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My Sister Is My Mom
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My Sister Has Childhood Alzheimer's
Do you have a story? Please send it to: [email protected] We will give it a voice over by a professional actor and publish it here on this channel. 🐰🐰🐰Please subscribe to Share My Story 🐰🐰🐰 Transcript: Hi. I'm Nia. I’m 10 years old and I wanna talk about my little sister, Lea. She’s one of the nicest people I know and everyone likes her because she’s so friendly and kind. But one night, when our mom gave us a goodnight kiss and said 'I love you,' Lea didn't say 'I love you' back, even though that’s what she always did. Things got weirder when she forgot the alphabet. By now, we were really worried, so my parents took her to a doctor, who diagnosed her with autism. My mom insisted Lea wasn’t autistic and when she got worse and struggled to walk, we talked to another doctor. He did a DNA test and found out she has something called 'Niemann-Pick Disease Type C.' You might know it as 'Childhood Alzheimer’s'. He told us Childhood Alzheimer’s is terminal. And even though I didn't know what that meant, all of us started crying. Later, mom explained to me a terminal illness means there’s no cure. Which means that Lea is going to die. I got mad at how unfair it was. My sister never did anything wrong. Why did this happen to her? If I could do anything to save her, I would. Childhood Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys the brain within a few years. That's why my 9-year-old sister behaves like an 18-month-old toddler. The doctor says my sister has 2 years left to live and I'm making sure every moment counts. I want her to be happy all the time, so I play with her when no one else will and I always give her my cookies. But we can't go to the playground anymore because she forgets where she is and starts screaming, which upsets everyone. I hate that I can't save my sister, but I’ve promised her I’ll become a scientist so I can find a cure for her disease someday. That way no more kids have to die for no reason. Lea, you will always be my little sister and I wanna thank you for showing me how to be kind and nice. I love you very much.
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She Tried To Steal My Boyfriend
So me and my boyfriend Erik have been together for 3 years now but before that he used to be in an on-off relationship with his childhood ‘sweetheart’, Alicia. They would date for a few months and then break up, only to start dating again. It was after yet another breakup that we met. We were at the same party and got along perfectly. Erik was so funny and he gave me all his attention which, I guess, made me feel really special. When the party was over, he asked for my number and told me we should meet next weekend. From there on it went quick because after just a few dates, we were already in a relationship. That's when he told me about his ex Alicia. Erik said she wouldn’t be happy about us being together and that’s why he decided to write her a long sms, explaining her that it was definitely over between them. At first, I didn’t think much about it… but when Erik showed me Alicia’s response, I immediately got a bad feeling. She responded with “Let’s just meet one last time”… even though she knew that Erik and I were a couple now. I mean, I was happy that Erik had shown me the message because it meant I could trust him. But I still felt a bit insecure because they had known each other since kindergarten while we’d just met two months ago. To make things worse, we all live in a small town, which means that Erik and I often run into her. And whenever we see her, she comes right up to Erik as if I’m not there. She even flirts with him right in front of me, giggling and playing with her hair. It’s SO annoying. Erik always ignores the flirting, but he’ll talk to her for a bit because he doesn’t wanna make her feel bad. Sometimes he’s just too nice. One time she even crashed our date when we went out for dinner. She suddenly walked into the restaurant and was all up in our faces, like 'Hey, how you doing? Can I sit here? Thanks.' She even pulled over a chair and sat down at our table like she owned the place. I don't know how she figured out we were there, but I think she’d been following us. Erik was annoyed with her but didn't kick her out either. The problem was she’d already ordered a pizza and a $30 bottle of wine. She said it was to share so we let her stay, even though she drank most of the wine herself. Dinner was super awkward because no one really talked. The only one who seemed happy was Alicia because she was smiling the whole time for no reason. When it was time to pay the bill, she said she’d forgotten her money at home. And then she batted her eyelids at Erik and asked if he’d pay for her. That’s when I completely freaked out and snapped at Erik, 'Don’t you dare! Let her pay for herself!' Then I quickly paid for Erik and me, so we could leave the restaurant asap. I was so angry, but I didn't wanna be the annoying girl who told her boyfriend who he could be friends with. Erik apologized and said he should have told her to leave right away, but he didn't wanna hurt her. When we got home, we quickly made up and it was all good between us again. But then one night, we went to a friend’s party. And of course, Alicia was there too. At first, we just avoided her. But while I was talking to a friend, Alicia asked Erik to go with her because she quickly needed his help. He followed her into another room and that’s where she tried to kiss him. Of course, Erik wasn’t interested, which is why he just pushed her away and stormed out. When he told me what happened, we just left. And on the way home Erik and I agreed that it would be best if he would completely break off any contact with her. I wish he’d done that much earlier, because OF COURSE I wanna be the most important girl in his life. But at least I know now that he’s an honest, kind person who cares about others. Unfortunately, this means he also cares about his dishonest, shameless ex-girlfriend. But I tell myself that if he cares about someone like her, at least I know he’ll care 100 times more about someone like me. So in the end, I'm happy about how everything turned out.
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My Dad's Girlfriend Is Younger Than Me
Hey! I'm Jessica and 3 weeks ago, my dad told me he had found a new girlfriend named Jenny. I was so excited for him because after my parents divorced, he was really depressed. So it was about time he moved on and found new happiness. But then he dropped a huge bombshell. He said Jenny was moving in with us because she couldn't afford to pay rent while also going to college. My jaw dropped. WHAT? COLLEGE? I asked my dad how old Jenny was and he said 21. 21?! I’m 23! What kind of dad wants to date a girl younger than his own daughter?! I was so creeped out, but I didn’t say anything. I mean, who am I to tell my dad how he should live his life? The next day, Jenny arrived at our home with a big suitcase. My dad opened the door and they immediately started kissing. It was so gross, I had to look away because Jenny had her hands on my dads ass. Ughh… After they had finished, Jenny took a look at our home and said “Yeah… I guess it’s ok. For now.” Wow. What a bitch. And the next day, while eating dinner, she told me: “I’m so glad your dad takes care of me. I could never have a job while going to school. College is really hard, you know?” Ugh... Jeezzz. This made me angry because when I went to college, my dad made me get a part-time job because he insisted I pay him rent. He said it was character building. I never complained, because I knew my dad had lots of debt and I wanted to make things easier for him. But then Jenny started talking about how my dad had bought her a new $15000 car, and that’s when I lost all respect for my dad. Couldn’t he see she was only using him for his money? She was rude, self-absorbed and selfish. I wished my dad would see what she was really like and leave her, but it soon became clear she was going to stay. For example, she’s always asking my dad to take her to Hawaii. She talks about how it's the most beautiful island in the world and it would be really romantic, but I know she only wants to take pictures for her Instagram. Then there was the time she wore my shirt. I wanted to slap her, but I managed to stay polite. I told her, "That's my shirt. Wear it today if you like, but I need it back, and please wash it first, I’d really appreciate it." But she just laughed and said, "This old rag? I should have guessed it was yours. Your dad would never buy me something so cheap." Urgh… She hates me just as much as I hate her. And I’m pretty certain she uses my body lotion and shampoo too, the really nice, expensive stuff I order online. She behaves as if my dad's apartment is hers. And... maybe it is. I mean, why am I still living here anyway? My job pays me enough to get my own place and dad doesn't have time for me anymore. So maybe... I'm just the annoying, adult daughter who won't move out of her dad's home. Maybe Jenny would be nicer if I wasn’t living here anymore. Well, that’s why I'm searching for my own apartment now. The thought of living on my own was scary at first, but I asked my best friend to move in with me. She said yes and now we’re planning to have lots of cool movie nights and we might even go on some double dates together. I’m really looking forward to it. So I guess my advice to you is ‘don’t be afraid of change.’
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My Psycho Mom Fed Me Tapeworms
Ok, most people won't believe this story, but it really did happen. And it was even in the news and everything. So… my mom always told me that I was too fat, even though I was one of the skinniest girls in my class. She said I had to become thinner if I wanted other people to like me. And she would weigh me every day after school and scream at me if I put on a pound. To make things worse, my mom always forced me to participate in beauty pageants because she wanted me to be the most beautiful and most perfect girl in the world. However, I hated it so much, because I always came last. It was so embarrassing. But my mom believed that the reason I kept on losing was because I was too fat. And that’s why she stopped me from eating anything at home and she even put a lock on the fridge. She literally tried to starve me, but it didn’t work because I just ended up eating more inside my school cafeteria. When she realised that her plan wasn’t working, she decided to do something terrible. One day, I got home, and my mom was standing there with a weird look on her face. She told me to close my eyes and swallow whatever she put into my mouth or she would punish me worse than ever before. I knew that she wasn’t joking, so although I had no idea what it was, I immediately swallowed it down. It tasted gross, but mom gave me some more water and told me to go watch TV. I felt like puking, but I was too afraid of what mom would do, so I held it down. A few weeks later, I was watching cartoons when my stomach started to ache. It was the worst pain I had ever felt and I begged my mom to do something. But she just told me to stop being a baby. The pain got worse though and I kept on crying and moaning. My mom screamed at me to stop making so much noise, but I couldn’t help it. In the end, it got so bad that I called an ambulance on my phone. I didn’t care what mom would do. I just wanted the pain to stop. When they arrived, mom was super angry, but the ambulance drivers took one look at me and rushed me to hospital. They immediately gave me a gastric lavage and you won't believe what came out. The doctor had to reach into my throat to pull out 1 massive worm! It was at least as long as my arm. It was so horrifying that I still have nightmares about it. The doctors looked shocked and asked me what I had been eating. At first, I was too afraid to say, but eventually I admitted that my mom had told me to close my eyes and swallow something without telling me what it was. Well, it turns out that mom had fed me a tapeworm. She said she only wanted to help me lose weight, but now I know that she was nuts. I could have died because sometimes tapeworms go through your blood into your brain and kill you. I was only 12 when all this happened, and I haven't seen my mom since. To be honest, I don't ever wanna see her again. Now I'm 18 and my mom is still in prison for what she did. After my mom was arrested, my aunt and uncle adopted me. I’m so lucky to have them. They don’t care what weight I am. They love me for me. I wanna thank everyone for listening to my story and please subscribe to this channel if you wanna hear more stories like this one.
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I Am Allergic To Water
Do you have a story? Please send it to: [email protected] Hey, I'm Victoria and I was only 14 when my whole life changed. It was a regular morning and I was taking a shower before school, like I always did. After I was done, I used a towel to dry myself. That’s when I noticed that I was completely covered in hives. At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal, but the hives got bigger and my whole skin started to burn and itch. The pain got so bad that my mom drove me to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. Finally, after 3 days inside the hospital, they diagnosed me with “Aquagenic Urticaria” which is a fancy way of saying “water allergy”. Technically, it’s not an allergy, but then again, no one really knows what it is. And because only 1 in 200 million people have it, there aren’t any scientists trying to find a cure. It really sucks. When I got my diagnosis, I became seriously depressed because I thought my life was over. I mean, what boy would ever wanna date a girl that doesn’t take showers? I wanted to cry but I couldn't because even my own tears cause rashes on my face. Life felt so unfair. But when my mom saw how I was feeling, she bought me a book called “Life Without Limits” by Nick Vujicic. He was born without legs and arms, yet he managed to create an extraordinary life for himself. Reading his story encouraged me to stop complaining about things I can't change and instead to focus on things that are in my control. Like… I always dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, but since I’m allergic to my own sweat, I had to give up on that dream. But instead of complaining how unfair the world is, I just chose a new career. Now I wanna become a doctor to help other people, maybe even find a cure for an unusual condition like mine. And I’m kinda lucky, because where I live it always rains. This means that most of the time, I can’t leave my house, so I have plenty of time to study. Oh, and in case you are wondering how I keep myself clean, I actually can take 1 cold shower once a week. Yeah, afterwards I’m covered in hives and rashes for the rest of the day, but at least I’m clean. So, you don’t need to feel sorry for me. Because overall, I’m doing pretty fine and there are plenty of people who have it much worse than me. I just wanted to share my story and thank you for listening.
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My Life With Dyspraxia
We are a small team of animators that wants to share real life stories that inspire. Please subscribe to our small Youtube channel! Btw, did you know that Daniel Radcliffe has Dyspraxia too? ---------------------------------- Let us know in the comments if you liked the video. And please send us your story to our email: [email protected]
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My Dad Hates My Boyfriend
Do you have a story? Please send it to: [email protected] I had my first boyfriend when I was 17. His name was Michael and he was sort of the complete opposite of me. While I was working hard to get good grades, he didn't care about school at all. He was pretty smart though, much smarter than me. Whenever I was with him, he made me feel safe. Like there was one time when we were at a train station late at night and 2 bad looking guys came over to us. I was so scared, but Michael stayed cool and just talked to them until they were all laughing. I never saw him nervous or afraid. He was always charming and confident. That's why so many girls in my school were after him. When I finally invited him over for dinner with my parents, I was really nervous because I knew he wasn't the kind of guy my parents would like. I asked Michael to behave and be polite, but when he arrived he was making jokes and just having fun like always. I suppose he was just being himself and he did make me and my mom laugh a lot. I could tell my dad felt disrespected though. He started to ask questions like "how is school going? Do you have any plans for your future?" Michael didn't even try to impress my dad. He said he planned on becoming a rock star. We all kinda knew he was just joking, but dad didn’t find it funny. At the same time, he was very charming with mom and complimented her a ton. Mom really liked him and that made my dad even angrier. I know it sounds weird, but the more Michael acted like a bad boy, the more I was attracted to him. When he left, my dad turned to me and said he forbade me to see him again. I thought he was just saying it in the heat of the moment, so I didn't think much about it. But when I tried to go out to meet Michael the next day, dad locked the door and said I wasn't allowed to go out after school until I turned 18. He said I had to focus on my studies, not go out with some boy. My 18th birthday was still 6 months away. It was so unfair. I hadn't done anything wrong. So I decided to sneak out anyway. After I left, I sent dad a text to tell him I’d be back at 8 and not to worry. My date with Michael was fun and he was really understanding when I said I had to go home, but I was really nervous when I came back home. Dad was already waiting for me and I was expecting him to start yelling, but to my surprise, he apologised. He said he’d been wrong to try and ban me from seeing Michael and I was old enough to decide for myself who I dated. He finished by warning me to be careful though. I hugged him and told him he was the best dad in the world. Now I knew dad was okay about me seeing Michael, so we carried on dating, but over the next few months, I started to notice things I just couldn't accept. For example, one time he laughed when he saw a homeless person slip on ice. Another time we accidentally left a restaurant without paying. I knew the waitress would have to pay for our food out of her own money, but he refused to go back and pay, saying we deserved a free meal, so I had to go back and do it for him. The most irresponsible thing he did though was to get a dog even though he didn't have enough time to walk him or even enough money to buy him proper dog food, instead, he just threw the dog out in the yard to walk himself and fed him scraps of his own food. The poor dog was so skinny you could see his ribs. That's when I realised that Michael was sort of a jerk. He was irresponsible and didn't seem to care about other people or animals. I finally decided to break up with him. Dad was right. I deserved better. Luckily, there was no big fight. Michael seemed a bit sur prised but didn't seem to mind either, so I asked if I could adopt his dog. To my relief, he said yes. So even though I don't have a boyfriend anymore, our family has a new member and dad also seems quite happy to have me back!
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I Am Asexual
When I was a teenager, my friends always wanted to know who I had a crush on. Then I would say some boy's name so they wouldn't think I was weird, but the truth was, I didn't feel attracted to any boy... or girl. I figured I just hadn’t met anyone I liked yet, but the older I got, the more I wondered if something was wrong with me. In 10th grade, a boy in my class asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema with him. I said yes, but in the middle of the movie, he tried to kiss me. I always thought kissing was gross, and when his lips met mine, I almost screamed. I pushed him away, saying “ugh! What the Hell?” He immediately apologised and because he felt so embarrassed, he ended up leaving the cinema before the movie was over. It took me a few hours to process and understand what had happened and then I felt awful. I never wanted to hurt him. So I sent him a text to explain that there was nothing wrong with him, but I just didn't like kissing. He didn’t reply, though, and when he saw me at school, he turned and walked away. We never talked to each other again. When I was 16 and still not interested in dating, I tried to find out why I was different to everyone else. I googled "why am I not attracted to anyone" and it turned out I’m not the only one to feel this way. I learned that I was an "asexual" and that there are many people like me who just aren't interested in having a romantic relationship or sex. Don't get me wrong. I am interested in being in a relationship, but more like a close friendship than anything physical. I get that most people wouldn't be interested in that sort of thing though. Luckily, I found some meet-ups in my town just for asexual people. I’ve been to a few now and I've made a lot of friends, even though I'm still not in a relationship. But it's not that important to me anyway. When I tell people I'm asexual, they sometimes think I can't love, but that's not true. I love my mom and dad. I love my dog. But I am not able to love someone romantically. I just don't have that feeling. The only bad thing about being asexual is that it sometimes makes you feel like you don’t belong. That's why it was such a relief to learn I'm not the only one.
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My Rich Boyfriend Is A Jerk
Hey, I'm Lara and growing up, I was very poor. My parents had drug problems and sometimes there wasn’t any food in the house because they had spent all their money on drugs. I ended up running away from home at 16 and didn’t even graduate high school. Luckily, I found a job as a waitress and things started to look better. I was making enough money to rent a room in a shared apartment with my friends and for the first time in my life I was happy. But then I started dating this cute guy, Dillon. I didn't know it when we met, but he was really wealthy. I began to realize the difference in our incomes when he would only eat at really expensive restaurants. I told him I would rather go somewhere more affordable, but he would always insist, and it wasn’t worth arguing with him. When the bill came, it was always awkward, because I felt bad for not paying my half, even though Dillon said it wasn’t a problem. I liked hanging out with him, but I hated how he sometimes made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Like, if I complained about the cold weather, he would say "You think this is cold? You should try skiing down a mountain in Austria." And then there was the time I found a really gorgeous dress at a thrift shop. I loved that dress, but Dillon told me it was second hand trash and promised to buy me an expensive designer dress if I ditched it. He wouldn’t even ride in my car because according to him it was old and 'embarrassing.' For my birthday, he surprised me with a 2-week vacation to the Bahamas, even though we had only been dating for a couple months. Of course, I was incredibly grateful, but I just couldn’t accept. Because if I had taken 2 weeks off from work to go on vacation, I’m sure, my boss would have fired me. Unfortunately, Dillon felt rejected and he even got a bit angry calling me a “party pooper.” Sometimes I invited him over to my place so we could cook together and save money. Those were some of the best times we had, but when it was time to wash the dishes, he never helped. This bothered me, because I don't care who has more money, but I do believe both people in a relationship should share the housework. It’s only fair. I guess I knew it wasn’t going to work out between us, but I really tried because Dillon could be so sweet, and he made me laugh. After 4 months of dating, he introduced me to his mom, and she asked me if I knew how to take care of kids. When I told her I didn’t like children, she was shocked, because “every woman was born to be a mother.” She thought I would want to give up work and become a housewife, but I like having my independence, even if I’m only a waitress. The worst thing was when we hung out with some of Dillon’s friends. He was really different when he was with them. When one of them called me a gold digger, instead of defending me, Dillon laughed. That's when I decided to break up with him. I think in the end our expectations were just too different and I didn’t like how he looked down on people. Don't get me wrong, I loved eating at fine restaurants and wearing fancy dresses, but what I really need is a guy who makes me feel appreciated, loved and safe. Money can’t buy that. I hope you enjoyed listening to my story. Let us know in the comments if you care about being rich or not. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and please hit the like button!
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My Boyfriend Wants An Open Relationship
Hey, I'm Olivia, and I met my boyfriend, Christian, 2 years ago in college. I always thought we had the perfect relationship because we were best friends and loved each other so much. Literally, all our friends called us the 'dream couple'. But 6 months ago, Christian said we needed to talk. I immediately got scared because I thought he wanted to break up with me. But instead, he said he wanted an 'open relationship' because he missed going out to bars with his friends and he felt like he was 'missing out'. I told him I didn’t have a problem with him going out with his friends, but then he explained that it wasn’t just that. He also wanted to be able to sleep with other women. He said it was like eating ice cream: I'm his favorite flavor, but sometimes he wanted to try other flavors. Woah! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked him how I would know he wouldn’t just find another 'favorite flavor' and dump me? But he said I should just trust him. Well, there was no way I was interested in an open relationship. For me, making love is a way of showing how much I care about someone, so the idea of him sleeping with other girls killed me. Wasn’t I good enough for him? Christian was desperate to see other girls, so we decided to break up. The first few days were really hard. I couldn't stop thinking about Christian. I missed him so much, but I was also a bit angry because it felt like he had wasted 2 years of my life, just to decide I wasn't good enough. I felt rejected and thought my life was over, but... of course, it wasn't. A few months later, I started going out with another guy, David, and things were going well. He was only interested in me. And I felt really special whenever we were together. But then, right when I was in the middle of a date with David, Christian texted me, saying he was sorry for breaking up with me. He said he had been stupid, and it was the biggest mistake of his life. Well, of course, I loved the fact that he wanted me back and I still had some feelings for him, even though I was with David. But I just didn’t think I could ever trust him again. In the end, I wrote him that I wasn’t interested. But the next day Christian came to my apartment with flowers and said, "please take me back. I can't live without you." Romantic, right? Wrong! It was so cringe-worthy. It looked like he had realized he couldn't find another girl better than me, so that he wanted me back now. And I also knew that if I said yes, he would only get bored with me eventually and want to see other girls again. I politely told him that I had moved on and wasn't interested in him anymore. He looked devastated, but at least he got the message and didn't become some creepy stalker or something. After a few more dates, I decided David wasn’t right for me. He was sweet, but I realized I wasn’t ready for a new relationship yet. One day I’ll find the right guy, the man I’ll spend the rest of my life with, but this time I'll be more careful about who I date. I want to be sure my next boyfriend is mature enough to become my husband someday. Thank you for listening to my story. Have you ever had a messy break-up? Please share your experience in the comments and don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel!
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My Rich Parents Lost All Their Money
Hey there, this is my story of growing up rich and losing it all. When I was a little kid, life was easy. We had 2 maids and they bought me whatever toy I wanted. So I never had to wait for my birthday or Christmas. I also went to an expensive school, but I never did any homework, because my dad had hired a tutor who did all the work for me. Yeah, okay, I was spoiled, but I was an only child and my parents had the money, so why wouldn’t they spend it on me, right? Well, today I wish my parents had been stricter. Maybe then I would have been prepared for what happened next. You see, my Dad had made lots of money from his own company. He had built it up from nothing and became a millionaire. But then something went wrong and the government shut his whole company down. We lost everything and had to move out of our beautiful home and into a small apartment. Luckily, we weren’t homeless, but still… life became very hard overnight. While my parents were struggling to find jobs, I was struggling with the most basic things like getting myself ready for school. No one was helping me. And when my mom told me to take the school bus, I freaked out and screamed at her that she should drive me to school. But my mom was so stressed that she yelled at me: ‘shut up and stop annoying me.’ I was shocked and got even more angry because no one had ever talked to me like that before. After a few weeks, I switched from my private school to a public school and things were very different. The food tasted horrible and most of the teachers couldn’t remember my name. I also got some pretty bad grades, and instead of helping me, my parents just called me lazy. That’s when I realised that I had to learn to depend on myself. Even though those were the toughest years of my life, I'm grateful for the experience now. And luckily, things got easier after my dad had a promotion at work. My mom stopped cleaning houses and I got a new tutor. Her name was Isabelle and she always made sure I did my homework. And when I started doing my own homework, I discovered that I loved math and that I’m really good at it! You can’t imagine how excited I was, to show my dad my A- math exam. He said that he had never been more proud of me and hung it right onto the refrigerator. Recently, I met up with some of my old friends from before. And I realised how spoiled they were. One of them complained how her father refused to buy her a new designer bag, even though she already had so many of them. To me it seemed ridiculous to complain about something so unimportant and stupid. But maybe I would have been just like her if my parents hadn't lost it all. Now I'm at college studying engineering while also working at a clothing store 5 days a week to help pay my tuition. I’m always tired, but I don't wanna complain because I know that many people have it much, much harder. It sounds strange, but I'm kinda glad my parents went broke. It forced me to work hard, overcome challenges and appreciate what I have. I’m a useful person now, and not just some an entitled leech.
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I Poked Holes Into My Boyfriend's Condom
I'm Lisa and I wanna tell you how I got revenge on my ex-boyfriend, Marc, after he cheated on me with the one girl I hated more than anyone else: Clarissa. I used to be really good friends with her until 10th grade, when she suddenly turned into a complete bitch. I told her I had a crush on Adam and asked her to keep it secret. But instead, she got up in front our class and told everyone that I was in love with him. Then she asked, “who wants to date Lisa?” And everyone screamed “No one!”. I don’t why she hated me so much, but she turned everyone in our class against me until the only person who still talked to me was Marc. We started hanging out together and eventually we became a couple. Nobody understood why Marc would wanna date me. He was popular and sporty, while I was the weird girl no one liked, but Marc always said he didn’t care about the opinions of others. We were dating for a couple of years when I got a Facebook message from Clarissa that changed everything. She wrote: "Your boyfriend says I’m better in bed than you." I got so mad. I wanted to take a knife and go all psycho on both of them, but obviously I didn’t. Instead, I came up with a better plan. I needed to know if Clarissa was telling the truth, so I stopped sleeping with Marc, telling him I had a headache whenever he wanted sex. Then I poked holes in the condoms he kept in his wallet so I could see whether they had been used or not. I started checking his wallet at least once a week and there was always a brand-new condom. So Clarissa was telling the truth. I didn’t know what to do, but then Marc told me he wanted to break up, because we weren’t having sex any more. I got really angry and said he didn’t deserve me anyway, because he was cheating on me with Clarissa. He looked shocked and asked me how I had found out about it. I said: "Clarissa told me on Facebook that you were having sex together, so I poked holes into your condoms to see if you were using them. Oopsie?” Marc completely freaked out and screamed, "YOU DID WHAT?!" He looked seriously upset, like he might even hit me, so I quickly got out of there. Now I’m dating Jake. He’s a total sweetheart and completely faithful. And I wish I had left Marc right when I found out about him and Clarissa. Because you will never believe me what I saw, when I checked Clarissa’s Facebook. There was a photo of her and Marc with their newborn baby. Since Marc and I only split up 7 months ago, I guess my condom trick worked better than I expected. At first, I felt amazing. And I wanted to tell Clarissa that she only got pregnant because of me. But then I started to think about what might happen if I did. Maybe Clarissa would hate the baby, maybe even give it away. Then it hit me. I had destroyed 3 lives. Marc always said he didn't wanna have kids until his 30s, so he could focus on becoming a professional soccer player. Instead, now he’s a dad at 19. Suddenly, I felt ashamed. I wanted revenge so bad that I didn’t think about the consequences. If I could take back what I did, I would, because if everyone behaved like I did and messed with other people’s lives, nobody would trust anyone. That's not the world I wanna live in. All I can say is, I'm sorry. I promise to not do something so stupid again. At least they look happy in their photo and I really hope they stay that way. Because I want them to raise their baby with love. Thank you watching and don’t forget to subscribe!
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I Hate My Rich Friend
My friend Joshua is a rich jerk. We go to the same class and whenever I study for an exam he laughs at me and says "Bro, too bad you don't have rich parents like me, then you could relax more." This really makes me angry because my mom works 2 jobs and still barely makes enough money to feed me and my 2 sisters. I even had to get a weekend job at a call center, just so I can support my family. When Joshua heard about my job, he said: "I don't understand how anyone can slave away at a desk job." Well, of course, that's easy for him to say, because his parents constantly give him money to take trips all over the world. To make things worse, he always takes 4 to 5 girls from our school with him so they can all take endless instagram photos and brag about their amazing life. If that wasn't annoying enough, everyone in my school leaves stupid comments like "OMG, it's great that you have set your priorities straight!" or "You know how to enjoy life! This is much better than my boring summer job!" They all act as if Joshua is a genius just because he spends his parent's money on vacations. But in reality, he's just an entitled and arrogant kid that doesn't deserve anything he has. He also told me that he could never work for somebody else because “he has a problem with authority”. Well, that’s a nice thing to say for someone who never has to get a job and become a productive member of society. Instead Joshua told me that he wants to just travel the world and sleep with as many women as he can. That's why I hate him. He knows exactly how poor my family is and he constantly reminds me that he will have a much easier life than me. He will probably end up like this guy Dan Bilzerian who inherited a bunch of money and now brags about how much better his life is compared to most other people. I'm so sick of rich kids. Another joke that Joshua came up with last week, was that his first car is better than any car I'll ever own. Right now he drives a BMW x5, but he said he will get a sports car from his parents as soon as he successfully graduates high school. I know this sounds bad, but I really hope his parents go broke and lose all their money. Because it’s so unfair that an asshole like Joshua has such an easy life while the rest of us need to keep working so hard for so little money. However, I don’t think his parents will go broke anytime soon, so instead, I have to somehow build my own successful business and become richer than him and his stupid parents. Once I’ve done that, I will go meet him again and tell him that now he is poorer than me. I must take revenge for all those years that he humiliated me and made fun of me. That's the only way I can find peace with myself. Anyways, I'd love to hear about your opinion on this topic, so please leave a comment and tell me how you would handle this situation. And if you want this video to spread across the internet, then please share it. We have to stop celebrating rich jerks that make themselves feel better by putting everyone else down. Especially, as most of them inherited their money from their parents.
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I Became A Criminal And Got Caught
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My Girlfriend Is A Golddigger
My name is James and I was a complete loser in high school. I didn’t have any friends and of course, no girl was interested in dating me. If that wasn’t bad enough, the popular girls, always made fun of saying that I looked like a pig. I guess you can imagine how that made me feel: I quickly lost all my self-confidence and became very insecure about my looks. However, I’ve changed a lot since high school. I’ve gone from being the quiet guy no one respects to being the youngest vice president of a large cooperation. Which means that I am literally managing 100’s of people and of course, I’m also making a lot of money. When it came to women, though, I still had no success. And by my 27th birthday I’d never even been on a date, which is why I decided to try online dating. That's where I met Tatjana. She was Russian and one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. I couldn't believe she was interested in me and I could barely speak on our first date because I was so intimidated. However, Tatjana agreed to another date and soon we were officially in a relationship. There were some issues though. For example, we didn’t have much in common and Tatjana didn't speak much English, so our conversations weren’t great, but she was so gorgeous that I didn’t care. I’m also have to admit that I enjoyed posting pictures with her on facebook because I wanted my former high school classmates to see that I was dating a pretty hot girl now. However, the real problems started when I introduced her to my family. My dad understood why I liked Tatjana and congratulated me saying: “Good job son, good job…”. But my mom and my sister, didn’t look happy at all and after Tatjana left, they told me to break up with her because they thought she was a "gold digger.” Wow, my own mom and sister tried to ruin my relationship. I got really angry and told them: “You are only jealous of Tatjana because she is thin and has a great shape while you 2 are overweight and can’t stop eating fast food!” My sister immediately started crying and I wanted to apologise but my mom already screamed at me, saying I should leave the house and that I wasn’t welcomed anymore. Well, that was it. I stopped talking to my mom and sister for a couple months. I mean, it was true that Tatjana was always asking me to buy her expensive jewelry and designer clothes. But when you love someone, you want them to be happy. The smile on her face when I bought her a Louis Vuitton bag was worth every cent. Maybe she had expensive tastes, but that didn't make her a bad person. I mean we all have our flaws. However, even though Tatjana looked stunning, after a while, I started to get bored. Because it takes more than a pretty face to make a relationship work. I also realised that we had absolutely nothing in common. I loved reading books and watching sci-fi movies, but Tatjana only cared about showbiz gossip, shopping and trying to impress people on Instagram. I started to feel lonely even when I was holding her in my arms. At first, I thought we just had to work harder on our relationship. I believed – and I still do – that love is something we have to create. But no matter how much money I spent or how often I told her I loved her she just took it for granted. And it was more important to her to connect with strangers on Instagram than with me. That’s when I realised that the only reason I was dating Tatjana was because of my insecurities. I was trying to impress my classmates from high school by getting the hottest girlfriend I could find and I completely forgot about what actually matters and what actually makes me happy. I want a girlfriend that cares about me, who understands me and wants to grow with me as a person. But most importantly, I wanna enjoy spending time with her. But hey… What do I know? I’m just a single guy who dated a hot girl for a while. I’m only glad I realized we weren’t right for each other before we got married. That would have been a real disaster.
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My Boyfriend Is Possesive
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My Dad Left Our Family For Another Woman
When I was a little girl, I always tried to get my dad's attention. I would make drawings of us going on adventures together and showed them to him, but he never really took any notice. Sometimes he’d say 'good job,' but I could tell he only said it so I’d be quiet and stop bothering him. But there was one day in the year where we would do something together. On the 20th of December, he’d take me into the forest to cut a Christmas tree. We’d spend ages picking out the perfect one and it was always a very special day for me. I treasured those moments with him. But then one year he came home with a fake plastic Christmas tree and my heart just broke. Mom sat down with me and told me dad had a drinking problem which was why he couldn’t spend time with me, but just because you’re an alcoholic doesn’t mean you can’t love your children. He spent more and more time away from home until he eventually stayed away completely. Mom was forced to admit they’d broken up and dad had moved out. I send my dad a few texts but he never responded. We were still Facebook friends though and a month or so later he posted a photo of him and his new girlfriend. I wanted to know more about her, so I found her profile. I mean, she might become my stepmom. That’s when I learned she had a daughter the same age as me. I was devastated. It felt like he wanted her to be his daughter instead of me. It wasn’t all bad. At least mom seemed happier now dad wasn't around anymore. They’d screamed at each other every night for years and it was nice to live in peace. I wished I could see dad sometimes though. I missed him so much. I tried to forget about him, but I couldn't. I mean, you can’t forget your dad, right? Although he never tried to get in touch with me, I was constantly checking Facebook for information about him, his girlfriend, and her daughter. Things seemed pretty boring until December came. Dad put up a video of them going to cut a Christmas tree together. They all seemed so happy, as if they were meant to be together, and it made me feel like I didn't deserve to be loved like he loved his new family. I’ll never forget that Christmas because my mom had to work at the hospital which left me alone for most of the time. All I could think about was what dad would be doing. I’d bought a present for him, but I wanted to give it to him myself, and I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again. It hurt to see my friends posting pictures of Christmas with their families when no one had time for me. Mom came home as early as she could, and we ate Christmas dinner before watching a movie together. It was quiet, but nice. For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me and it was my fault my father didn't love me. That's why I always felt completely worthless growing up. Now I understand that the opinions of others, especially someone like my dad, aren't important. I always tried so hard to make him notice me and he wasn’t worth it. I know I'm a good person because I care about others and treat them with respect. That’s who I am and neither my dad nor anyone else can take that away from me.
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My Evil Stepsister
Hey, my name is Joline and this story is about my evil stepsister Vanessa. When I was 9 years old, my mom re-married. Her new husband was okay, but his daughter was a 12-year-old witch that tried to make my life hell. One time she came into my room and asked if I wanted to see a magic trick. I said yes but she told me I had to tie my foot to the bed first, so I couldn't run away. Of course, I was a scared, but she told me not to be a baby and so I agreed. Once I was tied up, she brought the vacuum cleaner into my room and said "Welcome to my magic show! Today I will make a hamster disappear!" I immediately realized what she had planned. I screamed "NO, NO!" and I desperately tried to break my foot free, but it was hopeless. Next, Vanessa turned the vacuum cleaner on, walked over to my hamster’s cage and… PLOP! She had sucked him up into the vacuum cleaner! I was screaming like crazy! My poor Mr. Blinky! Finally, I managed to untie my foot. And I ran to the vacuum cleaner to rescue my hamster... but I couldn't find him. Then Vanessa said 'Ha, I just pranked you! Your stupid hamster is still alive.” She pulled him out of her sweatshirt, safe and well. That’s the kind of person she was. She made my life hell for years… until she ran away from home at age 17 and got pregnant by some random guy. After she gave birth to her son, Freddy, she left him at our house and disappeared again. My mom gave up her career as a financial advisor, so she could take care of the baby, even though she was making good money, while my stepdad kept his job as a software engineer. I thought it was unfair that my mom was taking care of Freddy. Because he was Vanessa’s baby. My stepdad should have been the one to quit his job. I didn't say anything though, because mom seemed to enjoy raising Freddy. But then my mom got cancer. And she spent months inside the hospital. That’s why I had to drop out of high school to look after her and Vanessa’s son. I was so pissed at Vanessa. I mean, even though she wasn’t living with us anymore, she was still ruining my life. Meanwhile, my stepdad couldn’t cope with my mom being sick. And he fell into a deep depression and started drinking instead of going to work. He lost his job as a software engineer, and suddenly we couldn’t afford to live in our house anymore. Instead we moved into a small one bed apartment and it was all Vanessa’s fault. Six months later, my mom passed away. It was the closest I ever came to giving up on life. I’d lost the only person who truly cared about me. And then Vanessa decided to move back in with us because she had nowhere to stay, but when I asked her to look after Freddy, she refused. That’s when I lost it. I screamed at her to take some responsibility. But she only laughed and told me to take a “chill pill.” The next morning Vanessa was gone again and so was all my mom’s jewelry. Mom didn’t have much, but that jewelry was important to her and she wanted me to have it. It was worth only $2000, but I would never have sold it. It was all I had left of my mom. That’s when I had enough. I decided to move out and find my own place. My stepdad still hadn’t found another job, so he could take care of his grandson. I felt bad for abandoning Freddy. I cried as I gave him one last cuddle before leaving. That kid was in for a tough life with a mother like Vanessa. But I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my life for this broken family anymore. My mom and stepdad didn’t have any savings. They had never planned for a worst-case scenario, so when bad times hit, they couldn’t cope. They couldn’t afford a nanny for Freddy or the best medical treatment for my mom. Everything fell apart and I had to step up to take care of everything. In the end it was too much. I don't want your pity. I just wanna give you some advice. Prepare for a rainy day while the sun is still shining. Have some money saved up just in case. And surround yourself with decent people who’ll help you through the tough times. Because life can be damn hard.
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I Baby Trapped My Boyfriend
Hey, I'm Janine and 3 years ago I started dating Eric. He’s really good looking and works as an investment banker, so he makes a lot of money. I couldn’t believe a guy like him wanted to date me. After we went out a few times, I wanted to go steady, but then he told me that he wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship because he wanted to focus on his career. He said we could still see each other, but it would never be anything serious. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. What was worse was that there were lots of girls around him at work, and I knew they all wanted to steal him away from me. That’s why I decided to “baby-trap” Eric. He knew I was on the pill, so I stopped taking it without telling him and a few weeks later I was pregnant. Of course, he was shocked when I told him the news, but Eric is very responsible so he stepped up and said “we have to stay together for the kids!” That was the happiest day of my life. Do I feel bad for trapping him like that? Believe it or not, I really do feel bad, and I wouldn’t recommend baby-trapping your boyfriend to anyone. But what would you prefer? Working a dead-end job you hate or staying home with your cute little boy while your ambitious boyfriend earns all the money? It was a no brainer. Well, our son, Jacob, is 2 years old now and I love being his mom. He’s always making me laugh with the cute little things he does. But the best thing in my life is Eric. Every day when he comes home from work, he takes me into his arms and tells me how much he loves me. He makes me feel like I’m a princess in a Disney movie. Do I deserve to be with him after I ‘baby-trapped’ him? Maybe not, but I can’t change the past and that’s why I simply focus on being the best girlfriend I can. I make sure he has a home-cooked meal when he comes back from work. I take time to listen to his problems. And our relationship is just amazing. I think he might even propose to me soon. What’s even better is that I met his parents and they are really wealthy. Someday, Eric will inherit their money. And he will be able to retire early so we can travel the world together. By now you might be thinking that I’m only with Eric for his money and if he lost it all, I would leave him, but that’s not true at all. You see, my family is the most important thing in my life. I would never be happy if we weren’t all together. That’s why I wanna have a second child. Eric’s a great dad and Jacob would love a little brother or sister. This time I talked to Eric before coming off the pill. At first he didn’t want to, but in the end he agreed because he knows it would make our family complete. He trusts me and I trust him. We are a team and that’s how a relationship should be. I still wish I hadn’t “baby-trapped” him because I will always feel guilty about it, but I will never tell him what I did because I’m not going to risk breaking up our family. It’s a heavy weight on my shoulders, but I think I can bear it. Thank you for listening to my story and please subscribe to our channel.
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I Envy My Extremely Famous Friend
Hey, I’m George and I went to school with someone who became really famous, like, Chris Brown-type famous. I can’t tell you his real name, but if I did, you’d know who he is straight away. I’ll just call him Simon for now. We were best friends for years and always hung out after school. We weren’t very popular, but we didn’t care. We were too busy playing video games. However, Simon had an amazing voice and when he sang at our high school Christmas concert, a lot of girls suddenly liked him. I mean, he is quite good looking, but nobody noticed until he sang “The Way You Look Tonight.” When he was 17, Simon appeared on a talent show on national TV. The prize was a massive recording contract with a boy band. I wasn’t surprised when he won and became the lead vocalist. I can’t say the name of the band, but I guarantee you’ve heard of them. It was nuts! Simon dropped out of school to be in the band, so we didn’t hang out playing games anymore. I didn’t blame him. Why would he need to talk to a loser like me? He was touring all over the world doing concerts in huge arenas with girls screaming his name. While he was off having an amazing time, I stayed in school and graduated, but I had no idea what I wanted to do next. Do I envy Simon? Of course! He’s so successful and he didn’t even have to work for it. I mean, he just signed up for a TV show and his natural talent and good looks got him through. Overnight, Simon went from being a nobody to making millions of dollars. He makes more in a month than most people do their whole lives and all he has to do is sing a few dumb songs while I’m working in a burger joint at weekends just to make a few bucks. I know I should be happy for him. He’s my best friend and I want him to do well, but every time I go on Instagram and see his posts, I compare my life to his and it sucks. I guess I’m your typical confused, lazy teenager. I don’t know what to study and college is an expensive mistake if I don’t make the right choice. I’d much rather tour the world and sleep with groupies, but I’m not Simon. Since he became famous, Simon has only been back to my house once. I guess it’s hard to find time for your friends when you’re a popstar. We didn’t have time to play any video games because Simon had a gig later that day, but he told me all about his crazy new life. He’s got girlfriends all over the world, just about one in every city. When he talked about how much he loved singing on stage, you could tell how happy he was. I felt like the world’s worst person because instead of being happy for my friend, I just felt jealous. When he asked me how things were going, I choked… because there was nothing great going on in my life. And after he left, I felt like such a loser. I wanted to curl up and die, but then something inside me snapped. I realised I had to up my game and make something out of my life. I had wasted years playing video games with Simon when I could have learned programming and written my own games. I mean, I’ll probably never make as much money as Simon, but money isn’t everything. I can still have a successful career. And I don’t want to be like him with a girl in every town anyway. I’d much rather find one special person to love and then start a family together. I believe that progress in life is like going to the gym. You practise something every day and as long as you keep working on it and don’t give up, you will make progress and improve your life. That’s why, since Simon came round, I’ve been practicing programming for at least two hours a day. I’m still a beginner, but at least I’m getting somewhere. I feel like I’m at the start of a great adventure. I don’t know where it will take me, but I know it will be somewhere interesting and exciting. I just hope that when I’m old, I’ll be able to look back and say I really did something with my life instead of wasting time and energy comparing myself to other people and playing video games. Thank you for listening to my story and please subscribe to this channel!
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My Friends Gave Me A Tattoo
Hey, my name is Steven and back in high school I didn’t have any friends. Most people thought I was boring because I didn’t talk much, but actually I was just shy and introverted. One day, my whole life changed. I noticed that my neighbour Thomas, was struggling with his math exam. I kinda felt bad for him and gave him a small paper with all the correct answers, so he wouldn’t fail his exam. Then, after class, he came over to me and said “Thanks, Steven, you are a real lifesaver. And by the way, do you wanna hang out with me and Alex over the weekend?” Of course I said “Yes”… because this was the first time I’d ever been invited to hangout with anyone. This was my chance to prove I wasn't as boring as everyone thought and maybe I’d even make some friends. When I arrived at Thomas house, he and Alex were already drinking beers. This was a big problem for me because I’d never drunk alcohol before. Then, Thomas handed me a large glass of vodka, but I said I’d rather not drink any alcohol. "Don't be such a coward," Thomas responded. “Drink it or go home.” I felt like I didn’t have any choice. And one drink led to another and soon I was totally wasted. After a few hours, Thomas said, “Hey, my brother is a tattoo artist and he keeps his gear in the basement. We should all get matching tattoos!” I was so drunk, I said, “Sure! That’s an amazing idea!” Then, Thomas got the tattooing machine while I laid down on the couch and pulled up my sleeve, so Thomas could tattoo my arm. However, I was so drunk that I immediately passed out and I don’t remember anything that happened after that. When I woke up the next day, my face felt like it was burning. It was so painful. I went to find a mirror and when I saw myself, I couldn’t believe it. Those bastards had tattooed a batman mask on my face! I stormed out of their house and went home, but, of course, everyone gave me weirds looks. And I couldn’t blame them because I looked ridiculous. I’ll also never forget the look of horror on my mom’s face when I got home. She screamed, “what have you done to your face?” I told her it was just a tattoo and I was going to get it removed. But she totally freaked out. And started crying, saying my face was ruined forever. When my dad found out about what happened, he got really mad and promised me to sue Thomas and Alex and put them both into prison. I thought that was a great idea to get justice, but I still had one much bigger problem to solve: Because the next day I had a really important exam at school. And there was no way I would go there and have everyone laugh at me and my stupid tattoo. Unfortunately, my dad said it was my own fault for being stupid enough to get a tattoo. So, the next day he drove me to school and practically dragged me into my class. It truly was the worst day of my life. Everyone, and I mean literally everyone, came up to me and laughed at my tattoo. My teacher even had to lock the door to our classroom because every five minutes someone would open the door, take a look at me and start laughing. What made it even worse was that everyone was treating Thomas and Alex like heroes for giving me that tattoo. By the time I sat down for my exam, I was a mess. I couldn’t focus on anything. So I failed the exam so hard I was forced to repeat the year. Since then, I had laser treatment over the summer vacation, so I look better now, but I still have some scars all over my face and you can still see the faint outline of the batman mask. Luckily, my dad helped me sue Thomas and Alex. And their families were forced to pay me $150,000 in compensation and the best thing was that Thomas and Alex were sent to a youth detention center for three months. It would be great to say that something good came out of all this. I’d love to tell you that the girls at my school thought I was cool because I was crazy enough to get a batman tattoo, but that wasn’t the case. I was nothing but a huge joke, not just in school, but in my whole town. Even now, I can’t leave my house without people pointing and laughing at me. As soon as I graduate school, I’m getting the hell out of here. I’ve shamed my whole family and I need a new start. I just wanted to warn you to choose your friends carefully and don’t get wasted unless you’re in a safe environment with people you can trust completely. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to this channel.
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I Dated A Famous Popstar
Hey, I’m Mariah and 6 months ago, my aunt paid for me to fly first class from Los Angeles to New York to go to her wedding. Well, you’ll never guess who I sat next to on the plane… It was… Ok, I can’t tell you his name, but he’s a very, very famous musician who plays sell out gigs in huge arenas all the time. Let’s just call him Vince. When I first saw him, I was totally starstruck, but I knew I had to ask him for a selfie otherwise none of my friends would believe I’d met him. When I went over, Vince was super nice. He gave me a big hug and said “hey, how are you?” We got talking and I forgot all about the selfie because we were getting on so well. When I had to go back to my seat at the end of the flight, he asked for my number and said we should hang out once we were both back in Los Angeles. Of course, as soon as I left the plane, I immediately texted all my friends about meeting Vince and how he wanted to see me again, but none of them believed me without a photo. It was so upsetting. My aunt’s wedding was really lovely, but all I could think about was Vince. So, when I got home, I texted him and said “hey, do you remember me? I’m that awkward girl you met on the plane to New York.” I couldn’t believe it when he wrote back! He said “of course I remember you. You should come to my concert tonight. I’ll put you on the list for a VIP ticket…” It was like a dream. Vince, a world-famous popstar, wanted to see me again! The concert was great and when I went to the VIP area afterwards, he came straight over to me. We talked for hours. It was like we’d known each other forever. Later, we drove to his house in Bel Air and that’s where things got crazy. He had a private chef cook for us, even though it was really late. The food tasted amazing, but Vince didn’t like it. He threw his plate against the wall and screamed at the chief for at least ten minutes. I won’t lie. I was shocked. The food was fine and even if it wasn’t, Vince way overreacted. I know I should have immediately walked away but it was so flattering having someone like Vince want to date me, so I kept seeing him. It was a crazy time, all right. Vince was like two different people. He could be so sweet and loving, but then something stupid would set him off and he’d fly into a rage. I’ll never forget the time he called me to the stage in the middle of a gig so he could sing a love song to me. He introduced me to the audience as his girlfriend, said how much he loved me. It was so romantic. But after the show was over, he yelled at me because I didn’t smile enough during the song. He said he’d written it specially for me, but I found out later he didn’t write any of his songs. He had a team of songwriters working for him. It was hard to walk away though. He was so attractive, especially when he was on stage and all those girls were screaming his name. It’s hard to describe, but when everyone wants your boyfriend, you feel like the luckiest girl alive. In the end he took things too far though and I finally left him. I saw him do things I can’t tell you about on YouTube because they’re so violent that this video would be demonetized, but I knew I couldn’t stay with him. Because I don’t want anyone to treat me like that. If you start dating someone famous, remember they’re only humans like anyone else. After all the time I spent with Vince, I can tell you that being a popstar is quite an easy job that doesn’t require any discipline or super-human abilities. All you do is get drunk or high and sing songs someone else wrote. Vince spent more time partying than he did working. I don’t regret dating him though, because it was a real experience living the popstar lifestyle. But at the end of the day, just because someone is famous for their love songs, doesn’t mean they’re actually loving. After we split, I saw an interview with him where he was asked about why he’s so successful. Can you believe he actually said he’s super hard working and always “searching” for his next song? That was nothing like the Vince I knew. In the few weeks we spent together, he was drunk and high most of the time, even on stage. I hope you were able to learn something from my story and please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel!
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I Have A Crush On My Best Friend (But I'm Not Gay)
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I Fell In Love With My BEST FRIEND
★ DO YOU HAVE A STORY? SEND IT TO [email protected] In 6th grade, I went to our school library to do some research for my biology project. But when I sat down to read, I noticed a girl sitting right in front of me who looked really sad, like almost with tears in her eyes. I felt bad for her and asked if something had happened. At first, she wouldn't tell me, so I went back to reading, but after a few minutes she suddenly said, "the other kids say I'm stupid, so they don't wanna be my friends anymore." I really felt bad for her, so I said, "I can be your friend." That was the start of our friendship. In fact, we quickly became best friends and told each other all our secrets and I mean ALL of them. Like, one time she told me how she’d gone through her mom's phone and found out she had an affair. She didn't know what to do, but in the end, we both decided it was better to not tell anyone. It was around the age of 15 when things changed. I started to notice how beautiful she really was. Something felt different about her and I loved watching her. I knew I was attracted to guys, but I wasn't sure how I felt about girls. All I knew was I couldn't stop thinking about her. I imagined living with her and maybe even having some kids together. The thing is, she kinda has it all. She’s pretty, funny and so, so smart. Those other kids back in 6th grade were just jealous of her. Now guys fall for her all the time and I always got jealous when a guy in our school smiled at her. One of the worst days of my life was when she told me she had a boyfriend. I pretended to feel happy and excited for her but I actually felt like my heart was breaking. That was also the day I knew for sure I really loved her, not just as a friend. I wanted to hold her hand, kiss her, be her girlfriend. Over time, my feelings only grew stronger and stronger and when she broke up with her boyfriend, I knew I had to take a chance and tell her how I felt. I invited her over for dinner at my place. We ate, watched a movie, did everything we always did. Eventually, I thought it was the right time to confess my feelings. Now or never, right? I asked her if I could tell her something. She said, 'yeah, sure' and I told her how I'd had a crush on her for a couple of years. At first, she didn't say anything, but then the worst possible thing happened. This really disgusted look came over her. She laughed and said, [a little bit of disgust in the voice] "are you serious? You’ve got to be kidding, right?" I didn't know what to say, but I was about to start crying. Then, after a few seconds of silence she said, [a bit of disgust in her voice] “I’m sorry, but this is just too weird for me." And then she got up and left. I tried to tell myself I hadn’t done anything wrong because I never wanted to make her feel bad, but I still felt like an idiot. When I went back to school on Monday, I hoped she’d come and tell me she had over reacted and we could go back to normal. But instead she just ignored me the whole day. It’s been a few months now and we still haven’t talked. I guess our friendship never mattered that much to her after all.
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I Catfished To Get A BF
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My Dad Got Abducted By Aliens
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I Faked Winning The Lotto To Impress Other People
Hey, my name is Joe and I was a complete loser in high school. I had no friends, no ambitions and I spent most of my time playing video games. You know how they say things get better? Well, not for me. After I finished high school, all my old classmates went on to have really successful careers. Meanwhile, I had dropped out of college, lived with my mom and worked at a burger joint. I hated my life so much. And I wanted to prove I could be successful too. That’s why I came up with a plan. I posted on Facebook, “I’ve won 9 million dollars in the lotto!” I thought people would be impressed, but no one believed me. One of my old classmates even wrote a comment telling me to stop lying. Well, maybe I wasn’t really rich, but I asked myself if I could at least pretend to be rich. Well, the next day, I blew a whole week’s salary on renting a 300,000 US-Dollar sports car for a few hours. I drove to my mom’s home and asked her to take a photo of me. Afterwards, I immediately uploaded it to Facebook and Instagram. Within hours, I had 200 likes which was crazy! No one called me a liar this time. And everyone was so jealous. It was such a rush… I knew I had to do it again. This time, I used two weeks’ pay and even sold my video game collection so I could pay for a tailored suit and fly on a private jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with a few other people. This time, I asked the stewardess to take a photo of me while I was sipping champagne. And as soon as we had landed I posted it on Facebook and Instagram. This time I got even more likes and people were like, “Wow… Maybe you did win the lottery. You lucky bastard!” Even though I knew I was faking it, it felt amazing. People were finally admiring me and saw me as someone important. Then I wanted to take my plan to the next level, but I didn’t have enough money. And I couldn’t make any more flipping burgers. That’s why I quit my job and applied for a job as a salesperson. I mean, I already had a good-looking suit. Well, I couldn’t believe it… but they immediately hired me. And suddenly, I was making twice as much money as I did working at the burger joint. Next, I rented a huge house in the Hollywood Hills for a photo shoot. I even hired a couple of models and we all posed together like we were hanging out at my place. All my old classmates fell for it again. And this time I got over 1000 likes on Facebook alone. The best was when one of my old classmates wrote “You’re one of the cool kids now!” I felt like I’d finally made it. But I guess reality had to catch up with me sooner or later. I was so addicted to looking rich and successful I got a $10000 loan, just so I could take more fake photos to impress people who never cared about me anyway. Suddenly, I was massively in debt and for such a stupid reason. I knew I had to stop. My fraud had helped me get a good job, but my sales job wasn’t paying enough for me to keep faking being rich. Of course, my old classmates still think I won the lotto, but I stopped posting photos on Instagram. I don’t wanna go into any more debt. I wanted to let you know about the dangers of social media. Many people use it to make themselves feel important, but that’s not a healthy way to live your life. If the opinions of others are the only way you can feel good about yourself, you should seriously self-reflect and change your behaviour. Thank you for listening to my story and please subscribe to this channel.
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I Have 2 Boyfriends
Hey! I’m Cathryn and I have 2 boyfriends. I know, I know… It sounds crazy, but it works well for me. My first boyfriend is Nicolas. He’s a total bad boy and I love it! He’s got tattoos all over his body, he’s incredibly charming… and he’s a real ladies’ man. Even when we’re out together holding hands, he’ll still flirt with other girls, but I don’t mind. I mean, even though he sees other girls, he’s always paying me compliments and telling me I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Last weekend, he took me to an Ed Sheeran concert and now we’re planning to fly to Costa Rica next summer. I can’t wait! We’re going to go jet skying and diving. It’s going to be amazing! Of course, some girls would get upset about him dating other girls, but he has always made it clear that we are only together to have fun. And trust me, we have a lot of fun. He’s not perfect, though. I guess if he was, I wouldn’t need to date a second guy. Because he can be really immature at times. Like, one day he will send me a text about how much he’s thinking about me, and then he will suddenly disappear for 2 weeks without a word. Nicolas can be frustrating, but there’s something about him which keeps me coming back for more. I mean, he’s so damn attractive! But I’ll admit that someday I need someone more reliable in my life, which is why I’m also dating my other boyfriend, Bernd. He’s one of the sweetest, kindest people you’ll ever meet. He’s always asking me how I am and making little gestures to let me know he’s thinking of me, like sending me flowers when we haven’t seen each other for a few days. While Nicolas is a real bad boy, Bernd is the opposite. He’s nothing but nice. He’s top of his class and he’s going to be a lawyer after he graduates. He does volunteer work in his spare time and he’s thinking about joining the peace corps for a few years before he starts practicing law. He’s just a thoroughly decent human being. Sounds like the perfect man, right? Well, that’s the problem. He’s so perfect it’s boring. He’s so worried about saying the right thing, he never relaxes and lets loose. Like, when we go out for dinner, he gets annoyed if I laugh too loud. Because he’s all about fitting in and not making a fuss. I can’t remember the last time we went to a party together. Nicolas is the total opposite. He’s always joking around, saying dumb things to make me laugh. He doesn’t care what other people think. He just wants to have fun. Don’t get me wrong. Bernd has his moments, but only when he’s drunk, and he doesn’t drink that often. There was one time when we went to a restaurant with a live band for my birthday. I made him drink wine with me to celebrate. Because he’s not used to alcohol, he got so drunk that he went on stage and tried to sing with the band! It was so funny, even though we got kicked out of the restaurant. I had a great time, but when Bernd was sober the next day, he said he was really ashamed and swore it would never happen again. When I told him it was fine and he should relax, he said he didn’t want to embarrass himself again. It’s a real shame because if Bernd wasn’t so uptight, maybe I’d ditch Nicolas and just date Bernd. I mean, I really do care about him, but I want someone who knows how to have fun as well as show their softer side. Dating both guys means I get to spend time with someone who’s fun and with someone who is caring. And it’s not like I’m hurting anyone. Bernd knows about Nicolas and although he’d rather we were exclusive, he’d never stop me seeing him. Because he wants me to be happy. I’ve decided that if I hit 36 and I still haven’t found that one man who has it all, then I’ll settle down with someone like Bernd. At least he’s kind and caring and I know he’ll be a good dad. Thank you for listening to my story. If you want more, please subscribe to this channel.
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