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Strain Review - Platinum OG (Humboldt Seed Organization)
HSO's Platinum OG is one of those stereotypical indicas that will lock you to the couch, dry out your mouth and eyes, and lay you down to sleep. This night-time treat is perfect for making hash or other extracts thanks to the trademark coating of heavy trichomes. This strain is a perfect example of what a good California indica looks, tastes, and smokes like. Enjoy it with me.
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Strain Review - Lemon Skunk (DNA Genetics)
Our very first strain review! The Curator made a couple of mistakes. He'll learn from them. One that stands out - he says "indica-dominant" one time when he means "sativa-dominant." And there were some editing and shooting issues. But it's onward and upward from here. The Curator reviews 'Lemon Skunk' from DNA Genetics. Indoor-grown by a local supplier. This cannabis strain turns out to pack quite a sativa punch, with an awesome d-limonene dominant terpene profile and just a little nod of indica to balance everything out.
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Strain Review - Chemdawg
Chemdawg by Green House Seed Company is a delightfully-weird sativa-dominant hybrid with the kind of history and heritage that seed producers can only dream of. Ever smoked a diesel strain? How about OG Kush? How about Sour D? All of them are here because of Chemdawg - and it was a total accident at first. Learn all about it with me (and check out the waxy trichome buildup) right here.
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Strain Review- Headband (Reserva Privada)
Reserva Privada's Headband is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid strain that's perfect for a night time toke. The flavor and terpene profile are rare and powerful. This particular grow is non-organic and leaves a little to be desired, but Headband by RP is an early favorite for Strain of the Month.
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Strain Review - Northern Lights #7 (Sensi Seeds)
Hello, fellow cannabis connoisseurs. The Curator returns from an extended leave with a review of the somewhat-rare and mysterious Northern Lights #7. This indica-dominant hybrid is great for pain relief, stress relief, and muscle spasms. Find out all about the plucky little brother of one of the world's favorite strains. And stay tuned for even more content.
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