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Mr Jinx - Highland Soldier (Scottish Rapper)
Rapper from Scotland Mr Jinx from the Scotland Yard Mc's Scottish Hip Hop Produced By S.B Free Download : http://mrjinx.bandcamp.com/album/mr-jinx
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Mog Ft Nostal - Nuttin Changes (Scottish Hip Hop)
Hip Hop from Scotland Mog Chapter 8 (LP) Produced by mikey blue http://www.mediafire.com/?tsl46k4l9igduia
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Mr Jinx - Throughout The Years (Scottish Hip Hop)
Underground Hip Hop From Scotland Scotland Yard MCs Produced by S.B Rapping By Mr Jinx
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Nostal - Clock Hands (Scottish Hip Hop)
Hip Hop from Scotland Produced by Mikey Blue Nostal From the Nostalgia E.P FREE DOWNLOAD : http://perfectpracticescottishhiphop1.bandcamp.com/album/nostal-nostalgia-e-p
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CatchKlicK MCs - Elephant feet (Scottish Hip Hop)
Underground hip hop group from Scotland CatchKlick MCs Producer Fader Mcs Cyrical C, Big Scotch the Monolith & Mr Mackenzie. http://www.myspace.com/catchklickemceez
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CatchKlick Emceez- Athens Of The North ft. Reachout & Nostal (Scottish Hip Hop)
Hip Hop from Scotland By CatchKlick Emceez http://catchklick.bandcamp.com/album/mixtape-vol-1
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Scotland Yard Emcees - Now U Know (Scottish Hip Hop)
Scotland Yard Emcees Produced by Nasty p Mr Jinx, Profisee and Necaras,, with Nasty P on the cuts http://mrjinx.bandcamp.com/
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Scotland Yard Emcees - 2 B N MC (Scottish Hip Hop)
Scotland Yard Emcees Produced by S.B Mr Jinx, Profisee and Necaras,, with S.B on the cuts http://mrjinx.bandcamp.com/
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Mog - Belief (Scottish Hip Hop)
Hip Hop from Scotland Produced by Bill Breaks Mog - Based on a Blue Store http://soundcloud.com/hip-hop-scotland/05-belief-1
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Loki - Take a Nap (Scottish Hip Hop)
Hip Hop from Scotland Loki from the being Mc's Scottish Hip Hop
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Dave Gunn - Dark Beat ft Deeko
Underground Hip Hop from Scotland Produced by Dave Gunn Ft Deeko https://soundcloud.com/hip-hop-scotland
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Perfect Practice - Neon Medicine (Scottish Hip Hop)
Beat By Kresh Free Download At: http://perfectpracticescottishhiphop1.bandcamp.com/album/the-band-that-time-forgot
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Nostal - Prepare For The Outbreak (Scottish Rapper)
Perfect Practice is a hip hop duo from Scotland, consisting of DJ Sonny and MC Nostal. https://soundcloud.com/perfectpractice https://perfectpracticescottishhiphop1.bandcamp.com/
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