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Dork Dynasty playing 05 Les Paul , Burstbucker pros, + hot licks = Fun
Momma and Dog helped, Am jam track inside the Mind of Tia.. I had loads of fun with this Jam track .
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Em Funk Jam track improv solo...
Description2005 Les Paul Standard and myself having fun....
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Cm Blues Jam Track .. Tink and Me .... 2005 Desert Burst Les Paul
Really like this Jam track .. Line 6 Spider4 with short board Wah on Crazy Train patch...
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Gibson 2004 Pacific Reef LP Limited edition & Intoducing DaVina
Playing Cm Blues Jam Track using Line 6 spyder4 75wt. and wah wah on line 6 shortboard.. Crazy Train Patch.. Dorian Cm , blues scales.. and winging it .. The Guitar has Ebony fretboard , burstbucker pro's .. Never used the Short board wah before and today took it for a test drive ... Had Fun
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UnkyGee and DaVina jammin with 80s rock jam track
More fun... Line 6 spider 4 , 2004 Gibson Les Paul Pacific Reef.
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gibson les paul middle position sound burstbucker pro
Am blues bit , tapping ...some arrpegio... done as a result of tap and slide lesson in dorion scale
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Country Girl Shake It 4 Me.....Rocked up a bit .. over the top solo,2005 gibson les paul
decided to play around with this country song with a looped jam track... it was fun and I am thinking about other songs ... perhaps some 70s and 80s rock.. Kids got a bang out of it.. ... take 1 once again... gibson les paul 2005 standard
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4 my Sis. Hot Dm slow rock jam solo..LFX style , 2005 Les Paul desertburst Black plastic...
kinda a long video for me and Tink ..... a little Randy a little me ... a little bluezy and alot of speed ... part of the solo 4 Momma
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take 1 does this work?
noodling with Les Paul..... look for CAT cat trying to upstage me....cats kind of a jerk....
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Blues/rock my style  solo   ..Gibson Les Paul 05, 60s neck Burstbucker pro ...5 year old help
some tapping, some arps, winging it again some .. .. funny thing happen with 5 year old banging into camera and trying to be in the shot she cant help herself ... she is 5 and want to play too......
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2012 Gibson Ebonyburst Les Paul 60s neck
beautiful finish. gears ok.. minor adjustments to bridge, action perfect factory.. will be posting comparison between 2005 ebonyburst LP and 2012 LP Ebonyburst .. for tone, playability and workmanship .. Workmanship so far is whay you would expect from Gibson... also comparing rosewood to baked maple .. so far so good .. maple reminds me of ebony texture and feel? So far have changed the plastic to black and had to adjust the stop tailpiece to my liking.. I prefer it closer to the body.. not to slinky,I recommend this change seems to have corrected the minimal tuning issues out of the box .. never had strings take 2 hours th break in so it must have been the stop tailpiece being to high..
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D Blues... gibson les paul vibrato from Lance
having fun with Gibson burstbucker pros ebony burst..best D blues jamm track I have found ....awesome time with mixing soloing styles.... licks from Lance Keltner .. thanks Lance ...
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take 2 C minor 80s jam.. for picky picky sister
easy licks played with ... Cm jam track from 258lemons youtube awesome jam track
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a minor licks blues with some speed...with a larry from x-ray shirt..
thought I needed to post a new one ... a couple small sweep technique licks little Randy, Zack
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Em Blues with some speed  ,   with rock solo on the side ..2005 Les Paul.oops close camera
a little blues a little country a little soloing ,, extreme close up no kids to help , sorry My camera kids are spending the night with my picky picky sis...Thanks for watching ........ I really like the jam track...
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2005 les paul Em backing track
improve solo lunchtime
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80s rock E jam track with 2012 Les Paul Classic
Guitar modified some, burst bucker pros... and black plastic.. love this track my favorite to jam with ..
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dorian quads and triplets with Tink just messing around......... kids outside
Tink's cool lick .. I helped too.....
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Grumpy Les Paul in the morning turn it up low audio
Am backing track
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D minor jam track very cool.. Improv Solo... kinda long jam track lower volume than normal
Tink is great guitar.. sweet little melody repeated a couple times ... Tink all Stock from factory except for Black plastic... Loaded with burst bucker pros alnico 5.... playing thru line 6 spdr IV on " no more tears " patch... Gibson 10 to 46 brite wires...again 1st take... sloppy towards the end ... 4 minutes kinda long to improvise solo... Playing at a lower volume so I hear what I did.... jam track just loud enough for me to hear it.....
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Current favorite lick slowed down some
Am blues mixed with dorian with a little country , Randy R. and Jimmie P. and George L. and done by UnkyGee Works well in blues and rock and metal formats
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2005 Gibson Les Paul with bursrtbucker Vs
playing scaly once again the phone interupts my video.. tapping ,arps,double picking..minor blues and dorion scales key of E
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Jamming with jesse j /price tag .. For my Girls
Gibson 2005 Les Paul desertburst 60s neck amp volume a little low and 1 mistake .. I liked some of the licks so I posted ....
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slow blues in Am9.. les paul ebonyburst and 7 y/o camera operator
Middle girl decided Daddy needed to make a video right now .. so after showing her how to operate the camera.. well you will see, she picked the music and she directed .. so here is her 1st motion picture video ..
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A ride for Sister... Blues rock ballad E trying a coulple new licks  From GRUMPY
lots of speed a couple new licks somewhat repetitive Burst bucker pros 2012 Les Paul
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Oh goody the phone
home alone except for the phone
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Demo burstbucker pro ,  Gibson ebonyburst classic les paul
Demo, Gibison L.P. Ebonyburst , with black plastic with burstbucker pro alnico 5 pups... Had fun was playing for a level check and it sounded ok .. low levels though .. you can hear pick noise ... Larry from X-Ray shirt ... key : am . minor blues and dorian , mixilidian.....
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Dm Jam track.. improv with Tink, 2005 Les Paul Standard stock
have big fun every time I jam with this very cool track...
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Les Paul  pickups burstbucker pro bridge... short quick licks
burstbucker pro pickups sound and tone ..with line6 spider4 75w same settings and licks video
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gibson 60s neck les paul ebonyburst .. with black plastic ..
using to compare to 2005 60's neck les paul desert burst.. with burstbucker pros
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C minor 80s jam track.. Rockin dash of classical and country/blues solo.. Roll Tide
asked to play standing by my kids .. havent posted in awhile so oh well ... tried some combination techniques,country,blues ,classical, rock.. ROLL TIDE
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ok ok ok randy solo  ok
1st solo for Mr. Crowley
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G blues solo... Game of Thrones T-shirt 05 Les Paul Standard
Had big fun making this ...just put on bright wires, second take , wasn't happy with it.. but posted anyway "whatever"
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