion!
Here is me editing my Halloween room in fast motion, also there is a plain spot in the room comment any suggestions!
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Yoworld Jingle Bell Rock Music Video
i know the music glictehd but i cant fix it! Thanks to adan and ari for being in the video
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Games With Noella Ep:1
Thanks for watching! Like & Subscribe! In the video? Comment!
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Smokey Mountains in November | Smokey Mountains Tn | Smokey Mountains during Thanksgiving
Beautiful mountains during November just 3 days after Thanksgiving!
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Inventory on Yoworld *REQUESTED*
My inventory, it changes alot so maybe in the future i will do another because it has already changed!
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Video One AAing roblox Spotilight Dance Studio
video one idk windows movie maker not letting me play the videos on there so i have to do different vidoes
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Yoworld Bullies Caught!
They didn't upset me at all just letting people know that first! But they are still bullies i didn't think to record until about 15 minutes after it started and the stuff i got in the video is far less worse then what wasn't on tape! But they need to be reported asap incase they bully other people!
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Editing in Fast Motion Ep:2
Edited a new room, using the new nursery items!
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Cutting long hair, 16 inches cut off long hair
I donated it and the 16 inches was the donation but all together I cut about 20 inches
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Girl FALLS while rock climbing | Rock climbing fails
My sisters friend fell while rock climbing, she is okay though www.instagram.com/kallieforniaaa_/?hl=en
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Games with Noella Ep:2
Episode 2 of Games with Noella! Like & subscribe! Comment if your in the video!
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