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"Fallen Kingdom" - A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay's Viva la Vida 10 hours
Can you survive #2? Note: This song isnt made by me, I've just made a 10 hour version of it. It's made by Captain Sparklez!
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Minecraft 16 bit computer
Hey, This is a computer I made on the RedstoneDevelopmentFoundation. It´s a really awesome server if you like redstone! Music: Aproaching nirvana - Shadows' Vigilante buy it here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shadows-vigilante/id458353908?i=458354068&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
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~~"Revenge" - A Minecraft Parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love~~ 10 hours
Can you survive? Original music made by Captain Sparklez! Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPJUBQd-PNM
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"Minecraft Style" - A Parody of PSY's Gangnam Style 1 hour (With animation)
This is a 1 hour version of Captain sparklez's Minecraft Style. Usually I make 10 hour versions, but I decided to make a 1 hour video with animation, and a 10 hour version without. You should see that video coming in a few hours! :D Original: Made by CaptainSparklez: Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9emjalsOsE&list=UUshoKvlZGZ20rVgazZp5vnQ&index=1&feature=plcp Thx for watching. And have a nice day. COMMENT POSTED ON 3-9-2014: The last 2 years I've seen many comments that I've "stolen" this just for views. I want to clarify this that I wanted to make a 1 hour version of it, as there are plenty for other video's. I only got so many views because the original got taken down. So I'm not doing this for "views". It just so happened that his video got taken down. I'm also not taking credit for this. I havent made it, but some people just dont read the description. So yeah, I hope this clarifie's a bit. See ya guys. 
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FSX Schiphol-Heatrow full flight timelapse
Real flying time: 44 minutes This isnt my best flying. I just started with FSX. Music: Lullaby of Creation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZJB__ppJDc Buy it here! iTunes: http://bit.ly/r2eCz1 Amazon: http://amzn.to/oUSWln Spotify: http://bit.ly/qvowBE Made by Aproaching Nirvana
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C++ Game Making Time--Lapse.. The Village... Part 2
Hey, I'm making a text-game, called The Village. And I'm making a time-lapse of me making it! Music by Aproaching Nirvana Bangers & Smashed!
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C++ Time-Lapse Rock-Paper-Scissors!
A simple Rock-Paper-Scissors program I made, enjoy! Music: Bangers & Smashed, by Aproaching nirvana!
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C++ Game Making Time--Lapse.. The Village... Part 1
Hey, I'm making a text-game, called The Village. And I'm making a time-lapse of me making it! Music by Aproaching Nirvana Bangers & Smashed!
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Fully functional USB-stick
Next step: Make a device that can read those signals ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Approaching Nirvana, Summer Memories!
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4 bit CPU
This is a 4 bit CPU I made --------------------------------------------- Music: 2nd Flight - by - Approaching Nirvana: http://www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana Purchase here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/2nd-flight/id458353908?i=458353963&ign-m...
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#Minecraft# DutchCom 1, 8 bit computer.
Hi, This is a 8 bit computer I made on the RDF. The computer is called DutchCom 1, it has 9 byte of RAM. 32 Lines of ROM. And ALU with almost all functions. In this video I show the computer with a fibonacci program. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music: 2nd Flight Made by Aproaching Nirvana, Buy it here! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/2nd-flight/id458353908?i=458353963&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching!
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Minecraft minigame#1 Sand Ninja
Everyone nows the famous app fruit ninja on the app-store. I've made this game in Minecraft! With sand
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[1.2.3] Solution screem problem
I've found one!
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[FSX]Landing at Heathrow with a boeing 737
This is a landing I made with the boeing 737 at Heathrow. I'm using the normal fsx with 2 addons: REX GEX Europe. Those are both awesome addons
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~Mine Nation~ Doomsday 2012 Event Trailer
Background: weeks ago, a mysterious character appeared next to a warning sign, in Latin, at the spawn of our SMP server. Since this, he has been posting on the forum (www.minenation.net) and continually placing more warning signs in a plentitude of other languages. Some say he's been hit in the head, others say he eats bean burritos, all we know is he is the Doomsayer! The event will begin at 10:00 PM 21/12/12 GMT. To see your time in relation to GMT, go to http://whatismytimezone.com/. If you are new to the soon-to-be town-based (but definitely not Towny-based) SMP, economy server, make sure to join prior to the event and gather resources and then, weapons. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! ------------ Music by Approaching Nirvana (has been edited by us slightly): http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song name: Resurrection Purchase link: http://bit.ly/SeAvGw Check them out! They make the best electronic music in the world! ------------ Server IP: mc.minenation.net Website adress: http://www.minenation.net/
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Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina - Intouchables piano cover (Daniel Vlaardingerbroek)
This is a piano cover of Una Mattina, played by me...
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[1.0.1] MicroChip (ALU 1 bit)
It's the smallest ever! just 2x2x1 -------------------------------------- Music: Approaching Nirvana Summer Memories
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[FSX]Landing at Schiphol(EHAM) with a 737
This is a video of me landing a 737 at Schiphol, The Netherlands (EHAM). This was a nice day with not much wind. My landing speed was 141 knots.
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[FSX][CS 777]landing Kai Tak
Landing at Kai Tak with a 777.
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Minecraft "He's a pirate"  Noteblocks
This is V.1 keep updated for the enxt versions!!
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MiniGame #2 // Cart Maze
Based on the app: Rail Maze!
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C++ Time-Lapse Simple Calculator!
This is a time-lapse made by me! Music: 2nd flight, made by Aproaching Nirvana
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Tutorial Instant Redstone
How to
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[FSX] Sail Awolnation gliders aerobatics
Just something short I made, I hope you enjoy! Somehow youtube managed to do something with the audio in the beginning. Sorry for that.
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[WIP] iBlock update#1
The first working iPod in Minecraft! Made with redstone.
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