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FOFO - Street Life Freestyle - Official Music Video
Here is one of my latest tracks that will be on my next project. Please Support! Shorn Muzik we in here boy!
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Fofo - Dreams - (Official Music Video)
Houston, emcee/student Fofo drops the music video "Dreams" off his upcoming, untitled mix-tape. Shot & Edited: by Julian Sosa & Rodolfo Penaloza Twitter: @ShornMuzikFofo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rodolfo.penaloza.7 Instagram: N/A Youtube: Fofoletmein Feel free to leave feedback on both music & video. Appreciate everyone who f's with me and I look forward to gaining new fans! Shorn Muzik!
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FoFo Gotz to go down Official Music Video
Fofo Gotz to go down Shout out to all da fam nd all da slabz dat came through for da video. It Went down indeed!! "Let Me In" the mixtape is on da way real soon! Fallow me on [email protected] Add me on ://www.myspace.com/fofoletmein http://www.myspace.com/killablkent (for da people dat still get on) Official Fofo Website coming soon! "Fuck with it or git fucked over" Hit up my dudes Durty Filmz 832-921-7540 for a videoshoot!
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FOFO "SAVE YOU" Ft Harkore, Infamus Official Music Video
"Save You" Ft Harkore, Infamus Directed By: Durty Filmz This Song Is Track 10 On My "Let Me In" Mixtape Record is about Hip Hop & How "She's" Been Falling Off "SHE" is a metaphor for "Hip Hop" You Can Find FOFO @ https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001528066324
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I Dont Wanna Be Your Man Ft L.B Da Kid (Official Let Me In Material)
A Track Everybody Should Enjoy Dudes and Chicks Just Giving yall a lil taste on whats on the mixtape.. Itz right around da corner! leave a comment LET ME IN COMING SOON!!!
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FoFo-6ft 7ft
Yo this is just a lil something to give yall a taste of whats coming your way on my mixtape "Let Me In" yo holla at ma nigga KAST for some studio time at http://www.facebook.com/imma.damm.fool
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You Aint Gotta Front Ft.Young Kast And J.R
Official "Let Me In" material this is the last song on the Mixtape! THE SONG IS A HIT BUT FEEL FREE TO LEAVE FEEDBACK!
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FOFO - "True Colors"
Something I been wanting to do for a while now, I know alot of couples can relate to this. Be on the look out for my next mixtape coming out any time soon! Subscribe Add Me on FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001528066324
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R.I.P Carlos (lalala beat)
Just a couple of thoughts I had to get rid off Repost
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