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Text Effects and Layer Styles in Photoshop elements
Manipulating text in photoshop. Simplifying text layers to work with text as pixels. Also an introduction to adding drop shadows and other effects using layer styles.
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How to use a path or pen tool
Where do you place your nodes or points when you are drawing a shape using a pen tool ? Check out this video to find out. I'm using Gravit Designer to demo this, but it's the same idea in illustrator or using any other pen tool.
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Typography Portrait in Photoshop Elements
Turn a photograph into a 2 or 3 toned illustration with separate highlights, mid tones and shadows. Shows how to use adjustment layers and clipping masks in photoshop elements. Create and use custom brushes and the brush engine in photoshop elements.
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2 pt  perspective Rectangular Prism with Shadow
Drawing a 2 point perspective rectangular prism (box) and adding a shadow using perspective.
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3 D Sphere Adobe Photoshop Elements v.14
Drawing a 3-D Sphere, adding shadows, mid tones, highlights using the gradient, dodge, and burn tools. Adding a ground and sky using filters and perspective tools -
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Making a Stop Frame Animation - Part 1: Making The Images in Photoshop Elements
Using the clone tool and creating images to be used in a stop frame animation. Other items covered: reflected gradients, feathered selections,
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Adding Colour and Value to Line Art
Taking an inked image or line art image and adding colour and value using the dodge and burn tool. The image used is not mine and I couldn't find a name to attribute the art work to other than Marvel Comics.
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Photoshop Intro
Basic introduction to Photoshop elements covering opening the program, creating a new document, and a basic overview of using brushes, gradients, and selection tools.
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Dragon Part 2 -Photoshop Elements v.14
Part 2 of 2 - Adding a shadow and adjusting the lighting and finishing up the image. Part 1 contained using the selection tools to combine two images together into one.
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Creating or defining a pattern in phoptoshop, modifying selections
Modifying a selection in photoshop to create an element that can be used to create a repeated pattern. Creating a grid, tile floor etc. by defining a pattern in photoshop.
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Part 2  stop frame in imovie
Inserting images into the timeline of imovie 10.1.2, adjusting the duration of the images, adding transitions, audio, and creating an awesomely cool, but super easy 'beam me up scotty' effect using transitions.
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Dragon Part 1 - Photoshop Elements v.14
Part 1 of 2 - Combining two images together while explaining how to use the selection tools (magic wand, lasso etc.) together to efficiently make selections and copy and paste it into another image file.
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Text on a path in Photoshop Elements- Creating a Circular Emblem Logo
Creating a logo/ emblem using type around a circle in photoshop. Centering objects, stroking selections to create borders and outlines, using solid shapes to create borders and outlines, text on a path tool options
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