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Kareem & Tata vs Lil Zoo & Yoriyas | RAW CIRCLES 2013
Raw Circles 2013 Kareem & Tata (BboyWorld) vs Lil Zoo and Yoriyas (Lhiba King Zoo) Winner: Kareem and Tata
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Loki - Michael Keaton (Official Video)
Official video for Loki's new single "Michael Keaton" off the album "Edging God Out". http://misterlokiscotland.bandcamp.com/ A Skribbo Production Music produced by Soundthief Filmed by ChazB [email protected] For music videos, concerts, events and other video adventures!
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Tesko | "It's Like This"
contact: [email protected] "It's Like This" A Glasgow excursion through robotic animation and popping. Music by Fleshcat: https://soundcloud.com/fleshcat Directed by ChazB: [email protected]
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Camp America Travel Video | ChazB | Summer 2012
For the first time, this summer, I worked at a Summer Camp in the USA. While I was over there I really wanted to film as much as I could about the culture and the lifestyle there, while also documenting my travels for other people to see. Unfortunately due to bad timing and other reasons I wasn't able to film too much while I was at the camp so not everything is present in the video. I hope that this video is a good representation of what happens at camp,and I hope it influences and inspires people to do the same thing I've done. There is explicit language, and this video has not been made for any other purpose than it is just a travel video for me. This video is not an official video for the camp or for Camp America. If you're offended, so be it. ChazB :-) p.s. Note: I no longer represent any of the crews I mention in this video. In case you were confused!
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Presto vs Kid Niall | Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary | EXHIBITIOIN
Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary Presto (Heavy Smokers) vs Kid Niall (Flyin' Jalapenos) Filmed by ChazB + Bertrand Mzh Edited by ChazB
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Slinky| From UK to Utah| OFFICIAL 2011 Trailer
Slinky (BlowUpKingz/RunawayTribe/TheORGanization) 2011 Trailer The first trailer of his to have EVERY CLIP in HD. Edited by ChazB aka Supreme.
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Castle Rocks 2010| Psycho Stylez vs MD Riderz: QUARTER FINALS
Castle Rocks 2010 Psycho Stylez (El Diaz and Ma'Roc) vs MD Riderz (Ladyboi and Kazuki) Winner: Psycho Stylez
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How to Prepare for Working at a Summer Camp
This is mainly aimed at those who are going to work at a summer camp for the first time. I'm a returning counselor from 2012 (returning this year) and I've been asked how to prepare to work at a summer camp numerous times. I thought a video may be of most use to everybody. These are the main things that I have said to people when talking about this subject. Got any questions, leave a comment or add me on Twitter @ChazB. Music is by Konchis: http://konchis.bandcamp.com/ Thanks for watching! Like, share and subscribe for more! ChazB :-)
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Summer Camp 2014 | Camp America Travel Blog | ChazB
2 years later I return to the same summer camp to work as a counselor! And I also made another video similar to the last one. Managed to film more things this time so this video should be better. I hope that this video can motivate and inspire people to do this job. It's fantastic! There's also explicit language and to be honest it's your problem if you're offended by anything in this clip. These were the things that happened on my travels and I wish to share them. Any questions you have please e-mail me: [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @ChazB. Enjoy!
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Supreme vs Eggy| Steps of Stylez: TOP 16
Steps of Stylez Supreme/ChazB (Flyin' Jalapenos) vs Eggy (Heavy Smokers, FloorGangz) Winner: Eggy
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Attention to Detail - Edinburgh| FINAL | Kiina vs Ma'roc
Attention to Detail - Edinburgh FINAL Kiina (Heavy Smokers/FloorGangz) vs Ma'roc (Psycho Stylez) Winner: Ma'roc
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Castle Rocks 2010| GetFunked vs MD Riderz: PRELIMS
Castle Rocks 2010 Get Funked (Malboro and Symphony) vs MD Riderz (Ladyboi and Kazuki) Winner: MD Riderz
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Overcoming Stuttering - GAIN CONTROL!
*BREATHING VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6YfXnqGiH8 UPDATE: I no longer represent Strife.tv or Bboy News. This video has been made purely from my thoughts and experiences on how I have managed to gain control over my speech problem! Having suffered from a stutter for 14 years I have had my ups and downs (still do); having tried various techniques out, these are the ones that I feel are most congruent and have had the most contribution to my improvements. Having researched different opinions on stuttering/stammering, I have yet to see a video that goes into detail about how one can manage to reclaim their speech through relaxation and re-framing your thoughts. So many videos try to tell you to not worry about others, but don't provide a practical or logical solution to the physical problem of someone's stutter/stammer. I hope that this video opens some people's minds to stuttering, and that by feeling relaxed by: Breathing, slowing down your speech, and re-framing your thoughts to a more positive outcome...we gain more control of our stutter and there are less chances of our stuttering being a problem. If you have any questions about the video, drop a comment or send me an e-mail to [email protected]otmail.com with "Overcoming Stuttering - Gain Control" as the subject title. I will do my best to answer your questions! ChazB
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Survival of the Sickest | TOP4 | Flyin' Jalapenos vs Psycho Stylez
Survival of the Sickest Flyin' Jalapenos (Tiger and J-Six) vs Psycho Stylez (Bull and El Diaz) Winner: Psycho Stylez
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Ozo vs Super Stevo @ Rep Your City 2009
Rep Your City 2009 Ozo (Outcry/Freestyle Turkey) vs Super Stevo (Flyin' Jalapenos) Winner: Super Stevo (Flyin' Jalapenos)
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Old 2 tha New | Old School vs New School | EXHIBITION - Part 1
Old 2 tha New - A charity event for Yorkhill Hospital Old school vs new school EXHIBITION Old school consisted of bboys such as: Billy, Archie, Cozzatron, WeeSuperSteve, Don X, Ozo, Karlito, Charles, Swift and many more. New school bboys and bgirls consisted of bboys/bgirls such as: Kerry Sauce, Remady, T-Pop, Sam, Mario, Presto, Knuckles, Sideshow Maule, ChazB, Karol and many more.
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Castle Rocks 2010|CrashBanditz vs Get Funked vs Stylistic Females: PRELIMS
Castle Rocks 2010 CrashBanditz (Inkee and ChazB/Supreme) vs GetFunked (Symphony and Malboro) vs Stylistic Females (Emma and Sylvir) Winner: GetFunked
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Crazy Al vs Eggy (Heavy Smokers) - UK Uni Champs '10
Crazy Al vs Eggy (Heavy Smokers/Floorgangz) Winner: Crazy Al.
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Marsali vs Mike - UK Uni Champs 2010
Marsali (Ecletic Sheek) vs Mike (Art of War?) Winner: Mike
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Break Even| Heavy Smokers vs Fly Rock Stylez: FINALS
Break Even Heavy Smokers (Kiina, Eggy, Presto) vs Fly Rock Stylez (Floorescent, Kid Kong, Beast) Winner: Heavy Smokers Apologies for the delayed upload, was having difficulties uploading and then forgot about it =P
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Sideshow Maule vs Tony Thrills | Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary | All-Styles EXHIBITION
Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary Sideshow Maule (Flyin' Jalapenos) vs Tony Thrills (Random Aspekts) 2 rounds Breakin', 2 rounds Locking, 2 rounds Popping.
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Supreme vs Snackson Call-Out - UK Uni Champs 2010
I got told to call out someone when i next jump in, and when 2 people jumped in it's ON!! Funny as hell, i had bags of fun!
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Sideshow Maule (Flyin' Jalapenos) @ Just Jam 2010
Just Jam 2010 Sideshow Maule (Flyin' Jalapenos) preliminary round at Just Jam 2010. DID NOT QUALIFY
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Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary | OFFICIAL PROMO | 2012
Flyin' Jalapenos OFFICIAL 10yr Anniversary PROMO video. Featuring bboys from Flyin' Jalapenos, Heavy Smokers, Pro Stylez, and many more! Filmed by ChazB Edited by ChazB
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J-Six | Promo 2011 | OFFICIAL
The OFFICIAL trailer/promo for Bboy J-Six (Flyin' Jalapenos/B-Town AllStars). This trailer was directed and edited by myself, ChazB. Use this video at free will, just credit me or ask for permission before use. ChazB.
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Eastpak and Attention to Detail presents EXPOJAM! The final installment of ATD in 2011 (held in Mine, University of Leeds) after many qualifiers across the UK. Filmed and edited by ChazB (Flyin' Jalapenos/Strife.tv)
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UK vs Europe Part 1 @ Rep Your City 2009
Rep Your City 2009 UK (Right) vs Europe (Left) No winner UK Side: Predator, Sam, Rusty, Eggy, Presto, Kid Niall Europe Side: Hat Solo, MaxOne, Sweet, Xisco, KoKo,?
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UK Uni Champs 2011| Ace vs Khanage vs Tiger: PRELIMS
UK Uni Champs 2011 Ace vs Khanage (La Familia) vs Tiger (Flyin' Jalapenos) Winner: Khanage
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ATD Edinburgh | OFFICIAL PROMO 2011
Eastpak US presents: Attention to Detail Expojam - Edinburgh Event was in conjunction with DANCE:FILM http://www.dancefilm.co.uk Please support the facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/eastpakatd Song: Dirtyphonics - Tarantino Filmed and Edited by ChazB (Flyin' Jalapenos Crew/Strife.tv)
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MTV Cribs PARODY: Deadlife Entertainment
Some of the guys from DEADLIFE ENTERTAINMENT decide to show us around their humble abode. During filming they decided to film a cypher to be included in the tour. In appearing order: -Louie -Swad -Gupsie Contact: [email protected]
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ChazB | King of the Bboys 5 | TRAVEL VIDEO
20-1-12 - 22-1-12 Video covering all the events that happened to me during my time in Birmingham for King of the Bboys 5. Events include -Behind the scenes footage of "What Grinds My Gears" with Ray (Team Shmetta) -Filming Ray's promo -Hotel banter with crewmate Sideshow Maule and others and many more.
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Flyin' Jalapenos vs FloorGangz Cypher Battle | R16 UK 2013
Flyin' Jalapenos (ChazB, Sideshow Maule, Kid Niall) vs FloorGangz (Mouse, Just-Roc, Eggy) in a cypher battle at R16 UK 2013!
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ChazB| 2010 Highlights
This is just a trailer that I have made of the good moments from 2010, this is pretty much battle footage with a few exceptions. Enjoy! Hope you don't mind the quality =P. ChazB aka Supreme (Flyin' Jalapenos)
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Uti (Heavy Smokers/FloorGangz) @ Just Jam 2010
Just Jam 2010 Uti (Heavy Smokers/FloorGangz) preliminary round. DID NOT QUALIFY
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Loki | Bars from the new album
Loki (Being Emcees/Southside Deluxe) gives a special announcement about his new EP Edging God Out. Filmed by ChazB
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ChazB vs Power | Footwork Battle | Top16 | Furious Styles Crew: Spain 3rd Year Anniversary
Furious Styles 3rd Year Anniversary ChazB (Flyin' Jalapenos/Strife.tv) vs ? Winner: ChazB
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Break Even| Heavy Smokers vs Flyin' Jalapenos : SEMIS
Break Even Heavy Smokers (Eggy, Presto and Kiina) vs Flyin' Jalapenos (Sideshow Maule, Super Mario, Sam) Winner: Heavy Smokers
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Heavy Smokers/Random Aspekts vs Flyin' Jalapenos | Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary | EXHIBITION
Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary Heavy Smokers/Random Aspekts vs Flyin' Jalapenos
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Castle Rocks 2010| Bad Face Crew vs Heavy Smokers: PRELIMS
Castle Rocks 2010 Bad Face Crew (Stoxie and Suki) vs Heavy Smokers (Hektic and Uti) Winner: Heavy Smokers
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Attention to Detail - Edinburgh| Qualifier| El Diaz vs Killa Ali
Attention to Detail - Edinburgh El Diaz (Psycho Stylez) vs Killa Ali Winner: El Diaz
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ChazB| Winter Session
Well after being snowed in I decided to have a session inside. Also want to give some shine to my cat, who is lovely but can be a really funny cat! (Btw it's a she before you start calling her "he"). All comments are welcome, this is just to document my session. ChazB aka Supreme - Flyin' Jalapenos Crew
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7-to-Smoke | Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary
Flyin' Jalapenos 10yr Anniversary 7-to-Smoke Bboys: Sideshow Maule, Sam, T-Pop, Dmitrij, Oleg, Eggy, Sweet, Wren. Winner: Eggy *Re-uploaded due to problems* Filmed + edited by ChazB
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Old 2 tha New | Old School vs New School | EXHIBITION - Part 2
Old 2 tha New - A charity event for Yorkhill Hospital Old school vs new school EXHIBITION Old school consisted of bboys such as: Billy, Archie, Cozzatron, WeeSuperSteve, Don X, Ozo, Karlito, Charles, Swift and many more. New school bboys and bgirls consisted of bboys/bgirls such as: Kerry Sauce, Remady, T-Pop, Sam, Mario, Presto, Knuckles, Sideshow Maule, ChazB, Karol and many more.
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Stefan (BTC) vs Supreme - UK Uni Champs 2010
Stefan (BTC) vs Supreme Winner: Stefan
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Survival of the Sickest| TOP16 | ChazB & Happyface vs Psycho Stylez
Survival of the Sickest ChazB (Flyin' Jalapenos) and Happyface (Recession Squad) vs Psycho Stylez (El Diaz and Bull) Winner: Psycho Stylez
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Supreme vs Presto @ Rep Your City 2009
Reo Your City 2009 Supreme (CrashBanditz) vs Presto (Heavy Smokers) Winner: Presto (Heavy Smokers)
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Random Aspekts @ Scottish Best Dance Crew
Scottish Best Dance Crew 2009 Random Aspekts: Bboy Ma'roc, Matt Finish and Tony Thrills They won the competition with this routine!
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Castle Rocks 2010| HeavySmokers vs TrinityWarriors: QUARTER FINALS
Castle Rocks 2010 Heavy Smokers (Presto and Iain Bru) vs Trinity Warriors (Kid Karam and R-Jeezy) Winner: Trinity Warriors
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Siach vs Sam | WazzJam | SEMI FINAL
Filmed on digital camera instead of camcorder. WazzJam Siach (Pro School Funk) vs Sam (Flyin' Jalapenos) Winner: Sam
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Just Jam Solo '10| ChazB vs Suki: QUALIFIERS
Just Jam Solos 2010 ChazB vs Suki (Bad Face Crew) Both DIDN'T make top16
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